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Hidden Evil Status Report
October 17, 2010

My Next Book

An invasion using visible troops is only one type of warfare. In my next book, (the title of which is pending), I'll explain that a different type of war is being waged against humanity by a wealthy elite. Science & technology are their weapons of choice. The following are some of the topics which will be covered:

One of my goals is to inform the reader so they can quickly understand who is doing this, how they're accomplishing it, & why it's being done, so they can rationally explain it others. To do this, I'll walk the reader through exactly how they're doing it in a logical way using facts & science.

It will be explained to the reader in a way which makes it perfectly obvious that these events are not unrelated accidents, but are calculated, deliberate attacks emanating from the same source that is bombarding society on multiple levels as part of a technological-scientific war. It will be shown that this is not simply a battle for a dying republic, but for humanity itself.

Unable to Find Housing & Employment

The living arrangement I have now will soon be ending. I have so far been unable to find employment. This is because my communications are interfered with & opportunities are being sabotaged. So far, hundreds of dollars & lots of time have been spent pursuing prospects that have been blocked.

My online environment is entirely controlled by them. This includes emails, websites, search engine results, & message boards. While looking for work or temporary housing there is custom tailored, up-to-the-minute, detailed interference & spoofing of my communications. This interference begins on the internet, & extends to telephone calls & in-person conversations.

The results are the DOD's typical satanic, pedophilia, masonic themes. Key words & phrases which promote these themes frequently appear on websites. These phrases also continually appear at the top of search engine results regardless of the search subjects, for every search. Even the autocomplete function on search engine sites is tampered with to promote these themes.

All message board website postings contain these themes. These postings are being either partially or entirely replaced with key words & phrases to communicate attacks. This includes the job titles, job description information, & email addresses of the contacts.

The responses for my job forum postings that I receive through email are primarily ones that contribute to themes. The same unique key phrases which contribute to these themes often appear on subject lines, sender names, & within the messages themselves. They are also synchronizing the delivery of messages with other products to promote their themes.

After the DOD has gotten my attention with key words, then words & pictures that are related to them appear continually while I'm online. For instance, I receive an email with a subject that has unique words that I've been sensitized to. Then, after deleting it, I move to a search engine & observe the same phrases at the top of the results page. After that, these, or similar phrases which contribute to the theme appear in job titles on forums. This process is perpetual.

All job prospects that I've talked to on the phone have been handled by the DOD. The unique phrases uttered by these people have contributed to any ongoing themes. They are synchronized with phrases that appear on my spoofed internet connection. Both of these channels of communication are used simultaneously to strengthen the theme. The DOD determines if these people return my call, when they call, & what they say when they do.

These computer network operations (CNO) & PsyOp attacks are synchronized with directed energy strikes, presumably to bolster the theme. I am frequently shocked & stung when these phrases are uttered or appear on the internet. These operations are also synchronized with the lights being dimmed & microwave hearing attacks.

My financial situation & the spoofing of my communications has resulted in only a few opportunities that have not worked out one way or another. This is usually because people are not returning my messages.

Judging from their behavior, much of this seems to be done for their entertainment.

Living Situation

I will probably be living on the streets within a couple of weeks. For now I will mostly be in Cambridge & Boston because of the libraries & other facilities that I'll be using to conduct the research for my next book. Another advantage of this area is the developed transportation system & the possibility of occasionally visiting friends or relatives.

The places I'll be doing my research include coffee shops, book stores, libraries, parks, & subway stations. Because of the circumstances which will be described in the next section, I'll be resting during the day & conducting my studies at night. The reason I use the term rest rather than sleep will also be obvious momentarily. A few concerns include: communications, food, shelter, rest, transportation, finances, & safety.


Although all of my communications are interfered with, it is still valuable for me to use these lines. Email can be checked every couple of days at a library. I currently have a cell phone, however, it may be unusable soon. At the very least email will be available. I may even be able to acquire a cheap pager.


If necessary, there are some food pantries & meals at certain locations that I've noted which can be used. However, I shouldn't need these most of the time. Very cheap, & even healthy meals, can be obtained at various restaurants. I might also be able to get basic food products from family once in a while.

Shelter & Rest

Homeless shelters will not be a regular option. On cold nights these will probably not be available to me. From what I've learned about them, they are not places that I'd prefer to stay anyway. There are public places in Cambridge & Boston with lots of people that can be used when there is no precipitation, & which seem to allow people to sleep/rest.

There are also a couple of places in these areas that I can probably use for temporary cover during the day while resting & evening studies when is raining or snowing. For at least several months during the year it will be freezing. Because I will be sleeping outdoors, it will be necessary for me to have the correct type of clothing & gear.


Most of the places that I'll be using are within walking distance of each other. The developed transportation system in this area can also be used. I would not consider a bike at this point because it will be sabotaged & stolen. Also it would be more dangerous if I were on a bike while being swarmed by vehicles.


Food & supplies require money. They are preventing me from receiving an income. Currently, I'm getting a few dollars a week from a relative. With just this amount I should be OK. However, this may change. Also, these libraries will not have all of the information I'll be needing. Books & other materials must be purchased.


My schedule will include resting from about 5AM to 2PM. The BPL is open until 9PM on weekdays. Some coffee shops are open until 8 or 9PM as well. After that, if there is no precipitation, then there are a multitude of places outside with lighting near trees & benches that might be safe for me to continue my studies into the early morning.

When there is precipitation the subways can be used after the libraries & shops close until about 12AM. Also, there are a few outdoor places in Boston & Cambridge that will probably offer me some temporary cover, where I can continue my studies until about 5AM. There are stores open 24/7 in these areas where I can obtain basic necessities.


I might be able to get a membership at the YMCA in Cambridge, which would allow me to store a few items in a locker, workout, & take showers. If I am unable to get a membership I can clean myself to some extent in public restrooms. There are laundromats available in the area too.


Although they will be denying me genuine medical treatment, it would still be beneficial to have some type of medical coverage. I might qualify for MassHealth & will be sending in an application soon.

Living in a War Zone

I am a military target. I will be under frequent attack in a confirmed war zone. This is similar to what is happening now, only, not having an indoor place to stay for extended periods complicates things. The military plans the attacks against citizens in these wars just as they plan any major theater campaign. If their past behavior is an example of what they have planned, I can expect the following:

If the medical conditions are not severe enough, if I am not consistently kicked out of these places, if the DOD's youth gangs or individual thugs don't kill me, if they don't somehow facilitate me being thrown into jail, then I should still be able to finish my next book by the specified time. I think it will be my most important one.

Living this way is not preferred. I'd rather not do it this way. It would be quicker, easier, & most of all much safer for me to complete this with an indoor place to live. However, it seems as though this might be the arrangement, so I must make the best of it.

I'll update my site each week or so with my status & the different attacks that I notice. Because my entire online environment is spoofed & I am electronically isolated, I have no way of verifying if what I've written is appearing on my site.

Societal Situation

When a destructive phenomenon this big exists that threatens everyone, normally the people would be alerted & mobilized to stop it. However, this situation is more complex. It is possibly the first of its kind. From what I've observed when interacting with people, most of them know that this exists. They won't admit that they do, but they know. They know that it exists & they have made the decision to serve it.

Some of them are politically aware. They know that a mechanism exists which can relentlessly & silently torture them with impunity. Most of them have at least a vague idea of who runs it. And I would say that a majority of them know that it is basically evil. Because it has the potential to reach into every household—every mind—nobody wants to go near it. They are terrified of talking openly & honestly about it.

From what I've seen, society is not ready to properly deal with this. People believe that it is beyond their ability to stop & that they have no choice but to go along with it. They are just too obedient. Other than the technology, there is nothing new here. Their obedience allows evil to flourish.

We will never know for sure how many people have been murdered by this, (by a society that has been scientifically defiled), but my guess is that it might be in the millions. I'm certain that at some time it will all be known. When this happens we will consider the fact that we have allowed ourselves to be turned into savages again.

My Status

The regular directed-energy attacks & public persecution continue. Despite my life situation, which might appear to be hopeless, things are going well. Although rustic furniture construction is no longer possible because of the circumstances, I've been studying Linux, which I find quite interesting. I look forward to researching & writing this next book. And during this time I'll probably be able to refine my methods to expose this.

Thank You,