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Hidden Evil Event
September 2009

Visiting Relatives in Malden


Before my arrival the last time I stood with the sign in Boston, there were repeated references to "wedding" by my family members, including a sister who was attending a wedding. This marriage was supposedly occurring on the same day I planned to be in Boston. I knew this was some type of message from the DoD because whenever the they use my family, friends, acquaintances, clerks, or other medium to convey a PsyOp message/theme, they mention something several times, often in an emphasized way.

In this case the wedding, or getting married, was a reference to their attack that would follow my action, which resulted in me having to use an enema to make a bowel movement due to my large intestine being shut down or blocked. Now this seems to be a similar situation, because a few days earlier while on the phone talking to my mother, there were more references to the word "wedding."

When my sister visited her apartment while I was there, she & my mother also referenced this word multiple times, in a manner in which it seemed to be overused. For instance, sentences similar to "tomorrows the wedding, & at the wedding I'll be doing such & such at the wedding," were used. This is not the normal manner in which a sentence would be composed to convey a message. Basically, the word to be emphasized is overused, as it was in this case.

In addition to this, the word "dragon" was used. This was placed in a sentence while my sister was explaining that she would be tired after the wedding, & would be dragging, which was pronounced, "dragon." This occurred a few moments after that she made multiple references to dancing. So again we have the dragon, dancing, tiger theme, this time mixed with the wedding (attack).

According to my mother, my brother also attended a separate wedding on the same day. Note: The second I finished this last sentence, the DoD had my brain-tapped mother burst out of her room to my left, which was synchronized with a V2K "gotcha" as if to emphasize or confirm what I wrote.

After my sister was used to project this theme, she asked me again what types of things I'm allergic too. I once again told her. A few minutes later she left. After I finished dinner, possibly 1/2 hour later, I checked the freezer to get the ice cream, which my mother told me she purchased for me, only to find that both kinds contained chocolate. My other sister told me a few days ago that she prepared a special dinner for me that she'd give to me on Saturday. My guess is that it will either contain some of the foods or products that I'm allergic to, or the DoD will be using other forms of communication to convey this poison theme.


From about 730 to about 10 AM I stood at the Corner of Dartmouth & Boylston Streets in Boston. While on the train on my way I overheard the words "nine-eleven" in a jumble of otherwise unintelligible words on the speaker to my right. This was a different speaker than the one which the conductor uses to announce the stops.

Prior to that, the conductor announced the North Station stop as South Station. After I had left Back Bay Station, while walking to corner of Dartmouth & Boylston, two hotel attendants turned the corner while I was passing the Copley Hotel. One mentioned the word "wedding" to the other.

When I arrived at the corner, I noticed there was some construction going on across the street which produced frequent noise. In addition, there was the usual vehicles with loud exhaust systems that encircled me, plus a fire engine which went by with sirens blaring once.

After being there for about 1/2 hour a pain in my lower back started. At times this pain moved to my abdomen area. It was constant from the moment it started until I left. At one time a bus drove by & stopped at the intersection. It had a sign that read something like, "If you have back or stomach pain see a doctor." In addition to this pain, for about 5 minutes or so the muscles in my left hand became painfully contracted so that they were paralyzed in a fixed position.

This seemed to be similar to the situation that occurred in the summer of 2006 while holding the sign at Harvard Square in Cambridge. It was the same dull, constant pain. On this occasion in Cambridge, not only was I attacked with a directed energy weapon, but it seems the DoD used PsyOp themes to tell me they were attacking me. For instance, a man who showed up to hand out pamphlets in front of me started yelling out "help get the government off your back" while delivering these pamphlets. The word "back" was emphasized. Then on the train going home, I overheard a loud conversation between two senior citizens. One of them mentioned how she was on her way to visit a doctor about her back.

At about 9AM or so a security guard from the library came over to me & told me that I was on library property & had to move. As I packed up my stuff, I asked her if she could show me the policy. I moved across the street. Before I did, a seemingly homeless man said that he had been arrested for holding 911 truth signs. Then while walking across the street I noticed a police car facing me at the set of lights in front of the Copley Hotel.

Then the security guard that asked me to leave appeared a few minutes later with a document & told me that I could not solicit the public for a survey, which, according to her, also included protesting. She pointed to a sentence on the document which did state that people on library property could not solicit the public for surveys. But I saw noting about a protest from the part of the document I was able to glance. She gave me no online information for me to check. But did say I could contact George Humes who would explain it further.

At various times after that, security guards would look directly at me while crossing the street & moving in my direction, as if to imply they were headed for me. These people would then pass off to my sides. This was similar to my experience passing through South Station when I first arrived from Maine, which included multiple security guards moving their hands & yelling to signal someone else the moment I passed them. These intimidation tactics (displays of force) are used often, especially when I have signs attached to my backpack & bag, which I did at that time.

A few people in vehicles & on foot that passed by swore at me while I was standing with the sign. Some others expressed support. There were numerous violent stares from people in cars & on foot. I would receive blatant stares by people holding cell phones. I noticed little or no V2K at all while holding the sign. I did notice consistent V2K while on the train on the way to the station. During that time it occurred as frequently as it normally does while I'm on the farm in Palermo Maine.

At about 10 AM I packed up & left for the station. On the way, of course, I was crowded, blocked & cutoff frequently. At Back Bay station, while walking in the underground subway area, I felt a stinging sensation to my right eye. A moment later I looked ahead to my left & saw a couple of senior citizens. The man looked directly at me & touched his eye with his index finger.

A few minutes later when I was stationary a boy of about 5 years old moved inches away from me to my left. The station was not crowded & had only a few scattered groups of people. The same boy then had a conversation with a man in his late 40s who seemed to be his father. I recognized certain signs in this conversation that led me to conclude it was staged.

At Malden center I was crowded & cutoff exiting the station by multiple people. On my way to Stop & Shop I was also frequently crowded by pedestrians on foot. This continued inside the store, & on my way back to my mother's apartment. All of these people seem to not mind or be aware that they were blatantly cutting me off & moving into my personal space. I'm basically surrounded by the rudest people, everywhere.

In addition to this, the civil defense network had the standard fleet of vehicles with loud vehicles encircling me on my way back to the apartment, meeting me at corners, etc. At the corner of Commercial & Charles a fire truck turned while I was there with its sirens blaring. Another fire truck went by with its sirens blaring after I got to the apartment.

While eating less than a half hour later, a severe pain occurred to my left jaw, making each chew painful. Since I've been here, it's been frequent noise generated by the fleet of loud vehicles that have been encircling the apartment. Now as I write this, there is V2K including the typical ongoing comment on my thought pattern consisting of insults & threats.


This morning on way to Dunkin Donuts I was stalked by vehicles & pedestrians who crowded me at corners & other confined areas. The noise from the vehicles wasn't as intense as it has been, possibly because it was 7AM. At the coffee shop I ended up with the wrong coffee, which, most probably the clerk deliberately placed near my bag. At a pond in Medford where I did some reading there were frequent loud vehicles passing by. The people who walked by with dogs seemed unconcerned that their animals would move in close toward my legs. There was plenty of space in the walkway, but most of them chose not only to walk close to me on their way through, but decided to have the lease long enough so their dogs could do these things.

On the way back I was also stalked by the civil defense network. I got back to the apartment at about 11AM. Many electronic attacks occurred. One in particular that included synchronization was this: During another blatantly staged phone conversation, my mother made repeated references to wedding all in a short time period (a few seconds), apparently talking to the sister who attended the wedding. During this short period, I received a stimulation which produced an involuntary movement of my right pectoral, which was synchronized with not only the word "wedding" but a helicopter which flew closely by the building. This is an example of the precise timing involved with synchronization.

Later in the day, my mother & I walked to my sister's apartment for dinner. During this time she frequently stopped abruptly while I was behind her which caused virtual collisions. In addition to these, she made frequent quick moves to the sides which the DoD also apparently did to block me. These frequent quick cutoff movements were apparently done to startle me. This has happened before, & it results in me walking about 15 or 20 feet behind her.

At my sister's apartment, after mentioning the word wedding multiple times my sister said something like, "The first song they played at the wedding was I remember yesterday." Another reference to my activity yesterday being related to wedding/getting married. Several other themes were referenced too. The DoD accomplished this by making repeated remarks that included the overuse of certain words to get my attention. These themes were projected by multiple family members during a variety of unconnected conversations.

For instance, a fire theme was used. A story consisting of the fire department having to visit her apartment for some alarms that kept going off partially contributed to this theme. In addition to this story being told multiple times, other words during different conversations during my stay were used. They included word like fire, fire engine, alarms, fire siren, & related words.

An alcohol theme was also used, & seemingly connected to this fire theme. My guess, is that the DoD may have been projecting this fire theme to convey a threat of reverse engineering an accident involving fire when I'm influenced by alcohol. In addition to this, a foot theme was projected by repeatedly referencing foot, step, & related words. A chicken theme was also promoted.

Another new theme being promoted is one consisting of stars. At one farm I visited in August as a 2010 work prospect, there was a large plastic star (2 or 3 feet high) above entrance of the front of the house. While walking back from my sister's house I noticed two houses near the park, right next to each other, that had the same type of large plastic stars in front. I've seen them elsewhere too in the last couple of months.

As always, there was almost constant noise from loud vehicles that encircled the area, alarms going off, door slamming, etc. At one time my sister said something like, "yeah there is some noise but I live near a fellsway." Although this noise has been mentioned often, it can't be overemphasized. Some of the noise emanating from these vehicles is so loud that it's literally almost like a physical assault. There is simply no way that a group of people can be around this much constant, almost deafening noise, & not be repelled by it. Yet this is the behavior expressed by my family & friends who are exposed to this non-stop commotion when I'm around them.

While my sister & I were in the cellar the washing machine would spin for a few minutes, then stop, then make a loud buzzing sound. It did this for possibly 45 minutes. It sounded like no washer that I've heard before. Of course while this was happening there were very loud motorcycles nearby revving their engines as they sped by.

Then a fire alarm went off in the house for about 5 minutes or so. Apparently another reference to the fire theme. As you have probably learned by now, from the moment I arrived at my sister's apartment there was almost non-stop commotion. In addition to this, the DoD had my brain tapped family basically chase me around the apartment. This is a typical crowding tactic they use where they use a rotation of family members to follow me into rooms, reach into my personal space, crowd me, etc. Basically anyplace I go, I'm followed & crowded usually within seconds.

The DoD also used the poison theme. This time there were countless references to the words tomato, tomato sauce, etc. during many unconnected conversations during my stay. In addition, a bunch of tomatoes were placed near the table. Also, a cup with tomatoes on it was placed on the table & extended out in front of me at certain points during conversations involving tomatoes. This is only a few bits of information regarding this. There were other very subtle comments that were made to support this poison theme. At one point my sister, told me she'd purchased some ice cream for my birthday. Then she placed it in front of me & asked me to read the ingredients to see if it was something I could eat. Of course it contained chocolate.

Another theme the DoD has been using lately is one consisting of another sister who has been getting seizures. This theme appeared to begin when I was studying what specific types of directed energy could cause a seizure. For the last couple of months family members, including the ailing sister, have repeatedly bolstered this theme. Although it's possible that she is actually having seizures, the timing of events, & other subtle clues that I've been able to observe, suggest that this is most probably another lie. Presumably, this, like the other lies, are used by the DoD & related organizations primarily for their amusement.

The DoD also attempted to link me to this sick sister theme by using multiple family members to mention my name just before or after this ailing sister's name was mentioned. In some cases, less than a second later. The overall message/attack appears to be something like, "Mark is sick & dying." Note: More DoD communication just took place. This time in the form of a confirmation whereas they used my braintapped mother to utter the words "um hmm" just as I typed the words "for their amusement." Then she uttered the words again while I was writing this.

While walking back to my mother's apartment my mother & I were attacked frequently by the civil defense network. This included crowding attacks. But more prominently harsh noise attacks. Basically, the DoD arranged it so that when we were closest to a group of civilians, doors would slam, alarms would go off, engines would rev, yelling would occur, etc. We were attacked viscously from the moment we left my sister's house to the moment we arrived at the apartment. These attacks would have been concealed to anyone who was not aware that this exists.

Then another attack occurred inside the apartment consisting of a group of seniors who were used in another DoD PsyOp attack, referencing the sick sister theme. Among the garbled words in the conversation occurring off to my left I heard the word "Debbie" spoken loudly.


So far there have been two bowel movements this week using the enema as part of my standard routine. I've noticed that on both occasions not all of the waste was removed from my colon. Basically I can feel a portion of the water & waste mixture remaining, which leaves me somewhat bloated. I'll know in a week or so if this is another permanent condition. If it is, it seems that the DoD has arranged this too. Note: After writing this paragraph I went downstairs where I received multiple V2Ks stating, "we told you."

Thank You,