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July 8, 2013 Update


The second edition of The Hidden Evil should be finished before the end of this month. A brief description of the computer network operations (CNO), which extend from the hardware to the internet level, follows.

It seems they've noted the places I use one day each week when the library is closed during the summer, & have temporarily or permanently prevented me from recharging my netbook. This started with placing locks on the electrical outlets at the Prudential Center Mall where I wrote one day per week last summer. Although there is one in a seating area at this mall, it is often not available.

After realizing this, I started charging the laptop in the morning at the Starbucks on Newbury Street. The computer would be charged for about 4 hours, afterwhich I'd go to the City Place Food Court & maybe find one available there. However, lately I noticed that all of the electrical outlets along the primary seating wall at this particular Starbucks have been turned off. More recently I found that one outlet which I favored in an area with less commotion at the City Place Food Court has also been shut off.

One the file level, the sabotage is ongoing. I open the manuscript & find that text has been deleted, misspelled, or inserted. They are changing text even as I work on the open file. Such words appear to be intended to convey symbolic messages to promote their themes.

Programs are sluggish, features are disabled, applications have closed on their own. Navigation has been interrupted by temporarily disabling scroll bars, menus, & buttons. The screen is sometimes blurred, making the text unreadable. The window components in one program become so distorted at times that it has to be shut down.

Some features in the OS that I regularly use have been disabled. Peripheral input is delayed or ignored. The processing speed of the computer has been diminished & it locks up.

When I search the internet to fix a problem they created, the spoofed message boards & search engine results contain items pertaining to themes. There are frequent wireless disconnects at the library & I have been blocked from getting online in multiple places.

These & other CNO attacks are done continually in rotation. They are synchronized with directed-energy attacks & the activities of the subservient people who surround me. Hours of work has been lost on some days. I haven't given much thought as to how much time they've been able to waste, but I guess that over the course of a year this may add up to weeks. The repulsive computer experience also appears to done to persuade me not to write.

Thank You