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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Volume IV Commentary

If sciences such psychology and psychiatry were to develop normally as a dictatorship was being established, within about a decade leaders in these fields would detect it and begin to stop it. Therefore, areas of the social sciences such as psychology and psychiatry must be controlled. All individuals working in these fields, as well as every single mental health center and psychiatric hospital, are affected by the pathocracy.

We’ve seen considerable evidence which suggests that this has occurred. Some of this includes the financial elite’s use of the social sciences to install a global government as revealed by the Reece Committee in the 1950s, their funding of organized psychiatry starting in the 1920s, their privatized studies on PsyOp beginning in the 1930s, and the evidence given in this volume which shows Wall Street’s control over the medical industry.

The industry heavily targets physicians for recruitment using a variety of bribery methods from the time they enter medical school throughout their practicing careers. Almost all physicians eventually accept these bribes.

Nearly half of the refresher courses which doctors are required to take are funded by drug corporations. Furthermore, the educational material used during these courses is typically written by consultants with connections to the pharmaceutical industry. Most of the information that doctors receive in general pertaining to medication, however, is not from scientific literature, but in the form of advertisements funded by the industry.

Up to three-quarters of the scientific research on prescription drugs is done by physicians consulting for the very drug corporations whose products they are evaluating. These physicians receive funds and prestige for their services.

In some cases, up to half of these publications are not written by the individuals whose names appear in the articles, but by writing firms on the payroll of drug corporations. Drug corporations have also systematically destroyed the peer review process for these publications by hiring the reviewers.

According to literature promoted by the industry, which most of the public accepts as legitimate, schizophrenia is a thought disorder characterized by a variety of signs and symptoms, including hallucinations and delusions, which said schizophrenia, prevents people from thinking clearly.

Schizophrenia has no biological origin. No medical exam, including physical and laboratory tests, can diagnose it. Medical exams are, however, done to rule out the possibility of a biological illness. Instead, schizophrenia is diagnosed by clinicians who ask questions and match symptoms to criteria outlined in a diagnostic manual.

Delusions are basically personal beliefs that are considered to be unreasonable and false. The most common type is the persecutory, where a person believes they have been singled out for persecution, stalked, spied on, tormented, and conspired against. Such individuals believe that there is a government plot to drive them insane, and may believe that their neighbors and family have been co-opted to accomplish this.

Delusions of reference are also quite common, where the individual thinks that their environment has been arranged with people, media, and objects to convey hidden messages intended to be interpreted only by them. These messages are usually threatening in nature. Those suffering such delusions think that the TV, radio, overheard conversations, newspapers, books, song lyrics, and other media are used to convey these messages.

Schizophrenics also frequently suffer from delusions of control, which includes beliefs that their minds can be read, that they are being attacked with electromagnetic waves, and that thoughts and emotions are being transmitted into their minds. Some claim these attacks originate from their neighbors’ homes, which they think are being used by the FBI or CIA.

The most common hallucination suffered by schizophrenics is the auditory kind, where the person experiences voices that are distinct from their own thoughts. These voices are usually derogatory—relentlessly mocking them. The voices may also comment on their ongoing activities and carry on conversations with them.

The current hypothesis for the cause of schizophrenia is that there is an excess of dopamine activity. Medications known as neuroleptics are considered by some to be the best treatment for schizophrenia. However, no chemical imbalance has been found in the brains of unmedicated people diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Instead, neuroleptics cause the increases in dopamine levels which are the natural result of a normal brain’s reaction to its receptors being shut down (binded). Neuroleptics cause biochemical imbalances.

The situation pertaining to schizophrenia’s discovery was confusing. It seems that it was mistaken for encephalitis lethargica which is a biological disease. The modern version is nothing like the original. The original symptoms were gradually removed from the manuals and schizophrenia is now a thought disorder with no organic origin. Organized psychiatry has still not addressed this important issue. Researchers who have studied this conclude that the reason is it is too important to the industry’s survival, and allows for considerable profit.

It also serves as a method of social control. It has been observed by these researchers that the promotion by the industry of schizophrenia as an actual medical condition constitutes major medical fraud. There is no credible epidemiological, cross-cultural, genetic, biochemical, or other organic proof for the existence of schizophrenia. This extends to other mental disorders such as manic-depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc.

According to multiple experts, the term schizophrenia should be abolished as a medical disorder. Schizophrenia’s controversial discovery is based on false conclusions that occurred during a period of considerable confusion. The ancient and current descriptions of people acting weird are easily attributed to brain lesions caused by disease or injury.

These professionals also suggest that leading proponents of the disease model are completely aware that schizophrenia is medical fraud but still promoted it due to a vested interest. The reason most people are convinced the schizophrenia exists as an actual disease is because the pharmaceutical complex, functioning through all of its fronts, promotes it through an onslaught of propaganda. An examination of these groups reveals them as the pharmaceutical complex in disguise.

The thought leaders that run these corporate front groups are paid to write the CPGs, conduct the research, and give lectures at prestigious venues to convince their colleagues of the benefits of medication for nonexistent illnesses.

Thought leaders in the area of psychiatry usually consult for multiple corporations simultaneously while serving in influential positions. They also have connections to government agencies, professional societies, and patient advocacy groups.

In addition to allowing the industry to maximize its profits, schizophrenia spectrum disorders allow the leaders of nations which proclaim democratic principles to circumvent the legal system and destroy people who they believe are not acting in accord with their assigned roles.

A vast bureaucratic network, which exists at all levels of the political structure, provides behavior regulation services for the entrenched members of our society. Individuals are identified, separated, and placed in an environment for behavior modification. The entire process is done under the guise of providing medical treatment.

The delusions and hallucinations, which are characteristic of these fabricated mental disorders, appear to almost exactly match the methods and technology used by the multinational force against civilians. This is probably no coincidence. More than likely this material has been released by the financial elite to provide cover for their use of the security forces to attack citizens.

For instance, the delusions of reference are consistent with the military’s practice of altering the environment of the TA with products to promote a theme using all possible channels of communication. The delusions of control, including the transmission of emotions and thoughts, mind-reading, and the physical manipulation of the body, are within the DOD’s surveillance and directed-energy weapons capabilities.

The swarms (gang stalking) performed by the civil defense network, the inclusion of friends and relatives of targeted individuals in investigations conducted by the security forces, and other activities that informants have done since ancient times, account for the delusions of persecution. The auditory hallucinations are accomplished with microwave hearing attacks, the technology for which has existed since the early 1960s.

The neuroleptics that are used to treat the mental disorders that do not exist cause disruption of frontal lobe activity, which results in a massive reduction in intellectual functioning, as well as a shortened lifespan. They have been known to utterly crush the will. These toxins produce an actual chemical lobotomy.

Wall Street’s targeting of the entire population with destructive medication to treat fake mental illnesses is probably one of the biggest deceptions in our lifetime. It is a major medical fraud and probably a crime against humanity. Millions, including physicians, consumers, and the general public, are being deceived.

In addition to profit and neutralizing individuals, the targeting of the population appears to serve another purpose. As observed in Volume I, it becomes a biological necessity for the psychopaths who rule a society to psychologically and biologically kill as many normal people as possible.

While this has typically taken the form of concentration camps, wars, and persecution in the past, the targeting of perfectly healthy people with medication that literally destroys their bodies, appears to be a massive and cleverly disguised attack against the population in general.