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July 14, 2015


This update documents my experience holding this sign in Cambridge, Somerville, Boston, & Charlestown, from July 2014 to July 2015.

The sign was held at these intersections:

I visited these sites between the hours of 8-11AM & 4-6PM for about 50 days. Sometimes I'd visit multiple sites per day. My stay at each was usually about 45 minutes.

The times listed for specific incidents signify when I arrived at the site. In July 2014 I described some of the difficulties I encountered creating this sign.

Area of Operation

The areas of operation (AO) at each site were composed of concentric rings of swarming, audible noise, & psychological operations (PsyOp). Supporting weapons & tactics included:

Perhaps a rough estimate of ring circumference, size, & number within an AO can eventually be formulated. For now I'll focus on an inner & outer ring.

The inner ring of the exposition extended about 10 feet from me. It included individuals & groups of citizens on foot, bikes, & skateboards, as well as occasional vehicles.

Beyond that was another sphere composed of: more citizens; vendors; city workers; commercial delivery vehicles; civil servant vehicles (fire trucks, police, ambulance); civilian vehicles; postal vehicles; & helicopters.

This interactive circus featured a multitude of PsyOp products distributed simultaneously. I was able to observe this dissemination throughout my visual range.

PsyOp & Swarming in the Inner Sphere

When I first started holding the sign at some of these intersections there was very little pedestrian traffic around me. Then I noticed that a re-routing of pedestrian traffic occurred at these intersections: Charlestown Ave & McGrath Hwy, McGrath Hwy & Medford St, & Austin St & Main St.

Eventually the inner spheres at these sites became infested with groups & individuals on foot, bikes, & skateboards encircling me closely. Sometimes vehicles would infiltrate this area, making noise &/or threatening to hit me.

The warfighters in this realm were used in an attempt to frighten me. They would regularly barge in to my personal space, making sudden movements & noise. The faint collisions that they employed are described later in the report.

Dogs were used for intimidation in this realm, often passing closely while barking.

In addition to the roaming swarmers, there was a rotation of stationary groups lingering nearby. These people were also used for product distribution, that was synchronized with other attacks which will soon be explained.


The typical themes used have been described here. Visual, audio, & audiovisual products that supported them include:

There were many instance of the departure theme in different sites on the same day. People swarming me with wheeler luggage was used to convey this theme.

Vehicles that are symbolic of leaving supported it. They included taxis & these vans & trucks: U-Haul, Budget, Enterprise, Ryder, Penske, & Gentle Giant.


The following kinds of audible noise were used as weapons in the inner ring: barrels & crates pounded onto the pavement; screaming; foot stomping; clapping; barking dogs; metallic & wooden objects pelted onto the concrete; roisterous pseudo coughs.

In the outer (& sometimes inner) sphere there were: sirens; horns; engine revving; vehicles with thunderous exhaust systems; objects tossed into trunks & carts; door & trunk slamming. Fire engines, police vehicles, & ambulances made frequent appearances, often with blaring sirens & flashing lights.


At these sites I experienced a cycle of directed-energy attacks to multiple bodily areas that caused numerous types of pain. These sensations included: a dull pain to my torso/intestines; burning of my throat & eyes; sharp pain in my ears; instant headaches; dull pain to my knees & arms; & cramps to my hands.

I positioned myself in certain ways to minimize the affliction. To reduce the pain in my torso I bent forward or squatted down. When I did that, however, an exposed area was hit almost immediately.

Often I had to keep my head down to alleviate the headaches. When my throat was burned or an ear was attacked with a sharp pain, I'd lower my head & turn it to the side.

My hands were frequently hit with a grueling muscle contraction that caused them to shut in a fist. Then, I'd drop one side of the sign & wait for my hand to open. Sometimes I kept an arm in motion so it remained off-target. On one occasion I had to forcefully pull my locked hand open.

Taunts & Insults

Many groups & individuals physically & verbally taunted me during F2F. Often they claimed they were simply inquiring about the sign when they attempted to lure me into arguments.

Their approach was almost always coordinated with an increase or onset of directed-energy attack. The taunts were fortified by people in cars & on foot insulting & swearing at me.

Some of these events are listed here:

Faint Attacks

In the closest sphere citizens on foot were used to startle me with these faint attacks:

Because I usually stand near the curb, vehicles were used in a similar manner. This happened often in Cambridge, where vehicles making a u-turn on McGrath bolted right toward me. Sometimes they would pass within a foot of the curb. Their speed & course suggested they were going to drive up onto the curb & hit me. This occurred 4 times one evening.


The attacks previously described were all synchronized, happening simultaneously, or in quick succession. While I was being hit with directed-energy, I was also attacked with swarming, noise, & PsyOp.

What follows are some examples.


My arrival & departure at a site has been synchronized with the appearance helicopters, & civil servant vehicles with blaring sirens & flashing lights.

I've noticed they will also turn the sirens on & off when the vehicle is closest to me.

Directed-Energy & Noise

Directed-energy attacks were synchronized with screaming, horns, sirens, & blasts of noise from nearby construction projects.

My reaction to the directed-energy attacks (crouching over) was synchronized with engine revving, foot stomping, shouting, & vehicles with rumbling exhausts passing close to the curb.

Directed-Energy & PsyOp

People wheeling luggage close to me (departure theme) has been synchronized with directed-energy.

The moment I crouched over from an attack someone would approached me for F2F about the sign.

At Tremont & Park, on the morning of 03/27/15, at about 11AM, a person in a stationary group repeatedly emphasized the word "arm" during a fake conversation (PsyAct), while my left arm was being attacked. I've noticed on other occasions that warfighters near you speak or point at the exact bodily area being attacked.

On 06/19/15 the appearance of police cars & motorcycles at Park & Tremont was synchronized with the onset of an attack to my torso. Insults have also been synchronized with the arrival of police a car.

Directed-Energy & Mocking

On numerous occasions the eruption of laugher from a nearby group was synchronized with the onset of an attack, or me hunching over in pain. This occurred multiple times on the same day, & even the same place. Consider these illustrations:

Area Denial

In addition to the tactics just described, some others have been used to deter me, that include:

On the evening of 01/11/15 a public safety officer in Charlestown told me to leave the sidewalk at Austin & Main. Some citizens complained that I was bothering them.

When I asked what the exact complaint was, he couldn't tell me. He said that I could remain at the intersection if I used a different corner.

I usually ignore the citizens that they use to provoke me. And on this evening I spoke with none of them.

That public safety officer approached me at the same place on 03/11/15 at 5PM. This time I was told that the sidewalk was private property.

From what I understand sidewalks are public property. This one could be an exception. I didn't verify his claim. Now I stand in the street at that corner.

Anyway, on this particular evening they tried the typical blaring sirens, horns, engine revving, door slamming, swarming, helicopters, swears, & insults. Right after he left, a man in a vehicle turning from Main onto Austin, yelled, "get the fuck out of here."


The people who were used by the system to torment me are firmly on their knees. The system, that demands their total submission, is also exterminating them.

While holding the sign, I looked up to the see the toxins being dropped during stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI). So, these people were literally being soft-killed at the exact moment they were persecuting me for the ones that are murdering & enslaving them.