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Hidden Evil Status Report
March 1, 2011



What follows is a more detailed description of my situation. After they blocked my efforts & wasted my time & money visiting prospects for farming in late 2010, I ended up in Capay, California at the beginning of November. I was originally scheduled to go to Fresno to work on a cattle ranch. Then, on the morning I was to leave, & after I had purchased a ticket, the manager of the ranch called to tell me he could not host me. So I went to Capay instead.

The opportunity in Capay was the only one that was available. In one way or another, they blocked every other one. It is no surprise that the entire area was psychologically prepared to attack me. At least a couple thousand dollars was spent by my mother in order to get me there & obtain the things necessary to live. I think they may have done this to diminish what little finances I had available. As I was visiting the prospects in New England that they were handling, I began to consider the same thing.

Factors in Capay, such as transportation & library hours, resulted in a situation where I could not continue my studies. However it was accomplished, for the first two months they delayed me. Before that, in Buxton Maine, multiple times the farm managers refused to answer questions & introduce me to very basic activities that were essential to my work. Rather, I was usually given meaningless tasks. I didn't mind this so much, since I could spend the evenings writing. In addition to this, they custom-designed the environment to be as difficult as possible, blocking most of my daily routines. They also frequently complained about petty things. In the future I'll describe more of the attacks that they used harass me out of Buxton & Capay.

In Capay, it was multiple factors that led to my departure, such as the foolish games (wasted time), delaying letters & packages, medial tasks (wasted time), lack of transportation, frequent verbal attacks & complaints by the ranch manager & others, no internet access, etc. In this situation I was also more physically & electronically isolated than usual. So, rather than waste more time there I went to Sacramento. Because they blocked all other reasonable opportunities, I wonder if this was their intention, since I am know physically isolated from my family & homeless.

In each place up to this point that I've been harassed from, I've had to leave behind the few personal belongings I had because there was no place to put them. During the last move, from Capay to Sacramento, I brought only enough to fit into a gym locker at the YMCA. After arriving, I found that instead of the regular-sized locker that I'd anticipated, it was a small foot locker. A larger locker or an additional smaller one were not available. So I had to throw away even more of the few items I had. My winter coat & enema were stolen from the locker on the first day when I left it unattended getting things done in the city. Shortly after I had obtained a lock for it, a pair of socks were stolen with the lock itself intact.

So Far This is What I've Noticed in Sacramento
Public Places

In any public place or store I go into I am attacked. This includes parks, libraries, restaurants, stores, bus stations, & other public places. I am swarmed by the rudest people in these stores. Clerks are slamming objects on counters & shelves as I pass & working with citizens to crowd & block me. In some stores such as Target, clerks have deliberately slammed their carts into mine, then sarcastically apologized. The background music in these stores, which is used to promote their themes, further contributes to the psychological preparation of the environment.

Other tactics used in restaurants, such as McDonalds, include delaying my order after it has been purchased, delays while in line, creating confusion when I'm ordering by paraphrasing things I did not order, placing my order in bags rather than asking me if it was to go (the message they want to convey there is for me to leave).

In all of these stores, as I approach the line to order, I'm typically cut-off by people who walk right in front of me without acknowledging it. In McDonalds, YMCA, stores, & inside other public places, I am constantly harassed with loud noises, hordes of people swarming me, frequent loud coughing, & people slamming things on seats nearby. In some of these places I'm physically assaulted.

In restaurants, the people around me stare at me, loudly smash trays on tables next to me, drag chairs on the floor & bang them into tables, & slam themselves onto a portion of that bench that I'm on. They almost always blurt out the key words & phrases during their staged conversations (PsyActs) to promote any recent theme that the DOD's surveillance system is ordering them to perform. In all of these establishments, groups constantly invade my personal space with no acknowledgement that they are doing so.

In any public place or store, if the seat I'm on is connected to another seat or can accommodate another person, whoever sits down will usually slam their bags or themselves onto the seat. After that, they will continually adjust themselves, bouncing up & down to rock the seat. If they are within visual range, they regularly make quick jerky motions to aggravate me. They invade my personal space with themselves or their belongings.

They also frequently make loud noises while arranging whatever it is they're carrying, such as electronic equipment, bags, etc. Another type of noise they commonly use is the cough, which is done repeatedly & loudly, in an obviously fake manner. These noises are often synchronized with a negative, insulting, or violent phrases that I'm reading or writing, as if to emphasize them (more of this is explained in the synchronization section).

These attacks happen consistently, one person after another. Just about every time I get up to do something in one of these places, I am immediately approached by at least one person, & often several, who cut me off, block me, & invade my space. This includes employees. The directed-energy attacks in these places are synchronized with gestures & comments by citizens.

In restaurants, workers frequently clean the same area right near me, over & over again. When this happens, they slam chairs against the floor & tables, they bang trays on tables & trash bins, & mop the area to create visual commotion. They have also lowered the temperature in some of these places to make it uncomfortable. As standard practice, the background music conveys the DOD's threats & insults.

I've noticed over a period of years in these establishments, that in addition to the citizen swarmers there is a person who seems to be in charge of the area. This may be the tactical commander for the area of operation (AO).

The small library on 22nd street that I used once was packed with people who harassed me. The librarians also participated. Citizens frequently slammed books & bags onto the table that I used, & slammed chairs into it. I was blocked & crowded when I moved around in there by citizens & librarians. As an example a of citizen contributing to a PsyOp theme & synchronization, one woman right near me commented on how hot it was in there as my eyes were being burned. Moments earlier, this same woman slammed a bunch of books on the table a few inches in front of me.

In public parks & other outside places, they have been using dogs to harass me. The owners of these animals, as in all other situations, are severely inconsiderate, allowing their dogs to run right up to me. Some of them smile & laugh when you look at them to see why they allowed it to happen.

They use citizens to start conversations with me in public, who mention phrases to promote whatever theme the DOD is ordering them to contribute to, which is often something I'm about to do, just did, or I'm currently doing.

The DOD continues to use children to harass people. In any establishment I'm in where they are around, they frequently crowd my space, & swing their arms, bags, or whatever they're holding right near me while their parents appear to be oblivious. They are often screaming while they do this. In libraries, bookstores, & other public places, I have been surrounded by screaming children. The clerks in these establishments, & the parents of the children, show no interest in stopping their behavior.

As an example of the arrogance of the people arranging this, when I note their attacks, they increase the exact attack. If it is a directed-energy attack, there will be a brief increase in the specific type I'm recording. If the attack includes the use of citizens, (which it often does), they will use them to launch whatever attack was mentioned.

This is particularly the scenario for the transmission of their masonic, satanic, pedophile themes. Their basic message appears to be this: "Oh yeah? Go ahead, tell it, and here's more of it." They also have these citizens insult themselves, presumably to anger me & get me to conclude that they are obedient slaves. These messages are basically this: "Look, there is nothing they won't do. They'll do anything we tell them to."


Traveling to & from these places I am swarmed by vehicles & people almost everywhere, including, civilian & commercial vehicles, as well as firetrucks & ambulances with blaring sirens. Their attacks are perfectly timed. As I walk down these streets, people using leaf blowers do not acknowledge me as the leaves are blown in my direction. A variation of this includes the citizens with their backs turned who sweep junk into me as I pass. They are also using sprinkler systems for area-denial purposes on sidewalks. These are used in combination with other blocking methods. For instance, I move onto the street to avoid a sprinkler, & barrels & branches are in the way.

Litter, branches, barrels, carts, & other objects are placed on sidewalks that I frequently use to block me. Citizens are walking out of their houses or suddenly appearing from behind corners the moment I pass. These people walk across the sidewalk right in front of me. Some of them make eye contact with me while on their cell phones as they do this. Cars moving out of or into driveways that I approach block me as well. Vehicles are routinely pulling up past me on the street, then doors are slammed the second I'm closest. Because of the DOD's area-denial tactics on the sidewalks, I often walk on the sides of streets, where other attacks occur.

In most cases, the citizens approaching me on the sidewalk refuse any such common courtesy as moving slightly aside for me to pass. If the DOD wants to get my attention, they will have a citizen "accidentally" bump into me, brush by me, or ask me a question so that I'll notice the PsyOp product that they're carrying, which contributes to whatever theme they're promoting that day. Basically, the streets that I often use are prepared as an obstacle course. This appears to be part of the psychological preparation of the environment & is used with PsyOp products such as signs & banners, which I'll explain shortly.

They are probably controlling the traffic lights to facilitate vehicular crowding. If I don't wait for the lights to reset themselves so that I cross the street when the walk signal is started, then the lights frequently change right when I'm in the middle of the road, at which time the vehicles jolt right next to me, (as if they're going to smash into me), then stop a few feet away. Vehicles stopping at red lights frequently move out past the crosswalk area I'm approaching to startle me when I approach them.

Other vehicular swarming attacks that I've noticed at intersections include the following: If I'm walking in the direction of traffic, as I cross the street the vehicles to my left move right up behind me to rush me across the street as they make their turn. The ones approaching from the opposite direction make their turn across the intersection & move right up next to me, stopping a few feet away. If I am walking against traffic, then as I approach the intersection, the vehicles on the opposite side of the street (the side I'm heading toward) position themselves around the curb to block me, while vehicles making turns across the intersection onto the street that I'm in the middle of, move right up next to be. At night brighting is used with these swarming tactics.


I have not recorded instances of specific PsyOp attacks, such as the locations of signs & graffiti, & how I've been sensitized to them by explaining how they've been used in the past. Recording specific instances of these messages as they occur, then going into the history of them so that they may be explained, requires more time & effort than I wanted to devote to it at this time. Another consideration is the emotional discomfort of recording these messages, because they are usually intended to be painful. Also, there are so many of these products throughout the AO that this would be difficult.

Therefore, I have not noted specific instances of these particular attacks so far. Keep in mind, however, that I am reporting attacks that they've said they'd use on civilians, that are consistent with PsyOp tactics.

Just as military documents suggest, the entire AO is custom-designed like an advertising campaign to attack me with words & symbols that I've been sensitized to. Some of the messages which I've noticed here include: play (as in, ha ha we're playing with you), beg (as in, beg for a place to live, to eat, for a job), toy (your a toy that we're having fun with), pet (as in, you're a pet that we're controlling), danger/warning/caution (as in, watch out, don't expose us, shutup, you'll be sorry if you don't stop), cat (as in the dragon-tiger theme). The DOD's pedophilia, satanic, & masonic themes are standard procedure.

As part of the psychological preparation of the environment, they are probably removing signs in stores to make locating things more difficult. In stores, blocking tactics by citizens will often be used to stop me so that I'll observe a particularly insulting product (message) that they've placed in the area. After it is observed, the people move out of the way. Music in restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, & convenient stores, also contribute to these themes (mocking, insults, threats).

In addition to the obstacle course on the streets, the PsyOp products that the DOD has used to convey their messages throughout the AO has included: graffiti on sidewalks, lightposts, benches, trash cans, building walls, & signposts; signs & banners on fences & sides of buildings; foldout signs in driveways & in front of businesses; various types of clothing worn by swarmers; 18-wheeler trucks with lettering; commercial trucks & vans (presumably of local businesses); civilian vehicles with bumper stickers & lettering on rear windows.

The signs in each of these places is blended in to what would usually occur in that particular area, so as not to arouse suspicion, yet still transmit a message that is unique to me. The messages that are conveyed by the military in these areas are blended into the surrounding media, so they appear completely natural. These attacks have occurred in the library, stores, YMCA, & the outdoor area of operation (AO).


I am crowded almost every single time going in & out of the YMCA on W street. Then I am swarmed again at the service desk. After that, whoever jumps out from around one of the corners leading to the stairs will crowd me. Then again, when going down or up the stairs to the locker room, I'm crowded. While downstairs traveling to the locker room, citizens pop out from around corners & doorways to invade my space. All of this is done by people who do not acknowledge whatsoever that they're walking into my personal space. In most cases, if I didn't step out of the way, these people would probably walk right into me.

In the locker room, I am attacked with noise by multiple people who slam lockers, loudly & frequently cough, & crowd me. Here, I am crowded to the point of people swinging their arms inches from my face as they get dressed. They also slam themselves & objects on benches. In the bathroom area of the locker room I am attacked again by people crowding me, slamming objects on the counter, & slamming doors. Then in the shower, I am attacked by people crowding my space & children running through the showers who do the same while screaming.

The people who swarm me in these areas make frequent sounds such as clearing their throats, coughing, loudly removing flem from their throats, moaning, etc. They use people to make these bodily sounds when I'm placing food from the locker into my backpack, presumably to disgust me. When I travel from one side of the locker room to another, someone usually bursts out from around a corner to cut me of. Another example of this (& of synchronization) occurs when I'm at the locker, which is right next to the door, & move toward the isle. When this happens, rather than open normally, the door immediately bursts open & someone barges through.

In addition to the loud fake coughs occurring everywhere in the locker room, the obviously staged conversations (PsyActs) occur by people interacting with each other next to me, who blurt out what I just did or what I have planned for the day. Possibly, because I often use earplugs, even if these people are right next to each other, they'll be yelling. They are also using these stalkers to tamper with my belongings if they are out of my sight for even a moment. They are using groups of children in the locker room to invade my space & make constant noise.

The PsyActs that are used to communicate the DOD's threats & insults also occur at the service desk between employees & citizens who block me on my way in & out. These employees are used not only to crowd me, but to convey threats or reference recent attacks. The DOD is also using these clerks to attack me verbally. The bulletin board at the front desk is posted with insults that are blended into the existing media.

The DOD's attacks in the weight room include the following: Using citizens to repeatedly & loudly slam weights & other objects around me. These noises are exaggerated in both frequency & volume. They will have people move into a part of the room that I'm heading toward & use whatever equipment I was about to use. If I go to another area of the room, I'm followed by people who crowd my space. I have also been physically attacked by people who "accidentally" hit me. As in every other place, there are the loud fake coughs, & fake conversations (PsyActs) conveying the DOD's themes.

It is worth mentioning at this point that I am being viciously antagonized at the YMCA by many different people, including the staff, in every area of the facility. I would describe the attacks there as brutal. It seems they are aggressively provoking me to lash out so that I may be kicked out. Currently, I can use the facility to shower, & I'm using a small locker to store some food & clothing. It appears that the military is not content to simply keep me homeless & would prefer that I have no place to shower or store anything.


In restaurants & public places, when I'm reading or writing a particular phrase that has a threatening or insulting quality, the following activities occur at the exact instance: loud obviously fake coughs erupt from individuals around me; a loud noise of some sort occurs; people lingering nearby will make an abrupt movement toward me & pass by me closely; if I'm near a door people will quickly enter or exit the place.

Groups of nearby people in these places frequently reference phrases I'm reading or writing during PsyActs. In many cases, literally the exact phrase I'm reading or writing is mentioned. These phrases are also uttered during fake telephone conversations.

In restaurants, multiple seemingly separate groups will get up & leave or make movements in a particular area at the same time. They will also raise the volume & increase the frequency of their speech at once. Another example of this includes various groups contributing to a chorus of fake coughs.

Here are some other types of synchronization I've noticed: Busses are stopping at bus stops the moment I approach. When this occurs, the citizens waiting to board invade my space & cut me off, while the ones exiting do the same. The gates at several railroad crossings are frequently closing as I approach, blocking me on the sidewalk, & creating visual & audio commotion (attacks). I've noticed this at the crossings between 19th & 20th street on W, & 19th & 20th street on Broadway. When this happens the alarm sounds, the lights flash, & the gates close, blocking the sidewalk. This regularly happens multiple times in a single day. Similar events occur at 10th & K street, & 16th street.


For a short period of time the DOD added some new attacks to the regulars. They included headaches & joint pains that occurred on most days in January, & the beginning of February. The joint pains began in mid September when I was in Massachusetts. They included my hips, elbows, knees, & shoulders. However, I noticed the same type of dull pain in my thighs & forearms. Since I've been in Sacramento these specific attacks have not occurred. The directed-energy attacks in general seem to have diminished slightly.


I have no way of knowing for sure if some of the books that I needed, which were not available at the Sacramento Library, were blocked. If they are using citizens & librarians to harass people, conducting CNO, & are running these places when a domestic enemy is there, it is quite possible.

After nearly a month at the Central Library they are starting to use frequent loudspeaker announcements to to generate commotion.

In other places, while I'm being attacked by swarmers, applications have repeatedly closed on their own as I was typing. I'd re-open them & they'd close on their own. This has sometimes happened several times in a row. The cursor frequently moves in directions that I didn't intend. When I attempt to highlight text, different words are selected instead, implying a threat.

Text continues to be changed in documents. The word that they've changed usually infers an insult, contributing the their themes. Their CNO are also synchronized with directed-energy attacks. As an example of using a PsyAct to let me know they physically blocked me, on one occasion the two seats with electrical receptacles that I had been using at McDonalds for my laptop, were taken up with the only two people in the restaurant sitting down. A man on one seat made gestures with his hands to indicate that he was typing on an imaginary keyboard. They continue to spoof internet sites.


They have isolated me from my family in New England, & have made them mock my situation. I've experienced isolation here in Sacramento with most of the people I interact with in the various places I visit. I would describe their behavior as: fake, controlled, generic, closed, distant, guarded. There is a type of normal social interaction that develops between people that the interagency has been very careful to deny me here. It seems important to them to prevent any authentic relationship from developing.


They probably blocked some of my attempts to obtain information on soup kitchens by using people to harass me on the phone, hanging up on me, delays on hold, wrong numbers, etc. I'm certain that they've been removing products from the shelves that they knew I'd have to purchase. One example of this which occurred after they stole the enema, included me only being able to locate one after visiting several stores. Although I was eventually able to locate one, while in the other stores looking for one, clerks conducting PsyActs mocked my efforts to find one.


They have already recruited society in general, just as they said they would. The best description I have for their behavior is that of savages. Although I've concluded that most of them are decent people, the fact is, that is how they behave. The wealthy psychopaths running this have created a sick society of obedient minions under their rule. They have done it again. Once more, they have gotten the masses to go along with violent persecution. I am attacked by savages.

My Current Circumstances

My basic routine & description of anticipated attacks described in the status update of October 17, 2010 is still relevant.


I found a bridge to sleep under that seems OK for now. They may be kicking me out of there, however, with one of their area-denial tactics. If I must be homeless, Sacramento is not such a bad place. The winters here are not as cold as in New England & it usually doesn't snow. So I have much of what I need for this climate.

My family is aware of my situation & is unable offer me housing. They may be unable to, or, because being around me for any extended period of time is very stressful, they may not want to. If I did find a place to stay, it would probably be ideal if I was separated from the person I was living with by both time & space. For instance, at a farm I stayed on for 4 years, the manager was away every other week. I'm currently rotating my use of the facilities that I've been using for my studies to give the employees a rest.

Something worth mentioning that has complicated the situation, is that several relatives have sold their homes in recent years, two of which occurred in a very short time-period (I think within 6 months). This included my mother & two of my sisters. I have wondered if this had been arranged as part of their strategy of denying the enemy any sanctuary. Before I realized I was being attacked, I had discussions with my mother regarding why she wanted to do this, & none of her ideas seemed to make sense. Why would she want to sell a structurally-intact house that she owned completely with her brother & move into a tiny apartment?

Her building has a policy which limits the number of days a guest can stay. When I first started visiting, I was given a key & could access the apartment anytime. Then she mentioned that a new policy went into effect which prohibited guests from having keys. This further reduced the days & times I could visit to only the ones she was there. I'll probably never know for sure, however, these & other arrangements have resulted in a reduction in my housing options.

There have so far been a couple of offers for a place for me to stay. On the surface it would seem to be a simple choice to accept such offers. And in most circumstances it probably would be. However, without going into detail, my situation is more complicated. If you've read my books you probably understand what I mean. These were not really options.

I realize the attacks will continue in any work environment, & if there is another ranch/farm arrangement the hosts will be forced to participate, as they always have. Furthermore, I would not mind several hours per day of meaningless work in exchange for a place to stay, because I could devote most of my time to writing & other activities.

However, I've noticed that there is an implied conditional agreement in some of the places I've been, where they have the people who are providing me housing that they're handling let me know that I'm only able to stay if I stop my activities. They have mobbed me out of employment & blacklisted me so I cannot afford my own place. This has allowed them to control the environment more, by making me dependent on another person for shelter & food, which gives them leverage for behavior modification. The fear of becoming homeless is what they use to obtain obedience. Because I'm now living somewhat comfortably without a home & can obtain food if necessary, they have mostly lost this leverage. I know that I can survive this way if I have to & even find peace & enjoyment in some manner.

Because my activities will be continuing, I'd rather be near an area that I'm familiar with so that if I'm forced to leave, I can make a transition to homelessness again & continue my work uninterrupted. For this reason, I'm seeking a place to live in exchange for work, in New England & the Sacramento area. I'd be interested in opportunities in other states depending on the circumstances.


If I have enough money, I'll be getting a PO box to receive letters & equipment that I'll need. Otherwise, a religious organization in West Sacramento has offered to let me use their address. Although, this is not definite. My cell phone is currently still functional. I have access to the internet in a variety of places nearby.


I will still need to purchase things to make my research go quicker & my living situation more comfortable. So I have opened the site up for donations. My guess is that, just as they've been regulating my correspondence, they'll be interfering with these. However, I have been receiving donations.


I have taken some meals soup kitchens. The DOD will probably be poisoning my food at these places. At the very least, the menus will consistently contain foods that I'm allergic to. There are a variety of other nasty things they'll be doing to disgust me from using these services. Although, so far I have not had to use these places much because I've had the money to purchase my own food.

Storage & Showering

Currently I can store a small amount of food & clothes in a locker & take showers at the YMCA. Although, they are working to prevent this.


Most of the places I need to get to are accessible by foot.


There are two laundry facilities within walking distance of where I keep my clothes.


I am currently established in Sacramento & have developed a routine.

Other Activities
Raising Awareness

In addition to continuing to research subjects for my next book & voice my opinion on our our state of affairs in public, I'll probably be holding up 911 Truth signs on Broadway & in downtown Sacramento, similar to my activities in Maine & Massachusetts.

Current Book

I am excited to have learned some of the subjects that I've studied & look forward to the other interesting topics. Steady progress is being made. Most days I work from about 6 in the morning to about 7 at night. The current title of the book is, The Last Republic: The New World Order and the End of Humanity.

Other Initiatives

Some other important initiatives would be:

I will continue to publish accounts of their attacks in addition to the regular weekly status updates.

Thank You,