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Status Update
April 18, 2012 Update


I'm still being physically attacked by citizens every day. However, there have been some recent changes. In addition to walking into me "accidentally" on a daily basis, they are using people to walk into me then shove me after doing so.

About two weeks ago a man walked into me on purpose when getting onto an elevator at the library. After that he shoved me.

A little over a week later, a women walked into me in the basement of the library. Then she got her boyfriend to yell at me. After I left they both followed me & yelled at me again. The man shoved me down the stairs in front of the library.

The security guards at the Boston Public Library are still trying to provoke me into confrontations by cutting me off, blocking me, & talking to me (bothering) for foolish reasons. They are working with the employees & regular citizens to antagonize me.

Presumably as a show of arrogance, just as I was writing this, they used a security guard at the library to walk over to me & deliberately crowd my space while telling me to place my bottled water on the floor.

The security guards at the Prudential Center Mall are still working with citizens to attack me in the bathroom. They cut me off & crowd me during my travels. The recurrent noise attacks in the bathroom include: doors & toilet seats slamming, air dryers, toilets flushing, cell phone conversations, walkie-talkies blaring. There is almost constant noise while I'm there.

The directed-energy attacks, destruction of my personal items, & the harassment by large numbers of civilian forces continues. I am still swarmed & harassed nearly everywhere by citizens, security guards, janitors, city workers, & store employees.

Police, ambulance, fire engines, busses, taxis, construction vehicles, & civilian & commercial vehicles are still swarming, blocking, & attacking me with noise, all around the city.

Fire engine & ambulances continue to blare their sirens while driving down the streets that I use. Sirens go off the instant they're closest to the bridge when I'm sleeping.

They appear to be discontent with the results of using their colossal civilian force to attack me. I have a feeling they do not want this to continue here.

In any place I've been, the pattern appears to be the same. They attack you with their PsyOp advertising campaigns within an AO that is psychologically prepared for you.

This is allegedly intended to overwhelm you & cause you to suffer a nervous breakdown. However, their signs, graffiti, & other products have less of an effect the longer you're there. After the initial impact, it is not as potent.

Another possibility is that it is a burden on their civilian forces for you to be in the same AO for too long. Then they somehow arrange for you to leave. You move to another place, & their "fun" starts all over again. They seem to consider it an effective strategy, therefore, to keep you moving.

This is a unique circumstance, however. Because I have everything here, I'll be staying & letting whatever might happen, happen. If you've read my previous posts you'll understand why.

To get me out of the area they may stage some type of a crisis. They may use their police or citizens to provoke me into an argument or physical confrontation resulting in my arrest.

They might kick me out of the library & coffee shops using their security guards & citizens who provoke me into a physical confrontation. There are many other possibilities, including a continuation of more of the same.

Whatever happens, I'll let you know exactly how it occurs by posting information on my site. You'll find out when I do.

Other than that, not much else is new. I'm still doing fine.

Thank You,