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White Mountain National Forest Report
September 22, 2016


This is a report of attacks that I experienced by the Multinational Force (MNF) while living in the White Mountain National Forest, in Lincoln, New Hampshire, from June 15 to September 1.

The nonlethal weapons & tactics included:


When I first arrived in Lincoln, the stalking by civilian warfighters connected to the Human-Computer Intelligence Network (HCIN), was minimal.*

Eventually it increased.

The stalking began at the dirt parking lot just outside the forest, & continued the entire time, until I returned to camp. Participants included all factions of the civilian population, as well as the police, fire department, & dogs.

I was blocked at corners & driveways. Vehicles & motorcycles with loud exhausts would rev their engines near me. During the noisy swarms I was hit with directed-energy.

On my way to the library I'd turn from Route 112 onto Church Street. People were stationed at the corner to swarm me on multiple occasions.

My 06/28/16 log, reads:

"Stalking has increased since I arrived. Vehicles are swarming me at parking lot entrances. One after the next, they are blocking me turning into the lots & exiting. They are supported by citizens & dogs, synchronized at corners to swarm me. Walking to stores [there are] noise attacks, sirens, horns, & loud motorcycles."


The noise that I observed on Loon Mountain started at about 8AM & continued into the evening. Nearly all of it originated from the bottom of the mountain, outside of the forest, in the area of Route 112 & Cooper Memorial Drive.

It consisted of:

There were two kinds of sirens: one was a regular fire engine siren; the other was a piercing stationary siren, situated near Lincoln Town Office.

The construction project (area denial & noise) outside the forest on Cooper Memorial Drive was in progress when I arrived. There was the usual crashing & hammering, as well as recurrent beeping sounds made when heavy-duty construction vehicles go in reverse (beep, beep, beep, beep).

The noise was synchronized with directed-energy attacks & my activities. On two occasions it occurred when I realized that my gear was sabotaged.

Audible strikes happened right after I took some kind of action that was preceded by moments of deliberation. This may have been an attempt to aggravate or deter me, by conveying a message that I made the wrong decision.

Here is an excerpt from my 07/05/16 log:

"I've noticed that noise from below is also synchronized with my realization that my gear has been sabotaged. It is [also] synchronized with [my realization that I made] a mistake."

I had two solar chargers: one for the phone & personal electronic devices, & another for the laptop. I made sure both were completely charged before I left. When I went to use my android phone on 06/17/16, the battery was dead. First, I used the small solar charger to find that it had no charge. When I attempted to charge it with the other one, it malfunctioned. The recognition that the phone & both solar chargers were unusable occurred in a span about 5 minutes. During this time there were fire engine sirens, that appear to have been intended to add trauma to my disappointment.

I often use an MP3 player or android to play music during workouts. Foam earplugs are worn for protection against the nearly continuous onslaught of noise. The noise attacks were synchronized with the following: the lull in between songs; shutting off the android or MP3 player; & the removal of earplugs. After experiencing sharp pains to both ears because of a directed-energy attack, I removed the earplugs to be hit with noise.

In early August low-flying propeller & jet planes began circling the area. On 08/04/16 I noticed 9 passes within 15 minutes.*

Noise & Swarming at Construction Site

Area denial is often done with construction projects, that inhibit your passage through an area, or completely prevent you from using it.* They appear in your living space, along commonly used routes, & places you regularly visit. The construction projects serve to: impede your movement; physically alter the environment so that it is unusable; & closely surround you with never-ending noise. It is a method the MNF uses to permanently kick you out of an area, without formally telling you to go.

One construction project was situated after the bridge, on Cooper Memorial Drive, near South Mountain Resort. The hammering, clashing, & beeping was easily heard from the ridge/plateau on which I resided.

I traveled through this area on Tuesdays & Saturdays to downtown Lincoln for groceries. When I approached the project, there was usually an explosion of noise (machinery, hammering, slamming, etc). Frequently this would happen at the exact time I was closest.

From my 08/16/16 log:

"10AM. Walking past construction project at bottom of mountain [I noticed an] electronic sawing noise. There was no noise before I approached. It was only when I was right near it. This often happens at this exact location."

And my 08/20/16 log:

10AM. "Noise at construction project occurred first when I was almost near the source of the noise, then again when I was closest. Swarming vehicles at that location, to intensify noise attacks."

The crowding effect was maximized by mobile barriers. These were construction vehicles & fences that partially blocked the road. A highly mobile barrier, such as a vehicle, would pass right when I was near one.

On 08/18/16 I wrote:

"10AM. I heard soft sound of machinery near construction project at bottom of mountain. Moment I was closest there was hammering sound."

The noise at the construction site was synchronized with swarms.

Lincoln Public Library

The Lincoln Public Library is a small library that was never busy while I was there. Usually I'd visit on Tuesdays & Saturdays from 10 to 12. I'd stay at the same table each time. Even though the library had few people in it, those present typically surrounded me with audio-visual commotion.

I first attempted to use the library on 07/05/16 at 11AM. This was when I noticed a plastic cover on the upper receptacle of the electrical outlet. Although it would be removed on 08/27/16, it reduced my dwindling electrical resources even more during most of my stay. I was able to use the internet for about 1/2 hour, until I was disconnected from the wireless router. A librarian told me that it was malfunctioning & would be up shortly. Despite multiple attempts, I was unable to establish another connection.* When getting ready to leave because the internet was shut off, I discovered that my android device (which was plugged into the receptacle) got almost no charge.

Here is an excerpt from my 08/27/16 log revealing a usual day at the library:

"Another slow internet connection at [the] library. People abruptly appearing off to the side, [are] synchronized with [my] web activity. Library is basically empty. Internet messages on pages [are] spoofed with childish themes. Person that arrived off to left [of] public computers [is] getting up & sitting down repeatedly; visual commotion. Almost constant visual commotion from same person, frequently getting up, sitting down, synchronized with my writing & clicking on web pages. ... The internet was so slow at times that it was basically useless. Blocked ... from visiting sites about places I'd be living next. I closed the browser, then opened [it], & it is still malfunctioning. [The MNF] shut off my internet at the library at 11AM. ... Phone either did not charge much or at all. When getting ready to leave [a] woman burst out from around corner to [the] left of me, about 20 feet away. Immediately a child ran around her stomping its feet. Moments later the foot-stomping would occur again with screaming."

On 07/09/16 I visited the library again at about 10AM. I was temporarily blocked from checking my messages & using FTP to update my website.

At about 11AM on 08/09/16 the custodian pictured below approached the area to change lightbulbs. What ensued was an hour of ladder-slamming & foot-stomping during a psychological action (PsyAct), that was part of a strobe light theme.*

It was already chilly inside the library on 07/09/16 before they turned on the air conditioner. Because my seat was positioned directly over a vent, the area was cold. From then on I blocked the air vent & dressed appropriately. The lights also flickered the moment I observed an online psychological operations (PsyOp) product, during computer network operations (CNO).*

For the first 15 minutes on 08/18/16 I could not connect to the wireless router. Upon visiting the desk, I noticed a woman holding a notepad with writing. This may have been a PsyOp product. Days earlier I considered using a notebook & pen because of unceasing computer sabotaged. After waiting for the performance to end, I was told by the librarian that the router had been upgraded. Eventually I was able to use it.

I was unable to connect to the wireless router again on 08/20/16. After I did, I was blocked from checking my email. When I attempted to reply to a message, I got errors several times. The internet connection was so slow that it was almost unusable. Eventually I was disconnected from the router. After about 1 hour of attempting to purchase some products on Amazon, I decided to use a library desktop computer with an ethernet connection. At about 12PM I went to the desk to sign up for computer usage. There was a man in the area with a Star Wars shirt, that was a PsyOp visual product to promote a theme. The moment I sat down at one of the computers a child ran past me very closely. I figured this would continue the entire time, so I placed a chair out to block them. Moments later, the librarian snuck up to jolt me, then quickly rolled the chair next to me as a faint threat to hit me. After that, the two men in the picture below approached to use the library PCs. One sat right next to me, crowding me as he did.

When I walked out of the library on 08/20/16, the town hall siren whaled.

On 08/23/16 at 10AM there were firefighters walking around the library near the window during a PsyAct. Right after that, when searching for a solution to the sabotage of my android, I noticed search forum phrases such as "fire" & "engine." Then, a man sat down at the row of library computers, off to my left. His frequent movements were synchronized with my internet activity. He got up & walked away, then quickly returned moments later to flail his arm when I read the word "rape" in a twitter tweet. A moment later while recording the attack, the instant I wrote the word "rape" there was another flailing. After writing about the attack, I returned to twitter & saw the word "cockpit" in another tweet.

I was temporarily prevented from transferring files to my website on 08/29/16 when I arrived at 10AM. The FTP program generated errors contributing to a PsyOp theme. Around this time, a group of people showed up to cause audio-visual commotion, that included more foot-stomping. I was able to use the slow internet connection until about 11AM, when I was completely disconnected from the wireless router. Around that time I left the library.

Positioned across from the library on at least two days were landscaping crews (area denial & noise). The library opened 5 minutes late on the morning of 08/23/16, when one of these crews was posted diagonally across from it. The temporary denial of resources occurred again on 08/29/16, when it opened several minutes late, just after a swarming attack on the corner of Route 112 & Church Street.

Chat Room Coffee House

There were few people in the Chat Room Coffee House when I was there. Yet, they often idled near me, making audio-visual commotion, synchronized with my activity.

On 07/11/16 the cafe was closed at 10AM when it should have been open. While I waited, there was a noisy swarm that included vehicles & pedestrians. One lady babbling PsyOp phrases on her cell phone attempted to converse with me. After waiting 15 minutes I left. Later in the day it was opened. It also opened 5 minutes late on 07/16/16.

On 08/25/16 there was laughter from a worker sitting next to me.* This occurred just when I wrote in my log that the scanner I intended to use was broken. The few people loitering near me quickly crowded my space when I realized that I was once again blocked from charging my android.

Here is part of my 08/25/16 log:

"Internet Cafe. Frequent movement by perps sitting next to me. Getting up sitting down, visual commotion, synchronized with my internet activity, as if to emphasize words, pictures, etc. Occasional loud noises were also synchronized with this. Almost constant visual commotion from worker & customer sitting right next to me. This has gone on for an hour & 15 minutes, since I arrived."

And my 08/13/16 log:

"Constantly swarmed at small internet cafe. People lingering near me [the] moment I realized [the MNF] blocked me from recharging my phone."

On 08/25/16 I was temporarily prevented from checking my email. Shortly after, I was disconnected from the wireless router. The disconnection occurred while researching donations. I clicked on the network applet to establish another connection & saw a router (PsyOp product) named "Donati" near the top of the list.

Price Chopper

The employees & customers in Price Chopper badgered me while I was hit with directed-energy. PsyOp loudspeaker announcements were used in an attempt to further disrupt me.*

From my 06/28/16 log:

"Swarmed intensely at Price Chopper, hardware stores, convenient stores. Often there are not many people when I arrive. Soon after, they show up, working with employees to cut me off & block me with carts. Loud speaker announcements [contribute to] PsyOp themes. Directed-energy attacks entire time."

Employees erupted from doors with mobile barriers (carts), aiming to hit me. Aisles were blocked with carts & carriages. Often the exact area of an aisle I visited for a specific item was blocked by employees & citizens, with carts & carriages.*

I purchased basically the same items each time. Several of these would eventually be unavailable (resource denial). Presumably, specific items are removed from the shelves prior to the TIs arrival, during the psychological preparation of the environment, when PsyOp audio-visual products are staged. I have noticed this on many occasions.*

Here is part of my 08/27/16 log:

"1115AM. [There was a] swarm of people arriving at Price Chopper at same time, & [I] was blocked by vehicles walking through lot. Group of people blocking me at entrance when I got cart. Then, right when I walked in [the] store, [an] employee cut me off. This same lady blocked the exact area of the fruit [section] that I was about to visit. Right after I was finished in that area, I was blocked by another employee with a cart, at the exact area that I usually visit next. Swarmed & blocked by employees & citizens. Other carts were used at aisle entrances to block me."

Outside the store was a bench where I'd place my backpack to fill it with groceries. There, I would be viciously swarmed by brain-linked citizens. That bench would also be blocked. Eventually a construction project would be launched near it.

My 07/05/16 log for Price Chopper, reads:

"12PM. Swarmed & blocked by employees & customers. Multiple times employees blocked me with their carts. They & customers were at exact places I usually go at aisles. [While] leaving, store employee who stalked me around store [& was clerk at register] walked from around register to slightly hit my pack."

Upon arriving at the store on 08/23/16 at 1115AM, I went to the vegetable area, that was not busy. Immediately a group of people swarmed me. For some reason on this day the swarming was ferocious. They were walking very close & sticking their arms around me. One group, that included a man & two children (pictured below), kept following me around that area. When I stepped away, they followed me. The two kids were squeezing between me & the nearby display items. There was no excuse for this because it was not crowded. I left my cart & walked away 20 feet or so, where there was no one. There, I waited for several minutes until the area was uncrowded, then returned. Immediately, the two children & man approached & did the same thing. At that time I took their pictures.

I finished getting my items & left that area of the store. What occurred after that is described in my 08/23/16 log:

"I would be blocked at nearly every other place [in the store]. This was not only blocking me at the aisles, most of the exact area of the shelves I usually approach were blocked on this day."

I was nearly finished shopping on the other side of the store. Then, the same man & two kids tried to hound me again. Once more, I bolted to the side & left my cart. After leaving the store I was attacked with noise from the construction crew that was settled near the bench where I put groceries in my backpack.

Area & Resource Denial

My computer & android use was continually thwarted by a combination of electrical problems, that included: malfunctioning & destroyed solar chargers; blocked electrical receptacle; & phone that continually failed to charge.

At both the internet cafe & library, the phone would not charge at all, or very little. This occurred regardless of whether it was connected to my laptop or an outlet.

Interestingly, the phone would charge from the laptop when the laptop was not connected to an electrical outlet. So, I'd use the laptop to charge the phone at camp, which further reduced my computer time.

These integrated tactics seem to have been intended to regulate my use of electricity. Or, more specifically, to minimize my use of a computer.


There were the usual directed-energy attacks.* Torture-induced sleep deprivation happened several nights in a row.


Backcountry woodland environments are inherently dangerous. Therefore, it is difficult so say with certainty that the minor incidents which vexed me at camp were due to traps.

However, it is the frequency with which they occurred that led me think some of them were.

Rocks that caused me to trip appeared on commonly used paths. Spring-loaded branches sprung up to hit me in the leg & head.

Presumably the setting of traps & destruction of my gear occurred while I was away from camp.*

During most of August I noticed a smell similar to that of a skunk.*

Verbal Confrontations & Physical Assault

Some instances of face-to-face communication appear to have been efforts to lure me into arguments. People attempting such dialog were positioned around the dirt parking lot, on roads, & in stores. I ignored them every time.

I was physically attacked in Price Chopper, Family Dollar, Lincoln Public Library, & Tedeschis. This extended to train & bus stations going to & from Boston & Lincoln, on 08/08/16 & 09/01/16.*

A man standing off to the side of the door of the Lincoln Public Library at 10AM on 07/30/16, did not let me pass. Instead, he walked into my right elbow that was extended to block him from doing exactly what he did.

An old woman at Price Chopper physically attacked me on the evening of 06/18/16. She hit my elbow walking past me when there was plenty of room. I was going to take her picture, then realized that my phone was sabotaged. Almost immediately, an employee crowded me. That form of communication seems to have been intended to let me know that the management of the store &/or tactical commanders in the area of operation (AO) approved the physical assault.*

On 08/05/16, at Tedeschis, a man collided with my left elbow right when I walked into the store at 7AM.


Dogs are frequently used for stalking & harassment by the MNF. Citizens linked to the HCIN patrol the AO with dogs. I've noticed that the animals are trained to disturb you. They ignore any verbal commands to stay away. Their owners are typically oblivious during the encounter.*

Even though dogs were used elsewhere in Lincoln, the focus in this section is the dirt parking lot, at the bottom of the mountain, just outside the forest. The stalking began & ended in this lot, with citizens & their dogs.

They arrived or departed right when I passed through the dirt lot. They were often located right on or near the path I'd take across the lot. Because I knew they'd be there, I was often able to notice them & keep my distance. Then, I would take their pictures. Here are some of them.

After descending from the mountain on the morning of 07/05/16, a man with a dog said something to me. This occurred within the forest, before the dirt parking lot. I ignored him & continued down the trail. Moments later his dog ran past me. Because I was off the trail waiting for this to occur, the dog did not approach me. I would have taken his picture, except the phone was sabotaged.


The noise & swarming attacks in Lincoln were launched almost exclusively from outside of the forest, in the Route 112/Cooper Memorial Drive area.

However, to inflict as much psychological pain as possible, the MNF attempts to surround you closely with citizen warfighters.

The ridge where I camped on Loon Mountain was unoccupied.

There were no trails or campgrounds in the area. There were no paths leading up the mountain.

There was some evidence of use, such as tree blazing, & a few pieces of litter. Recreational vehicles at one time traveled along the wide ridge, on the other side of the peak. However, even that area was not used in years, because it had heavy growth.

The place where I camped would be considered a backcountry or dispersed camping area.

With 2 exceptions, there were no people in the 4 or 5 acres around the ridge. Even these 2 people were nowhere near my campsite. One was the man at the bottom of the mountain, who tried to frighten me with his dog on 07/05/16. The other person was in a tractor, mowing the tall growth on the other side of the peak.

Other than that, there was no human activity.

Because the campsite is not easily accessible, most people are not inclined to approach it. They would have to hike up a mountain, without an established path, & travel through rough terrain. Of course this is entirely possible. However, most people will avoid this & stick to the trails.

If the landscape was modified, however, that would make it easier for civilian forces to occupy the area.

On the morning of 07/27/16 I noticed a tractor mowing a ridge on the side of the mountain. The brush on this ridge seems to have been growing for years. It was over 2 meters tall. This is significant because the ridge extends around the mountain, to about 1/2 kilometer away from my campsite.

Mowing the ridge may have been the early phase of a project to modify the landscape, making it easier for people to occupy the area. On 08/01/16 I announced that they may be preparing to move civilian forces closer to the camp, to amplify their attacks.

I may return next year to find off-road vehicles on the ridge. This would allow for sustained beeping, engine revving, screaming, flashing lights, etc.

In addition the noise-making activities on the ridge, the MNF may launch a maintenance/construction project in the forest.

Such projects may be positioned at the bottom of the mountain where I access the forest, as well as the dirt parking lot.


* These are my observations about the disturbing number of citizens linked to the global surveillance system with artificial intelligence: 10/14/14; 12/02/14; 02/05/15; 06/09/15.
* Aircrafts support the ground-based swarming nodes. See: 07/05/08; 07/21/07; 06/17/09; 11/07/14; 12/09/11.
* Construction projects follow me virtually everywhere. They have sprung up around my living areas, paths that I ordinarily traverse, & frequently used public places. Descriptions are in these updates: 07/05/08; July 2008; 09/04/09; 2006; 07/11/14; 10/20/11; 12/09/11; 10/14/14; 04/04/12; 07/14/15; 05/09/12; 08/19/13.
* I'm temporarily (& sometimes permanently) blocked from using the wireless internet at most places I visit. The computer problems span the hardware, operating system, application, & internet levels. See these reports: 10/17/10; 12/09/11; 06/07/14; 10/14/14; 09/26/13. The tactics of physically blocking electrical outlets & shutting off electricity have also been used. See: 10/20/11; 03/01/11; 07/08/13; 03/19/12.
* PsyOp themes are further described here: 12/09/11; 11/06/14; 09/04/13; 11/02/08; New World War, PsyOp Chapter.
* A similar modification of the interior environment (temperature modification & flickering lights) occurred in other places. See these updates: 07/20/11; 03/01/11; 04/18/15; 10/20/11.
* As noted on 07/14/15 laughter is also synchronized with directed-energy attacks.
* Loudspeakers are used to convey PsyOp audio products, as described in these reports: 10/11/08; 04/05/09; 10/17/10; 11/01/08; 06/17/09; 08/28/12.
* These are my notes on how carts & carriages are used as mobile barriers: 03/01/11; 10/11/08; 10/17/10; New World War, Miscellaneous Weapons & Tactics.
* I expressed in these logs that items were being removed from store shelves (resource denial): New World War, PsyOp; 12/09/11; 06/17/09; New World War, My Experience.
* Here are some reports on directed-energy attacks: 10/20/11 & 10/14/14.
* I first noticed these outdoor traps in Maine. The MNF also uses your relatives to set indoor traps. For more on sabotage & destroyed items, see: New World War, My Experience; 10/02/13; 10/14/14; 03/19/12; 04/04/12; 12/15/13; 12/02/14; 06/17/13.
* The stench of rotting carcasses (malodorants) has followed me to other places. That is explained here: 07/05/08; 06/17/13; 04/05/09; New World War, My Experience.
* The pathocracy's use of a community of "civilized" people to ceaselessly antagonize an individual appears to serve multiple purposes. First, to force the resister (TI) to accept a lowly place in the sick system, along with the rest of the citizens, who are morally defunct, psychologically & spiritually crippled, malleable savages. Then, they are no threat to the system. Next, to incite a burst of rage in the TI, that results in imprisonment. And certainly, during constant surveillance, this is a debased form of entertainment for ranking psychopaths. If the brutal psychological violence does not yield satisfactory results, then the controlling faction of the MNF orders the brain-linked citizens, who surround the TI, to physically attack them. Because state-sanctioned physical assault can't openly happen in a "civilized" society on a continual basis, the attacks must be concealed. This is accomplished using "accidental" collisions. Here, the electronically leashed citizens pretend to be unaware when they collide with the TI. Depending on the area, TIs may have succession of people hitting them. Once more, the object of the physical assault is to induce a nervous breakdown, or get the resister to lash out so they are imprisoned. The citizens will call security or police after they stage a confrontation. These people are at the complete mercy of their unseen master. They obey without hesitation. I'm often physically attacked by them. See: 08/28/12; 02/25/11; 03/19/12; 04/04/12; 12/02/14; 04/18/12; 03/01/11; 05/09/12; 12/09/11.
* This tactic seems to be intended to convey the message that the MNF is justified in physically attacking you. The synchronization of attacks with the appearance of police has also has been used to promote the authority theme, as described in 06/09/15 & 02/02/14.
* Here are some reports on how dogs are used for stalking: 07/14/15; 12/02/14; 10/14/14; 03/01/11; 07/20/11; 09/05/09; 11/07/14; 12/09/11.