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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Status Update
May 9, 2012 Update


All of the regular swarming, noise, & directed-energy attacks continue. They still use citizens to physically attack me on a daily basis.

The citizens who are swarming me on foot & in vehicles on Boylston & Newbury streets, are still supplemented by city workers who attack me with noise & crowding as I pass by the maintenance sites. The police are still being used for shows of force.

Last Thursday evening city workers showed up again at the bridge with flashing lights while making noise. The next evening they had a man stand on the other side of the bridge yelling swears until the early morning hours. They continue to blare their sirens & horns at the bridge. The citizens who walk by the bridge on the other side of the highway talk so loudly they are essentially shouting.

At the library, the security guards & employees still work with regular citizens to harass me. While I'm being swarmed by citizens & attacked with noise at the CVS on Boylston street, the electronic checkout machines continually malfunction during purchases. An employee is typically right there to fix the problem, as an excuse to invade my personal space.

Compiling the information I've gathered for the book has been a learning process. The Anglo-American establishment is using the public schools to identify certain bloodlines that are to be eradicated as part of their global eugenics program.

Other than that, things are just fine. I continue with my physical & mental exercises.

Thank You,