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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Status Update
August 28, 2012 Update


From mid June to mid July there was an increase in the intensity & duration of painful attacks to my legs, knees, hip, & lower back, which made it difficult to walk. When this happened there was a reduction in the regular directed-energy attacks. It seems they tried a more direct method to limit my mobility. At the start of August I noticed that clumps of hair were falling out of my pelvic area.

Some new approaches are being used to prevent me from using public transportation. These have occurred at Malden Center around 9PM on Tuesdays & Saturdays when I'm on my way back to Boston. They appear to have customized these approaches for this specific time & place. They have used print media at the station involving a scenario of shuttle buses to create confusion about whether or not the train is in service.

Four times in a row in June/July the electronic gates at this station rejected tickets I had purchased earlier in the day. They have delayed the inbound train for long periods of time, & have stopped a train I was on because of alleged mechanical difficulties.

Using citizens to block me & a very quick closing of the doors, they've managed to cause me to miss my stop. The regular attacks at train stations--including swarming & physical attacks, ticket machines frequently malfunctioning, electronic gates rejecting my tickets, loudspeaker announcements which contribute to themes, & directed-energy attacks--continue.

In mid August a police officer told me that he received a complaint from a concerned citizen who watched me place my elbow up multiple times as I passed some people in the Boston Common. At times, regardless of how much I alter my direction, these swarmers intend to either collide with or brush by me when there is plenty of room. Placing my elbow to the side keeps them at a distance when getting out of the way is not a viable option.

This may have been a threat to let me know they'll be using their obedient citizens to create a confrontation that results in me being injured or thrown in jail. I've minimized these collisions to some extent by walking on the sides of the streets rather than the sidewalks. The police car approached me at a bench in Charles River Park, which was the exact same bench I was on when another police officer told me to leave the park in April of this year.

All of the regular swarming, noise, CNO, PsyOp, & directed-energy attacks continue.

Things are going well. On most nights after supper I still devote some time to studying dance & leisure reading. The book should be completed in about 6 months.