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The Los Angeles Report
December 2, 2014


In this update I explain the attacks that were arranged against me in Los Angeles by the multinational force (MNF), between October 21 & November 12, 2014. Because I resided mostly in the Pacific Palisades & Santa Monica, they are the focus of this report.

The nonlethal weapons (NLW) & tactics included: psychological operations (PsyOp), computer network operations (CNO), covert & overt threats, directed-energy weapons (DEW), audible noise, physical assault, swarming, area & resource denial, mobile barriers, & synchronization.


The swarming warfighters were connected to a human computer intelligence network (HCIN), that is an exceptionally developed C4ISR system with artificial intelligence (AI). This network, which controls swarming nodes, appears to be the Global Information Grid (GIG), that is run by the Department of Defense (DOD).

The following nodes participated in swarms:

Civilian Warfighters Aircraft & Vehicles Civil Service & Metro Vehicles

Santa Monica Police & Fire Department vehicles were used frequently & in combination. As I approached corners, they would be parked or making turns. Fire trucks were situated in the parking lot directly across from where I stayed on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

These vehicles were used for show of force operations (SOFO) & noise attacks. They supported the authority, threat, masonic, & luggage (departure) themes that were displayed during noisy swarms. On multiple occasions they appeared just after or before a physical attack.

Metro buses continually showed up at intersections that I approached to block me on the side of the street. Their stops at a designated locations were synchronized with my arrival at that point.

There, my passage was blocked & I was forced onto the sidewalk to be crowded by civilian warfighters. The buses were used for a compound attack by approaching me closely & threatening to hit me, while beeping & revving their engines.

Swarm Description

The swarms were conducted at a fast tempo, often one pulse after the next. At times I was impeded at every corner & multiple points in between. In the middle of a pulse, I'd see the formation of the next, characterized by more nodes converging from various directions onto a single point that I was about to reach.

Vehicles served as large mobile & stationary barriers. While I walked around the area of operation (AO), they would pull out of side streets, past the crosswalk, to intercept me. Approaching from the opposite direction on the BLVDs, they'd stop when partially turned at the corner, blocking the crosswalk.

Vehicles would also place themselves in front of me after emerging from driveways, side streets, alleys, & parking spaces on the side of a street.

An attack that occurred frequently included the sudden appearance of a vehicle on a street that was clear moments earlier. In this case, I'd observe the street to make sure there were no gathering nodes. Then I'd cross when none could be seen. Right when I was in the middle of the road, a vehicle or bike would bolt out from around a corner, alley, or driveway, & rush toward me.

Civilian warfighters on foot, bikes, & skateboards enhanced the swarm by cutting off the smaller paths that I took to avoid the larger mobile barriers. These citizens were rapidly deployed to infiltrate my personal space near corners & narrow paths that were partially obstructed by bigger nodes. While crowding me, they would distribute PsyOp products & make noise.

For instance, when I rode along a path near the curb that was used for bikes on Santa Monica BLVD, vehicles going toward me would get as close to the curb as possible, to block the path. Then, when I moved onto the sidewalk I would be stopped by individuals that quickly formed a wall in front of me.

When I slowed down, a warfighter would loudly speak a phrase to contribute to whatever theme the multinational force (MNF) was promoting. If I made a move around them, another warfighter would occupy my path with an object listed below. At that time, I'd transition back onto the side of the street, where I'd be blocked by another vehicle.

Small Barriers/Threat Weapons

The blocking was further refined by the use of smaller fixed & hand-held barriers. Some were wielded before me on paths that I traveled. In addition to blocking, it seems they were intended to threaten me with whatever damage the object could inflict. They included:

Such objects have been used as weapons before. I reported on 12/09/11 & 08/12/13 that the citizens who were colliding with me on purpose in Boston were also hitting me with their bikes, umbrellas, & bags.

On 04/04/14 I explained that Stop & Shop workers in Malden were stalking me around the store with with brooms, floor buffers, carts, & mops. I was kicked out of Dunkin Donuts in Charlestown on 01/15/14 by an employee who hit my feet with a broom.

The sidewalks in Santa Monica were patrolled by citizens with dogs. The animals used during swarms were surely trained to harass people. Their leashes were extended so they could walk near me. Sometimes the animals ran toward me while barking. Their owners pretended to be preoccupied.

Dogs have been used to attack me in other states. Examples can be seen here & here.

Audible Noise

A burst of loud noise would occur the moment I was closest its source. The following types of audible noise were used for attack:

Commercial vehicles with symbols & lettering that contributed to themes, would block me at intersections & make noise as I passed them. It is likely that this tactic was used to emphasize the PsyOp product.

Here is a detailed explanation on how noise is used in the AO.

Psychological Operations

In Santa Monica the following PsyOp products were used in themes:

Visual Audio & Audiovisual Themes

The themes I noticed included:

Some of these have been described in previous updates (Example 1; Example 2). A few are explained here briefly.


The departure theme was used after strategic & tactical blocking. It conveyed the message that I was being denied a service or product because I was not wanted in the area. Basically, the luggage theme was used to tell me that I should leave. During swarms, I'd sometimes be surrounded by people wheeling luggage & placing bags in trunks. UHaul trucks, taxis, & other PsyOp products supported this theme.


The authority theme was used with SOFO & the departure theme. It was punctuated by the appearance of security guards, police cars, & fire trucks. After I was strategically or tactically prevented from using a service, these vehicles would appear, seemingly to legitimize the message that I should leave the area. Often they would blast their sirens.


Warfighters crowding me in public would contribute to this theme during psychological actions (PsyActs). Sometimes the phrases they spoke would be synchronized with my activities. For instance, the phrase, "then you have the hours you worked" was uttered just as I responded to a job AD at the Starbucks on Montana Ave. At the Starbucks on Wilshire BLVD on 10/29/14, the phrase "he really wanted to find a job" was spoken about a second before I checked my email to see an advertisement for


This theme was during swarms to tell me that I was trapped in a jungle. Or, more to the point, surrounded by animals. Its products consisted of small signs on sidewalks with phrases that included "its a jungle," "welcome to the jungle," etc. Swarming warfighters outfitted with PsyOp products, such as clothes & bags with animal patterns, supported this theme.


Multiple visual & audiovisual products were distributed in AO within a short period to convey the message that I was going to be framed for a crime.

Directed-Energy Weapons

I was regularly attacked with directed-energy weapons (DEW). These strikes were used in combination with the rest of the weapons & tactics described here. The types of pain caused by DEWs have been illustrated in previous updates (Example 1; Example 2; Example 3; Example 4).

Computer Network Operations

Computer network operations (CNO) occurred in coffee shops, out in public, & at the Santa Monica Public Library (SMPL). I was often temporarily blocked from connecting to the internet at these establishments using my android & netbook.

The connections I was able to make were usually slow. On some days I was permanently denied wireless internet.

Programs failed & data files were altered. CNO was synchronized with swarming, noise, PsyOp, & directed-energy attacks.

Other examples of CNO can be seen here: 06/16/14; 04/27/13; 07/08/13; 08/21/11.


PsyOp, DEW, CNO, noise, & swarming attacks were synchronized in Santa Monica. These are some examples of synchronization, which can occur strategically & tactically:

Threats & Physical Attacks

PsyOp products were regularly used to threaten me. For example, in Starbucks on Montana Ave, at about 745AM on the morning of 11/11/14, the phrase "auto accident" was spoken during a PsyAct. A little more than an hour later the MNF would stage an accident.

On the morning of 10/31/14, at the same Starbucks, just after I typed the word "threat," a man grabbed the throat of a person sitting near me during a PsyAct.

In addition to the products that conveyed the threat theme, I was overtly threatened.

Buses & civilian vehicles would swerve toward the side of the road during swarms, aiming to bludgeon me, then turn back onto the street before colliding.

On the afternoon of 10/30/14 while standing outside of the Extra Mile on the PCH, a man approached me & attempted to start an argument. After I told him to leave me alone, he threatened me.

At about 545AM on the morning of 11/01/14, a man threatened me inside the Extra Mile after I told him to keep his distance.

On the evening of 11/09/14 a hostile man followed me around Vons on the PCH while trying to cause an argument.

Physical Attacks

Just after a swarm on the afternoon of 10/29/14, a citizen collided with me while I was standing in line at the Good Will store on Santa Monica BLVD. After that he pushed me.

At Vons on the PCH, on the evening of 11/09/14, a rotation of employees & customers deliberately collided with me while I walked out of the store. Normally these collisions do not happen in rapid succession. On this evening I returned a membership card that would have allowed for discounts. This meant that I intended to stay for a long time. I think this stampede occurred in retaliation for establishing myself in the area.

On the evening of 11/02/14 I was traveling along Ocean Ave on my bike. Multiple police cars were parked near the intersection I was approaching. I saw officers walking by their cars & a group of citizens at the corner. I knew the citizens were there to crowd my space, so I remained on the side of the street to minimize the attack. At that juncture a citizen on a bike crashed into me.

Although those are only a few examples, there were many instances of citizens "accidentally" walking or crashing into me.

Similarly, in my 12/09/11 & 08/12/13 reports I described how I was being regularly assaulted in Boston by citizens who deliberately collided with me. These warfighters also used their bikes, umbrellas, & bags to hit me.

In my 04/18/12 update I explained that people in Boston were sideswiping me on purpose, & that one man pushed me down a flight of stairs at the Boston Public Library (BPL). On 08/09/13 a man punched me in the head near the BPL.

I announced in my 04/04/14 & 12/09/11 reports that citizens were intentionally colliding with me on a consistent basis. The updated version of these reports, that was released on 06/17/13, described how people were following & kicking me.

On 11/06/14 & 11/11/14 the MNF staged 2 accidents in Santa Monica that involved moving vehicles. Fortunately my injuries were minimal. These were not unique events. In Boston a car drove into my legs on 11/22/11. A taxi clipped my hand the day before.

Commercial Establishments

In Santa Monica I was surrounded by warfighters in restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, & the library. Their strikes were synchronized with DEW, audible noise, PsyOp, & CNO.

Whole Foods Market

Whenever I shopped at Whole Foods Market on Wilshire BLVD I was ambushed by hysterical warfighters who caused near & actual collisions. At times, I was blocked every few steps. The customers were supported by employees who shoved brooms near my feet & placed carts in front of me. These warfighters contributed to whatever theme the DOD was promoting at that time. While all of this was happening I was hit with DEWs.

Santa Monica Public Library

Security guards were used for intimidation at the Santa Monica Public Library (SMPL). When I entered the library after being stalked by police cars & fire trucks, I noticed security guards positioned on the side of the door.

I was temporarily & sometimes permanently prevented from connecting to the wireless internet with my netbook & android. On 11/08/14, for instance, I was not able to establish a connection. The connections that I was able to make on other days were slow & sometimes useless.

Directed-energy attacks were synchronized with noise, PsyOp, & CNO at the library. I was shocked & stung trying to establish connections & maneuver my way through failing programs.

At the library I was hounded by a team of librarians, citizens, & security guards. While I was seated, encircling warfighters flaunted PsyOp products & made noise.

The covert attacks that occur at public libraries have been explained in my 10/26/13 & 12/09/11 updates. Basically, they use citizens, librarians, security guards, janitors, & construction crews to aggravate you. The MNF will use these warfighters to stage confrontations so you are kicked out of the library. This happened to me at the Bunker Hill Community College Library on 01/29/14, & Boston Public Library on 07/20/14.


During my stay I used a laundromat on Montana Ave near 9th Street. I'd usually do my laundry in the early morning. Despite the fact that there were few people there at that time, I observed the following while seated on a bench near a large window: frequent vehicular activity in the parking lot; citizens & workers crowding my space; washer & dryer doors slammed; floors & tables pounded with bags; carts squealing across the floor; & PsyOp products left in washers.


On most days I'd use either the Starbucks on Montana Ave, or the one on Wilshire BLVD. At these places, noise & swarming attacks were synchronized with PsyOp, CNO, & DEW.

The almost constant ruckus included:

During these rampages, warfighters paraded around my seat making quick movements & flailing their arms. Employees placed dustpans & brooms right near my feet. Such faint physical strikes were probably intended to frighten me.

Citizens leaned into my personal space to utter PsyOp phrases directly to me. Dogs were taken inside the Montana Ave store to further aggravate me. I placed chairs around my table to shield myself from the circus.

Area & Resource Denial
Product Destruction & Exclusion

Some survival items that I purchased were immediately ruined. The gears on my bike were also sabotaged shortly after I bought it. The chain & handle bars were damaged during the first 2 staged accidents. The bike would eventually become malfunctional. It appears such consistent attempts to render the bike unusable were made for several reasons. Limiting my mobility was surely one of them.

Simple items could not be found in hardware & grocery stores. In some cases I noticed areas on shelves & walls where the exact item I was looking for was missing.

At Whole Foods Market on Wilshire BLVD, for instance, I think that some of the unavailable items were removed before my arrival. On multiple occasions the item tags & pens were missing from the food bin area. This appears to have been done to prevent me from writing down the item numbers. The bin area was also obstructed by customers & employees. In this manner, I was physically & strategically prevented from buying those items.

The displayed prices were deceptively arranged so that when I reached the register the cost was much higher. Then, during price checks at the register, employees & customers would attack me with PsyOp & crowding.

The item removal tactic has been used elsewhere, as noted in the following reports: Example 1; Example 2; Example 3; Example 4. They also raise prices on items that you regularly purchase.

Employee Attitudes

Whatever theme the DOD was promoting would be dramatized at any store I visited, by customers & employees performing PsyActs. The employees that I interacted with exhibited the same unnatural behavior. When communicating with me, they usually spoke only phrases contributing to PsyOp themes. Sometimes their words referenced an attack that occurred moments earlier.

They were often emotionless. Even when expressing happiness or laughter, their behavior was noticeably fake. They were tense. Probably, they were uncomfortable because of what they were doing, &/or of being watched. Some were annoyed, possibly because my presence disrupted their businesses.


At about 4PM on 11/07/14 I joined the Santa Monica YMCA. The young man & woman at the front desk who processed my application were nervous. While filling out the membership form, I noticed the following: phones repeatedly slammed on the desk; yelling; objects crashing onto the floor; & children jumping around next to me.

During the enactment, a woman approached to my right & talked with the woman employee about an accident where someone broke their leg. Something to the effect of, you should be careful, was spoken.

Moments later, another woman showed up to my left & conversed with the same employee about someone injuring themselves in the workout room. These PsyActs seem to have been intended to reference the staged accident that occurred the previous day, & convey a threat of bodily harm.

I was almost denied a membership because I had no permanent address in the area. Eventually, they told me I could still apply.

My attempt to rent a locker, however, was stifled. When I asked about a locker, the woman called someone who did not respond. Although she said I could contact that person, I was basically denied a locker rental at that time.

On 11/10/14 I visited the YMCA again to rent a locker. While waiting, the few members & staff in the facility crowded my personal space. After the intrusions, an employee returned to tell me that no lockers were available. This refusal was probably a gambit to burden me. It meant that I had to lug my shower bag, clothes, enema, & shower shoes around with me whenever I wanted to use the facility.

This is similar to what occurred at the Boston YMCA, where employees, members, security guards, & janitors functioned in unison to traumatize me into leaving. Their attacks are described in my 11/08/11 & 12/09/11 updates. Allegedly discontent that the standard persecution had failed to eject me, the MNF used a security guard to kick me out, as reported on 04/04/12.


The MNF used a variety of methods to strategically & tactically prevent me from using bathrooms.

The bathroom doorways were physically blocked with carriages, luggage, signs, & other items. I noticed they were missing toilet paper, soap, paper towels, & seat liners. Toilet paper dispensers were broken.

Often the stalls were occupied. Once I waited 20 minutes to use one. The citizens who followed me into bathrooms would slam doors & toilet seats. The PsyOp products (trash) left in the stalls contributed to the rape theme. This theme would be bolstered by citizens making sexual moaning sounds.

Janitors were used to kicked me out of the SMPL & PCH bathrooms. They told me to leave the PCH bathroom on the mornings of 10/29/14 & 11/06/14. On 11/01/14 I was kicked out of a bathroom at the SMPL. Earlier the same day, janitors appeared at the PCH bathroom to disrupt me.

After I waited for a stall to open up at the SMPL on the morning of 11/01/14, janitors arrived & told everyone to leave. Walking out of the bathroom I was blocked by tape placed across the doorway. After that, a janitor stood in front of me at the door. I was further impeded by citizens lingering outside. That bathroom would regularly be closed for cleaning when I went to use it.

Early in the morning on 11/06/14, janitors at the PCH bathroom started banging on the stall door while I was trying to push liquid enema waste out of my colon.

The hot water in the library bathroom at Santa Monica College was shut off on 11/07/14. Because it was working the previous day, I think this was an attempt to prevent me from using that bathroom for bowel movements.

I went to the YMCA at about 7AM on the morning of 11/08/14 to take an enema. The most appropriate stall in the locker-room was occupied. There was no hot water in any of the faucets. Walking around the building to check for hot water & an available stall, I was crowded by the few citizens that were there. Some of the ongoing turbulence in the sparsely populated locker-room, included: the slamming of toilet seats, doors, & lockers; tables & floors pummeled with bags; locks rattled loudly on lockers; air dryers; etc.

These attacks were also used to prevent me from the bathroom at the Prudential Center in Boston, as reported on 06/01/12. The MNF eventually used its civilian warfighters to stage a violent event that resulted in my removal from the building by security guards on 08/11/13.

Living Area

On 10/29/14, while scouting for a permanent place to keep my belongings & sleep, I noticed that people would be stationed in the exact areas I was considering. They would make direct eye contact with me while talking on their cell phones. Some would make gestures with their arms, as if waving to me. Their behavior appears to have been intended to deter me from using those areas. My guess is that the MNF anticipated what places I'd consider, then put warfighters there. I noticed the same tactic in Boston.

Before that, on 10/21/14, I arrived at an elevated & somewhat secluded place along the PCH, in the Pacific Palisades. Although there were two other spots along the PCH where I briefly stayed, I spent most of my evenings there.

At first, there wasn't much activity. Eventually the place was besieged by: helicopters; propeller planes; engine revving; hitch-hikers; screaming; barking dogs; sirens; raging music; horns; & city workers slamming barrels.

I'd often see fire trucks parked in the lot across the PCH. The visitation of encircling helicopters & propeller planes would be synchronized with my activities. If I made a call on my cell phone, for instance, one would immediately pass over me.

There was another section of this region that was even more secluded, which I used during my workouts. One day while sitting on a hill I noticed the following synchronized activities: CNO & DEW attacks; citizens patrolling the path below with barking dogs; helicopters & small propeller planes circling above; & noise from a construction project.

On the evening of 11/06/14, after returning from a day of torment in downtown Santa Monica, I found an eviction notice telling me that I had to leave because of an impending cleaning project. Because the swarming, threats, physical assaults, staged accident, & directed-energy torture had failed, they resorted to an overt method, that has been used multiple times before.


The environment in Santa Monica was thoroughly violent. With the possible exception of Boston, it was one of the most brutal places I've been. All major factions of the city were complicit in the attacks. The civilian warfighters were connected to a hi-tech C4ISR system with artificial intelligence, that transmitted instructions directly into their brains.