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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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June 09, 2015

New Book

In a book I'm writing on "civilization" I'll describe how most citizens have accepted their role as obedient savages in this degenerating society.

Occasionally I'll present some radical ideas, as I did on 02/05/15. Here are some more:


I've been holding this sign in Cambridge & Boston. Before the end of August I'll update my report on how they've been using citizens to deter me.

I'm influencing their tactical commanders & civilian warfighters. Those who monitor the battlespace are also seeing this.

Attack Increase

The ruling psychopaths have been unable to level me after years of pain & torment. Out of desperation they may alter their approach.

A year ago there was a permanent increase in the directed-energy attacks that were described on 10/14/14 & 05/20/14.

In addition, there are regular brief flares that last about a week. At these times I am perpetually dizzy; with headaches, nausea, & fatigue.

One occurred recently, starting the week of May 25th. A week later, while shaving, I could see the skin drooping below my pointed cheekbones. While taking a shower on the same evening, loose clumps of hair were easily pulled from various bodily areas.

This has happened before, as explained on 08/28/12 & 01/26/14. These are symptoms of radiation sickness.

I usually recover quickly. My health is excellent. I continue with all of my mental & physical exercises. While my life situation deteriorates, my life keeps getting better.


Soon I'll be creating a New World War documentary series. First, the weapons & tactics of the new warform will be explained. After the introduction, I'll walk around in public with a camcorder, explaining the attacks as they occur.