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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

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Volume IV: The Coverup


December 15, 2013 Update


This is a preliminary summary of recent attacks. Within a month I'll provide a more detailed description.

Citizens & employees at Dunkin Donuts, Market Basket, Zumes, & Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) in Charlestown are being used by the Department of Defense (DOD) in an attempt to terrorize me. This includes psychological operations (PsyOp), audible noise, staged confrontations, & swarming/crowding. While they are attacking me, I'm hit with directed-energy weapons (DEW) & computer-network operations (CNO).

I'm besieged by vehicles & people out in public. The BHCC campus & state police are being directed to stalk & harass me. They have disrupted the public transportation system & used citizens to swarm me at MBTA stations. My personal items have been stolen & sabotaged. Some of my credit card purchases have been denied.

Previously I announced that I was working on an article describing a human-computer intelligence network (HCIN). However, I have recently discovered more ambitious population control methods which must be reported. Therefore, within a couple of months I'll explain how the wealthy psychopaths are bombarding your cities with softkill chemical & biological weapons.

They are doing this to sicken & kill up to 95% of the population as part of a eugenics agenda that goes back at least 100 years. Their media & medical system are providing cover for the injuries & deaths.

The psychopaths are also deliberately poisoning our natural resources to make the planet uninhabitable for everyone but themselves. This is happening rapidly on a massive scale! Because this matter is urgent, the report will not include documentation. Eventually, I may support it with evidence.

They continue to attack my intestines with directed-energy in an attempt to torture me into submission. I recently made the transition to soft foods. This has included: yogurt, pudding, hummus, some ground hard foods, multivitamins, applesauce, & mashed potatoes. I'm now preparing to ingest liquid foods only. This might be permanent.

Despite the pain, I still feel perfectly healthy. All of my mental & physical maintenance activities continue. My life situation may seem bleak, but I have never been better.

Thank You,