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Hidden Evil Status Report
February 25, 2011


This is just a quick update to let everyone know that I'm doing fine. I am still without a home. However, I have a routine developed for my activities, including resting, studying, acquisition of food items, exercise, etc.

I'm able to devote more time during the day to my studies, which so far has taken place in coffee shops, bus stations, libraries, parks, & McDonalds restaurants. I will publish a more detailed description of the tactics they're using to harass me out of these establishments, as well as the DOD's psychological preparation of the area of operation, in a future report.

The Sacramento Library has had enough of the material that I've needed to keep me busy. It, & some of the places I mentioned have internet access. For the last several weeks I have been able to keep some food items in a small locker at the YMCA. Although, they may use some tactic to remove this convenience. My winter coat was stolen from the locker on the first day.

I am being severely attacked every place I go by citizens. These people relentlessly antagonized me. They have physically attacked me by "accidentally" hitting me. I would describe the entire area as a violent battlezone.

Because I have experienced a level of comfort underneath the bridge where I'm sleeping & have been able to adequately rest, they may use some type of area-denial tactic to prevent this.

I have received some donations that have allowed me to purchase food & other necessities. Your contributions are helping to keep me alive.

The book is coming along quite well. Some of the subjects that I've studied so far, such as nanotechnology, the WTO, SPP, & eugenics, are very interesting. Other than experiencing more discomfort than usual, (which I am now adjusting to), things are going OK. The mental & physical exercises I do to sustain myself continue.

Hopfully this period of my life situation is only temporary.

Thank You,