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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Volume III Commentary

PsyOp is a major component of this new war. It is a core part of civil-military operations (CMO), which take place in friendly, neutral, or hostile areas, including populated civilian areas where no other military activity is conducted. These are global operations.

The HN provides the military with civilian assistance including materials, services, facilities, administrative support, logistics, and other resources. PsyOp units use civilians as irregular forces. It is combined and synchronized with CNO and EW.

PsyOp is basically the process of conveying messages to a person, group, or government in order to influence their attitudes, emotions, or behavior. This is accomplished using a line of communication known as a theme. Themes are made possible by the use of audio, visual, and audiovisual products, which are used to get the attention of the TA and provoke a response.

A type of audiovisual product known as a PsyAct, which includes agents of action who carry out plays in the presence of the TA, may also be used to convey messages. The types of products which can be used for PsyOp are limitless.

PsyOp units establish contracts with mass media facilities, newspapers, TV and radio stations, printing facilities, and billboard companies to help them create and distribute their products. Deployed PsyOp units themselves are equipped with audiovisual studios, printing facilities, and communications equipment. In addition, van-mounted facilities with broadcasting and print media production capabilities exist. Some production is done by the 4th POG, which has state-of-the-art production studios.

The ultimate goal of PsyOp is to modify the behavior of the TA by destroying their will using a relentless attack consisting of painful triggers. The triggers are contained in products, which themselves are used in themes that are sent to the TA through a variety of channels. The TA is first profiled to determine which products will be used and which distribution channels they will be sent through.

In order to modify the behavior of the TA their decisionmaking cycle must be interfered with, which is accomplished by changing their environment. This is referred to as the psychological preparation of the environment, and is accomplished by electronically, psychologically, and physically adding, modifying, or removing information from it.

Every single channel the TA uses for information―including all systems, organizations, and individuals―is interfered with. Relentless PsyOp attacks transmitted through these channels will be unnoticeable to the casual observer. PsyOp personnel are continually changing the battlespace to communicate with different TAs as they approach it.

Early PsyOp research was done by a small private network of think tanks, foundations, and academic institutions, which went into partnership with government agencies and kept most of the results of their studies secret. Some of the institutions that conducted these studies were known to be subversive.

Informants have been used since ancient times to create fear and harass people in order to maintain dictatorships. In some dictatorships they have been used to gang stalk targeted individuals, literally surrounding them everyplace they go.

The US military had developed a nationwide citizen informant network beginning in 1917. It worked with government agencies, local law enforcement, and the DOJ. It functioned silently and secretly. Its targets were spied on and harassed.

It has been described as a covert vigilante network, as well as a hidden political subculture that developed within our society, which is absolutely dedicated to monitoring people who are thought to be subversive. By the early 1900s secret police networks had been established in all continental European countries.

Directed-energy weapons, part of electronic warfare, are used to damage or destroy, people, equipment, and facilities. The basic types include microwaves, lasers, and acoustics. These weapons are silent and traceless.

They cause a variety of effects including tiredness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains, convulsions, epileptic seizures, temporarily paralysis, vibration of internal organs, cooking of internal organs, cataracts, burning sensations on skin, hyperthermia, headaches, loss of short-term memory, interruption of cognitive processes, cardiac arrest, and cancer.

High-powered microwaves can be used to disrupt or destroy depending on how they are tuned. These silent and traceless weapons can easily pass through most unshielded structures. Lasers, which are silent, traceless weapons, have pinpoint accuracy, an extended reach, and an almost unlimited magazine capacity.

Sonic weapons can be used to transmit negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, panic attacks, disgust, apathy, and sadness. They can also cause biological effects, like pressure in the ears, visual blurring, drowsiness, and imbalance, vibration of internal organs, organ damage, severe intestinal pain, nausea, vomiting, bowel liquification, choking, irregular breathing patterns, burns, and death.

Audible noise in one form or another has been used in wars since recorded history to aggravate and terrorize people. It is considered a NLW to be used for behavior modification. According to some sources, noise and bad smells can be used to clear an entire town.

Computer network operations (CNO) are used to deceive, degrade, and disrupt the enemy’s computer systems. They span the hardware, software and network (internet) realms. CNO includes spoofing information and is used in conjunction with PsyOp and EW.

Microwave hearing technology has existed since at least the early 1960s and was researched by the DOD in the mid 1970s. It is considered to be a NLW to be used for private message transmissions and to attack military targets.

In the 1970s the Russian government perfected a powerful silent subliminal technology which could be used to control dissidents by sending messages directly into the subconscious mind without interfering with conscious processes.

The DOD has the technology to project three-dimensional images known as holograms and sounds to specific areas. They can be used to temporarily cloak an object and to scare people.

Calmatives include antidepressants and antipsychotics that cause sedation, depression, anxiety, dizziness, headaches, pains, etc, which are to be given to groups and individuals as a NLW. The covert administration of calmatives has been advocated.

Nonlethal biological weapons include viruses that cause medical conditions and create injuries. It has been suggested that the genetic structure of targeted individuals, families, and ethnic groups can be changed to create hereditary medical conditions.

Malodorants, which are to be used for area denial, have effects that span the mental, emotional and physical realms. Research on odors that offend specific racial groups has been conducted, and it has been suggested that ones that violate the beliefs of political and religious groups be used.

Antimaterial weapons known as supercaustics can be used to destroy the enemy’s infrastructure, which includes structures, facilities, tools, and equipment. These substances can destroy any glass, rubber, plastic, or metal, which means they have a wide range of possible uses. According to some sources, these substances can be remotely triggered.

Weather attacks, which are to play a major role in the new war, are to be used to reduce the comfort level of the enemy. Attempts to control the weather date back to at least the late 1940s, and weather modification has been used as a weapon by the US military since the mid 1960s.

The US military has stated that custom-tailored, localized weather attacks will be used against its foreign and domestic enemies. The enemy’s communications system will be spoofed to conceal these attacks and to cause them to make inaccurate decisions.

Research for the remote control of animals began by the DOD in the mid 1960s. It has been suggested that the remote control of living creatures such as insects, rodents, birds, dogs, horses and other animals could be used for surveillance purposes. The remote control of living insects was demonstrated in 1997. In 2002 the technology was successfully tested on rodents.

A SOFO is used to warn and scare the enemy. It includes the temporary buildup of forces in a particular area, and persistent flights over specific areas, such as those occupied by the enemy.

Synchronization, which is the result of real-time or near-real-time intelligence, includes multiple operations conducted at high tempo in the battlespace, that are done simultaneously or in a particular sequence to shock the enemy. It occurs on the strategic, operational, and tactical levels, and uses all instruments of national power.

The enemy will be physically and psychologically isolated from their support structure and the civilian population in any country, state, and city that they visit. This will be accomplished with advanced surveillance technology, PsyOp, and NLW, which place an electronic dome around them.

Isolation also includes mechanisms to deny people from using their talents and to restrict their freedom of action. Economic methods, including the destruction of the enemy’s finances or bribery, will also be used.

Swarming, an ancient military tactic that has been used for thousands of years is an important part of the new war. The MITRE and RAND corporations have studied swarming for the DOD and have concluded that an advanced C4ISR system and computer algorithm would be necessary to direct the swarming nodes. Recent technological advancements allow for such precision swarms. The DOD has used these algorithms for computer-generated swarms already with UAVs.

Barriers have been used by the military and police to deny access, separate adversaries, delay adversary movement, and for behavior modification for many years. They include a wide range of objects which must be precisely and rapidly deployed to be successful.

All of these technologies and tactics, which leave little or no trace of their use, are to be used in combination over an extended period of time to wear-down the enemy. They are only some of the unclassified weapons that are now being used on civilians.