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August 19, 2013 Update


More barriers have been placed in the paths that I regularly use in Boston. These are objects that you would normally encounter in this setting. However, they regularly appear on the paths in the streets that I use each day.

Obviously, they have observed not only the streets that I take in my daily routine, but the exact paths on these streets, & have custom-designed a series of barriers, which are used to obstruct my movement.

The construction projects are a facade. Although real work is done, that is not their true purpose. They are used as a pretext to form barriers in urban environments to obstruct the TI's movement. They also justify the noise campaigns & enhance the effects of swarming.

In addition to the ones I've mentioned, two more existed for a couple of days last week near the library. One on Boylston Street, which used trucks to block my path to Starbucks. The other was on the corner of Exeter & Boylston, where trucks, plastic tape, & cones blocked off an area of Boylston that I travel along.

The construction site on Cambridge Street, which I pass by each night on my way to the bridge, is once again obstructed with plastic tape & cones. There is an entrance leading to a path that pedestrians can use which I avoid because it is used to maximize crowding. Rather, I go around the entire area, toward the intersection to cross the street. While this happens they usually have someone on a bike or a group of citizens crowd me.

After crossing the street there are more cones placed at various locations to further impede movement. There is often a vehicle exiting the parking lot the moment I pass by it. It seems that the entire setup with barriers & citizens is used to obstruct my movement & maximize the crowding attacks. After I pass through that area I must move around the branches that have been placed on the side of the road that leads to the stairs of the parking lot that connects to the bridge.

I mentioned in a prior update that the parking lot which I previously used each morning on my way to the coffee shops was gradually obstructed, & eventually completely blocked with a metal fence. There is another area on the other end of the bridge that I've been using since then, which has also been obstructed with rock piles & junk. The area is now under construction & more rock piles have appeared. The result is a junction about 2-feet wide, which is being littered each day with various trash (PsyOp products). It would not surprise me if they completely blocked off this area with a fence.

Another construction project has sprung up on the corner of Exeter & Newbury which I use on my way from Starbucks on Newbury to the library. It now has vehicles & cones which maximize the crowding by citizens & workers. At the coffee shops I use, the counters & paths leading to them are still blocked with boxes & signs.

All of the regular attacks continue. Things are still going well

Thank You,