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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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October 14, 2014 Update

Within 6 months I'll post one of my most important updates. It concerns a developing theory on how this hidden system of persecution can exist in an allegedly sophisticated society. The level of personal growth that most citizens reach, as well as the current moral condition of society as a whole, will be explained. This theory will involve my interpretation of behavior toward the New World War that is consistently demonstrated by the emerging TI movement, independent media, & truth movement.

The Department of Defense continues its attempt to beat me into submission using pain & terror.

The DOD has me on a rotation directed-energy attacks for ongoing torture that leaves no visible injury. I typically experience varying intensities of sharp & dull pains all over.

One attack combination includes an abrupt heating of my torso & head which results in nausea & disorientation. The increase in temperature stops just as quickly as it started, at which time another attack occurs.

I'm often dazed because of attacks to my brain. At times I feel a slight pain on the top/front of my head. Often this sensation becomes a headache. When I attempt to concentrate, I feel something like a blockage in the front of my head. I'm also imbalanced & dizzy during these onslaughts.

While being pelted with directed-energy I am bombarded with obscene audible, visual, & subliminal thought transmissions, as well as quick surges of negative emotions such as anger & disgust.

Because of continuous injury to my intestines, I still require multiple enemas to make a bowel movement. This activity is often quite uncomfortable. During this process I'm shocked & stung while repugnant visual & auditory stimuli are sent to my brain. After the bowel movement my intestines are further scorched.

On October 8th the DOD altered its attack scheme. They have been burning an area about 1 inch in diameter in the upper right portion of my abdomen. The regular directed-energy strikes have been reduced since they have been damaging this region. I'll know soon if this is the creation of another medical injury, or an effort to worsen the existing one.

Web pages that I visit are altered to contribute to psychological operations (PsyOp) during computer network operations (CNO). The operating system & programs frequently malfunction. The DOD is interrupting my wireless internet use at multiple locations.

My personal items are being damaged & destroyed. Holes appear in clothing & gear; stitching is undone; zippers are unusable; pieces of plastic are breaking. My MP3 player, smartphone, & digital camera are failing. Just when I fix or replace something, almost immediately I discover that something else is damaged. Products that I've ordered online have arrived flawed & broken. Shopping is often difficult. It seems they are still removing products that I intend to purchase in stores before I arrive.

I am being violently persecuted in public. This is happening on the streets, stores, parking lots, public parks, MBTA stations, & trains. In these places I'm crowded by citizens on bikes, skateboards, & foot, who use their dogs to antagonize me. They participate in urban battleswarms along with vehicles, that include: civilian, commercial, utility, postal, & civil service (ambulance, police, fire trucks). These people (nodes) are connected to a wireless human-computer intelligence network (HCIN) with artificial intelligence that directs them to attack a target audience (TA).

Frequently I am encompassed in a sphere of commotion. It includes a squad of trucks & cars with loud exhausts, motorcycles, blasts of noise from construction sites, blaring sirens, loudspeaker announcements, horns, door slamming, yelling, & barking dogs. The audible sound & directed-energy attacks are often synchronized.

While I'm being blitzed by nodes & smacked with noise during swarms, there are directed-energy strikes to my brain that make me dizzy. My throat & eyes are burned. Basically, while dodging the swarming nodes in the area of operation (AO) I'm in a disoriented pain.

I'll be arriving in Los Angeles on the 17th of this month. By mid December I'll provide a description of the DOD's attacks in LA.

Despite the typical events that are part of my life situation, I'm doing fine.