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Hidden Evil Event
June 17, 2009

Holding a Sign at Kmart Plaza in Augusta Maine

Today I stood in front of the Kmart Plaza in Augusta Maine with the 911 & Civil Defense sign from about 830 to about 930AM. As I was setting up the sign there was frequent explosions of noise from vehicles beeping & very loud 18 wheelers & motorcycles, often shifting gears right in front of me. A car parked in front of the Friendly's Restaurant to my right had a woman with a cell phone who kept looking at me. She was there most of the time.

In addition, multiple drivers turning into & out of the lot, as well as ones passing by had cell phones. A variation of this was people driving by pointing to their jaw with their index finger, which was an apparent reference to the accident which occurred yesterday in the woods involving a branch which struck me in the jaw.

There were frequent appearances of small propeller planes, which followed me into the Shaws parking lot down the road. While holding the sign I noticed no V2K, & only noticed it while putting it away. While in the Shaws lot, a very loud motorcycle in back of me kept revving its engine. When it passed it also did this. A situation was created in front of the store where I was blocked for 15 or 20 seconds while multiple vehicles in front & to the sides exited.

As I entered the store there was a large white truck in the area of the lot which I was to pass through, blocking me. There were a few people lingering on the sides of the entrance who joined in a crowding tactic with a chain of people who exited as I approached the door.

I was then crowded again getting a cart by a woman who appeared to my left at the same time. After entering the store I was blocked by another woman passing in front of me. This blocking & crowding continued most of the time. One tactic they often use is to remove items they know I purchase from the shelves. I noticed they didn't have a flavor of pop tarts that I usually get.

Then when I went to purchase peanuts, they didn't have yet another brand that I like. Around this time an announcement blurted over the loudspeaker that was directly above me. Also, when I looked for the brand of pistachio nuts (sunshine) I usually get I noticed they weren't there either. But I noticed instead they now had a different brand called something like Everybody's Gone Nuts.

At the checkout counter the clerk first asked me if I found everything I wanted, which is common, then said something like, "I'm glad they started stocking this brand of cookies again." As I moved away from the checkout line I was blocked by a woman who busted out from the counter next to the one I was at. She smiled & said excuse me. Leaving the store I was also crowded by people lingering in front.

I noticed at this time to a loud, low-flying propeller plane passed. As I approached the car I noticed the woman who had just blocked me was having a conversation with a store clerk right next to the car. Around this time there was also door/trunk slamming. While in the store I didn't notice any V2K.

On the way to & from August there was the usual vehicles pulling out in front of me to cut me off. At one time on the way back a vehicle in a rotary beeped behind me, then cut me off. It had a bumper sticker reading "help prevent wild fires." While on Bangor Street in Augusta a dark helicopter was hovering above the area which I passed. I noticed the same or a similar helicopter after I turned on to Rt 3. Then I noticed the same dark helicopter, or a similar one, on the right side of Rt 3 when I entered Palermo.

While in the car during the whole trip there were combinations of attacks, including acoustic projectiles hitting the dashboard, pulses of pain to various parts of my body including my heart, & frequent V2K. Also, at the beginning of the trip there was the smell of a skunk in the car while on Rt 3. Then again in Augusta on the way home. My guess is this was some remote operated malodorant that was already in the vehicle.

Thank You,