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Hidden Evil Event
July 2008

A Visit to Sister & Brother-in-law in Mid July of 2008

These events occurred during a visit to Warner Robins Georgia, followed by a visit to Malden Massachusetts. I traveled from Belfast Maine on Bus to South Station, stayed in Malden Massachusetts for a day, then took a plane to Atlanta Georgia. After a stay of about a week, I took a plane back to Boston & stayed in Malden for a couple of days, then went back to Maine. The majority of this was written soon after it occurred, but it was completed over a half a year later in April of 2009. The events which occurred were written shortly afterward, but the days & times weren't. So the exact days & times, & in some cases, places, are not listed.

In the Morning at the Beginning of the Trip
Belfast Maine

At Belfast, somehow the bus ticket became lost either walking to the truck, in the truck, or walking from the truck to the bus. I check the truck & the forward part under of the front drivers seat but saw nothing. But the driver let me on & I ended up buying another ticket. When I got back from the entire trip, as soon as I approached the window, I saw the ticket in front of the drivers seat.

On Bus

On the bus rides to South Station Boston & back to Belfast Maine, there was almost non-stop movements by the people surrounding me, such as moving around in seats, adjusting seats, flailing arms, etc. I notice that this happens with the people to the sides & in front. In essence there was very little time when people actually settled in. The frequent adjustments of seats produced clicking noises. The opening & slamming of overhead compartments also occurred. There was also mimicking of my movements. I raise a bottled water to drink, then the person in front of me would raise their arm.

Each bus ride was over four hours long & there didn't seem to be a point where people actually settled in & relaxed. They were almost constantly fidgeting in some manner. There was almost constant movement during both rides. This was obviously intended to create visual commotion in order to produce stress. And of course the phony cell phone conversations occurred.

While Walking Through Logan Airport

At Logan Airport I was cut-off & crowded frequently by adults & children. These people appeared to be oblivious that they were stepping directly into my path (inches away). They also showed no interest that a collision might take place. This happened in basically every place in the airport. Children & adults, would not only just step directly in front of me just as I was about to enter a stairway, but would extend both arms to each railing to block me from passing them. Airport staff such as luggage attendants & even pilots also contributed. If you could imagine being surrounded by hundreds of the rudest people you could ever meet, you'd get the idea.

Another tactic I noticed at the airport was the use of speakers. The coordination of noise attacks is exact to the point where they obviously wait for the target to approach a speaker, then immediately blare out some announcement. The announcement, from my experience, often pertains to something in a target's personal life. I've noticed this used repeatedly at Hussey's, Shaws, & other stores in Maine, which I visit.

While Waiting in Line at Logan Airport

Other things I noticed while waiting in line include violent & mocking stares from multiple people. These stares were combined with gestures & verbal hints/attacks such as throat clearing & coughs, which were synchronized with people or objects in my field of vision. For instance, the exact second my field of vision moved across a child, loud blatantly fake "ehh emms" & coughs would occur. This happened repeatedly, even if my focus was not on that particular person but they happened to be in my field of vision while I was scanning the area. This synchronization was undoubtedly accomplished because some of the individuals in my area that were braintapped. I would describe the whole atmosphere as highly violent.

While on Plane to Georgia

I was surrounded by braintapped adults & children. Their movements & words in their conversation were often synchronized with my thoughts & movements (was well as thoughts that were apparently transmitted to me electronically with Silent Sound). For instance, there were two children sitting in front of me that I had concluded were informant stalkers. I was thinking of how much trouble I had while using the ticket dispenser at the airport, which was a touch screen. A second or so later the girl in the window seat started poking the window with her index finger as if it were a touch screen.

At Brother-in-law & Sister's Apartment in Warner Robins Georgia

This tactic of braintapped people gesturing or speaking happens often in public. Another incident occurred while we were cooking on the grill. I dropped a couple of burgers, & probably less than a second later, heard a burst of laughter from a guy in the swimming pool. Another example of this occurred during the same outing when my hand, seemingly involuntarily, moved against the hot rack of the grill causing a burn. Immediately I heard a loud "aha, I gotcha," from a child in the pool area. There were only a few people in the pool area at this time, a couple children & a few adults. I'm certain that at least two of these people were braintapped.

This is a standard tactic on the farm, where my ongoing activities, thoughts, & thought transmissions are reflected back to me by the farm host. This is done either person-to-person during conversations, at a distance where his gestures mimic these personal activities, & during conversations with a third party in person while I'm in the area & can hear them. It also happens during phone conversations, when these phrases are loudly trumpeted. This is an electronic version of pacing which is used in hypnosis.

On most days there was frequent noise emanating from the pool area. It consisted of adults & children bursting out into laughter & yelling frequently. This occurs naturally, but again, it's the frequency! While in the pool area I was often surrounded by people lingering in the area with cell phones-many dressed in red. Some would just hang around outside the gate. My sister's apartment is conveniently situated right next to the pool, which is probably the most active area in the complex. Other types of visual harassment included people appearing in an area of the pool, which was visible from the living room through a portion of the patio door, which had a partially drawn shade. It seemed at times that people would linger in this small area, seemingly, just so I'd notice them.

One day after the shade had been drawn on the door I noticed that the window next to the door, which only had a field of vision that encompassed the trees near the pool, also began to show activity. Because we were on the second floor & the deck of the pool area wasn't' visible, they decided to create visual commotion by having a ball tossed up in the air, which appeared through the small unshaded area of this window. This small unshaded area was the only other way of viewing the outside in the living room at that time. So not only was this ball being tossed up at the exact horizontal height to make it visible from that opening in the window, but also in the exact vertical area. This is an example of the precision which is used to accomplish almost non-stop visual commotion to create stress.

While Walking on Watson BLVD, Multiple Days

There were frequently cars either exiting lots as I approached or entering them. This produced a series of blocking attacks. Motorcycles, trucks, & cars on the boulevard, would loudly shift gears the moment they were aligned with me. I've concluded that there's definitely a fleet of loud vehicles that I'm surrounded with in many of the places that I visit. Other types of attacks included loud explosions of noise which frequently occurred at the point when I was closest to the origin of the noise.

For instance, a construction crew or a vendor dropping off a shipment would be used in such a manner. Rather than hear noises gradually as I passed these places, a sudden loud noise would ensue at the exact moment I was closest to its origin. At least one car dealership used this same tactic, where the organizers of this civilian defense program waited until I was outside the dealership & closest to a speaker before blurting out an announcement.

This audio/visual harassment extended to the parking lots of stores such as Walmart & others, where a concert of door slamming would occur just as I passed certain vehicles. Their apparent goal here is to allow the target to get close enough to the origin of the attack (noise), while keeping them off-guard & unaware that a noise will originate from that exact spot. This is obviously done to maximize the shocking effect of a loud sudden noise & results in a virtual shock or slap. This alone is a viscous attack. I've seen this tactic used many, many times in a variety of places.

In any of the stores I went in I was followed. In addition, during the entire trip--on trains, buses, as well as in stores & restaurants--I was surrounded by people who would frequently cough in a manner which indicated that their coughs were fake. This was probably done to get my attention & let me know I was being stalked.

While Driving Around Warner Robins

My sister & brother-in-law basically maneuvered me through, what seemed to be pre-determined courses where mental attacks occurred. This also happened in Walmart (their place of employment), where my brother-in-law would either stop & talk to someone or browse through some of the cloths, while groups of citizens attacked me by deliberately cutting me off & invading my space.

One day when we visited some mobile homes for sale. The last one we looked at was prepped with a theme that I commonly run into. The cat & the elephant themes. I've since learned that these are DoD PsyOp tactics to communicate messages & attacks to a target audience (TA). There were pictures & statues of tigers, & one statue of an elephant. There were no other animals. This theme of the tiger has followed me basically everywhere. It's their way of telling me they were there.

This first started when I visited a farm in Western MA, & the farm host guided me through various attacks out in public. At a Chinese restaurant he had a conversation (I'm pretty sure it was staged by his nervousness), with a person who seemed to be the manager of the store. Apparently there was some type of festival coming up & the manager mentioned something about the "dragon dancing with the tiger."

Since then friends, family, & public stalkers have been used to convey these themes. Also the internet has been used for the frequent projection of this cat theme or the cat & dragon theme. For instance, one evening during my stay at the last farm in Phippsburg Maine I made a note to this subject in my log. The next day I noticed a book on the breakfast table called, "dancing with cats," which had a picture of a woman dancing with a cat. Other labels have been projected upon me as well.

Some seemingly positive or empowering, while others are degrading. I've concluded that all are basically control mechanisms. The apparent object of this tactic is to get you to identify with a positive symbol, which may be compelling because it appears to be empowering. Although the tiger is considered to be a predator, after you've identified yourself with the symbol, they can insult you by tearing it down or attacking it. For instance, after I noticed the pictures & statues of tigers in the mobile home, we drove to a mobile park where there was a dead cat in the middle of the road in the park. These themes will be described in more detail at a later time.

One Plane Back to Boston

The DEW attacks continued on the plane back. I was surrounded by braintapped informant stalkers. My thought pattern was invariably synchronized with the movement of people's arms in front & to the sides of me. Some words or phrases that were thought, resulted in the abrupt movement of a stalker's arm. As if to confirm the word or phrase, which was usually an insult or a threat. A child that looked about 10 years old, which they placed next to me, kept repeatedly pulling her skirt down. This action was synchronized with phrases that I was reading, apparently intended to convey a sexual theme. At the time I didn't bother to record the exact words or phrases, but did notice this pattern.

At Logan Airport, Arriving from Georgia

At Logan Airport they lost my bag. I went to report it lost & as I walked into the office a man followed closely behind me. He started to cough a loud, blatantly fake cough, presumably to let me know that this problem was deliberately created. I was told by the attendant that it would be delivered to my mother's apartment in Malden in the afternoon. So far if you've noticed, I've been surrounded by these "coughers" in multiple states in the middle of July. The bag finally arrived a little after 10 PM.

While Waiting in Lobby of Mother's Apartment Building

The day after I arrived in Malden, my mother & I went to my sister's house for lunch. While waiting for a cab in the lobby of her apartment this occurred: I knew at a minimum there would be constant foot traffic combined with NLP/PsyOp attacks while we waited. At this time my mother had a bandage over her eye.

During the wait, which lasted about 10 minutes, three separate groups of people walked into the lobby. All of them commented on the bandages. I'd consider it a medium sized building with probably 50-70 residents. So what are the odds that she knew all three groups? Also, even if she did know them all (which I tend not to believe because I concluded that the tone & rhythm of these conversations were fake), then what are the odds that all three groups of people had not seen these bandages until now? Especially if she's had them on for at least a few days?

So where's what happened:

I haven't studies statistics, but my guess is that the odds of these four possibilities occurring within the same tiny time-frame to produce that situation is unlikely. During these conversations there were references to "fights" & how she looked at though she'd "gotten into a fight." These were obviously cleverly concealed verbal attacks, which related to the intense visual, audio, & crowding attacks I experienced during my trip. The apparent PsyOp attack/message that occurred in this lobby from the Department of Defense was that I got beat up.

While at Sisters for Supper

While dining out on the screen porch in the backyard there was frequent noise from the surrounding area. It included something that sounded like an electric saw. Other noises included blaring horns, beeping sounds from trucks backing up at the tow company downstairs. The possible cover for this is that there is a tow truck company next to her apartment. Also, cars & motorcycles with very loud mufflers repeatedly drove up & down the fellsway. The five relatives that I was with made no reference to these bursts of noise which seemed to last almost the entire time.

After supper I noticed that they used my mother, brother, & two nieces in a "black" theme. It went like this: My brother mentioned the movie, Batman: Dark Knight, which I immediately concluded was somehow part of the ongoing mental attacks I was experiencing that day. Then shortly after, as I got up to walk out of the living room, I was immediately blocked by one of my nieces who appeared in the door with a laundry basket. The basket had a large black piece of clothing at the top.

After she passed I walked out into the kitchen & saw that my arrival in the kitchen was synchronized with my mother, who had just also arrived from the porch. She was wearing a black plastic cape (apparently justified to prevent her cloths from getting wet while having her hair washed). Then about 15 minutes or so later I decided to leave & told them so. Soon I was notified by my mother & brother that they were leaving also & they offered a ride. As we left I (we) were blocked at the stairs by another niece, who was wearing black pants.

Then when we arrived at the car moments later, there was a hold-up because my brother had trouble opening the door. So he moved the car while we waited. Then we waited again while junk was cleared from the back seat. Conveniently, this hold-up kept me stationary long enough to hear loud door slamming from the house next door, as well as from a vehicle parked in front of a house a few houses down. Another attack which occurred during the wait included one more remark about my mother's bandages, by the people next door to my sister's apartment.

As soon as a the "problem" with the car appeared I knew it was a staged event, designed to delay my movement long enough for an attack. In this case it turned out to be the door slamming & the verbal attack. This is another example of how relatives don't just contribute to these well-organized & cleverly disguised attacks, but at the direction of their DoD handlers, will also interact with the public to guide targeted family members through staged events during public attacks.

The Next Day

Walking from my mother's apartment to Malden Station I got a V2K which said "dinosaur" while a large red dump truck cut me off while exiting a parking lot on the corner of Charles & Pearl Street. The possible logic here was that the truck was large & loud, like a dinosaur. This was another example of noise & size being used in an attack. And in this case it was combined with an electronic one. Although I haven't mentioned this before, the tactic of using large, loud trucks to stalk you in neighborhoods is an obvious intimidation tactic because this is a physical world.

Thank You,