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Hidden Evil Event
October 11, 2008

A Trip to Shaws Supermarket in Augusta

While turning onto route 3 I saw black vehicles go by. They are usually red at this juncture. So this led me to conclude a possible change in their uniform. It turns out this was the case. Along the sides of the highway & on the street supermarket, & parking lot when I got to Augusta, the uniform was black. People with black clothes, bags, etc., & lots of black vehicles instead of the usual red. The usual blatant blocking & people with carts bursting out from around corners took place at Shaws in Augusta. This included clerks who were putting merchandise on the shelves. There weren't that many people in the store at this hour (about 830AM), so this made it even more blatant.

One woman in her early 60s blocked me twice; once after I turned down an isle she positioned her cart perpendicular to the pathway to block my path. This was abundantly obvious because she did it facing me just after I turned down the isle. I squeezed past her cart to notice a black pocket book. So this was a double attack; first deliberately blocking me, then letting me know that she was part of this network. A few earlier later a man (similar age) did the same thing; after I entered the isle he positioned in front of me horizontally. As I moved around his cart I saw a black jacket in it.

There's usually a cover when they positioned carts in front of you. For instance, they pretend to be reaching for something while they do it. But not this time. There was no reason for either of them to have done this unless they were turning around, which neither of them did. Then later while I was in the front of the store heading toward the side, the same woman busted out of an isle & positioned her cart directly in front of me. This was arranged to that boxes/booths to the left & right confined the space I had to pass through.

Clerks stocking shelves also blocked me often. It seemed that most of the few people that were in the store had black or dark tops on. I heard two announcements over the loudspeaker, both were calling for a person named Emerson. Often, both messages over the intercoms & music are pertain to themes that this network is projecting into my life. In this case I later learned that "Emerson" would pertain to a future attack.

In the checkout line a couple interesting things happened. First, after I checked out I realized there was an item in the cart that I hadn't paid for. If I had continued, I probably would have sounded an alarm. I went back & paid for it. The thing is, how did I not see this item when it was right at the top of the cart in the small compartment? I presume some type of electromagnetic attack, either to erase my memory or some other means was used while I was talking to the cashier.

Second, while checking out the first time I began a conversation with the cashier about the global economic crisis & made references to how the crash of 29 was deliberately created according to multiple congressmen. During the part of the conversation (not before) that I began to suggest that the current crisis was deliberately created to consolidate wealth I noticed an obvious increase in the volume of the talk in the register behind me which included a cashier, a bagger & a customer. I've noticed this many times. When I bring certain subjects up the people surrounding me in the line immediately begin speaking loudly, apparently to prevent anyone else from hearing my words.

Another tactic that I've noticed is being rushed by multiple people as I start these conversations. For instance, if I strike up a conversation with the cashier I notice that several people that are in the area (often clerks) will burst into my location at the same time to crowd me under the guise of having to move past me or obtain some object. The attack here is multiple people at the same time physically charging me.

The pattern I've noticed with both of these attacks happens in the following way: I strike up a basic conversation with the cashier about something common. At this time there the people (informants) encircling me are usually blurting out trigger words about a theme in personal life, a physical movement I'm making, or a thought pattern I'm engaged in at that moment. Then I change the subject to something that would be considered forbidden, the volume of conversation of these informants increases noticeably & I may be physically rushed by one or more people. These are obviously tactics to prevent the information from being heard, by the increase in volume, & to intimidate me into shutting up, by way of the physical charge.

A few moments ago after I got home I couldn't find the remote for the radio often put on to override the frequent explosions of noise. I found the remote positioned between the mattress & wall. Although it could have fallen between on it's own, it almost never does. The large letters at the bottom of the remote read, "Emerson." Whether it fell on its own & they capitalized on it & arranged the intercom announcement because of it, or they positioned it in that place so they could attack me at Shaws is irrelevant; they probably arranged it. Another interesting note is that I just got finished with the spell check, & when the word "override" appeared my left index finger moved up & down. This was completely involuntary.

Thank You,