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Hidden Evil Status Report
July 5, 2008


This will be the last status update for the time being. It's usually the same tactics being used, so there's no sense in repeating the same thing. It requires time & energy to record & translate these recordings into electronic format. By now anyone using my log & status reports to learn about their tactics should be able to see patterns in their behavior. The following is a summary of attacks I'm receiving as part of a Domestic Psychological Warfare Operation, conducted presumably by the U.S. Military, FBI, FEMA, & NSA.

Personal activities & farm projects which I engage in are typically reflected back to me by the farm host in some manner as I carry them out. Basically I'm made aware either by gestures or words that they know what I'm doing. This happens very frequently, if not almost constantly when we're in the same area. It's often combined with crowding & the showing of an object or a movement which mimics something I just did, or I'm about to do. For instance, if I'm in the sunroom putting on a shirt, if I look out the window he'll not only usually be visible, but he'll be taking off his jacket. If I'm putting on a shoe, he too will be bent over tying his shoes, etc. Basically what I'm doing will be reflected back in some manner if he's in my visual range.

While I'm in the house this same man appears frequently in my line of site & actually stalks me from outdoors. This is accomplished by him moving into view of one of the windows of the room I'm in. When he's on the farm, basically in any room with a window which I look out of, he'll eventually appear after a few minutes. Because they've catalogued my habits, they typically know what, when, & for how long I'll be in a particular room. So often when I enter a room he'll already be visible, when I move to the next room to do something else, he'll have moved around the house into view from that room's window too. I've even put window shades in the cabin that I sometimes stay in. And except for a small opening, the view is often blocked. But sure enough, if I look through that tiny opening I'll often find him operating in that exact location.

I'm frequently stalked with the tractor. They have these tractor movements synchronized with my movements. If I move from one side of the farm to another & the tractor is either parallels my movement or is on an intersecting course. Basically, whether in a tractor, another vehicle, or on foot, they have this one man stalking me all over the farm. Although only about 1 acre of this 36-acre farm is under some type of production, this still must defy any probable odds. This happens so frequently that I can usually predict it with relative accuracy.

There are certain areas that have been transformed into what appears to be display areas. These are areas where objects they'd like to sensitize me to in order to inflict trauma are placed. They're typically placed in areas in & around the house that I use regularly. I've noticed that they include even small, out of the way areas which I use during my daily activities. The objects often block the exact area that I use. For instance, if it's a counter, the object will be placed in the exact part of the counter that I use, or if it's an area on the floor, it will be placed on the exact part of the floor. So this accomplishes blocking, plus the added tactic of getting me sensitized to whatever color or object they've chosen for that day/week. So far these display areas include countertops, tables, the front of the door, the deck/stairs.

In the morning, when I notice that an item has been left in one of these display areas, & the color for the day has been established, the farm host will repeatedly reflect this color back to me during the many encounters when I'm cut-off & crowded by him. This is obviously done to intensify my sensitivity to the color/object. Objects that I find in the soil when cultivating will typically be this color & may somehow be related to the object in one of the display areas. The discovery of these objects in the soil is usually met with V2K, shocks, stings, or the sudden appearance of the farm host. Apparently this is done to confirm that the color or object is part of the theme & intensify my sensitivity to it.

If I venture out to go shopping, the same color will be seen on the people walking on the sides of the road, or they may be carrying an object which relates to an object left in a display area. If the color is, say, white, the city workers that I must pass on the sides of the road will also be dressed in white tops. I've noticed these workers will be wearing red tops when the color of the day is red, etc. Obviously this is done out in public to let me know how utterly saturated our society is with sick program. This is society. This may also be an attempt to cause devastation/hopelessness by making me aware of their numbers.

In addition to the other attacks, almost every encounter with the host & his girlfriend is controlled by them since they are fitted with this wireless technology. The FBI/NSA has them following me all around the farm, flashing objects I've been sensitized to, invading my space, making references to things I'm about to do, etc. They're basically following a real-time script. If you could imagine how the acting would be in a low budget film you'd get the idea.

Anyone who has regularly visited this farm that I've spoken with has also displayed this behavior. Their characters are dry, lacking depth, feeling, & genuine emotion. In normal conversations, there are pauses between words & sentences, there's a natural flow, leading from one topic to the next. But the topics which unfold during these staged conversations seem to be carefully regulated & are obviously guided by the agencies conducting this. The issues which are discussed in front of me (regardless of the topic) almost always either pertain to something I just did, I'm about to do, a current theme they're projecting, or an implication about me.

Literally ever single conversation with the hosts contain these attacks. The attacks which are typically conveyed during these fake conversations are ones intended to make me feel incompetent, mentally ill, embarrassed, fearful & a variety of other negative emotions. All visitations to this farm are obviously regulated & screened. They apparently don't want to make the mistake of having an "unhandled" person who is not attacking me in some way visit the farm. All phone call conversations & messages left on the answering machine contain covert attacks directed toward me. They typically contain trigger words followed by insults or threats. This is once again isolating me as much as possible from any normal human interactions. This farm has been electronically sealed off from the rest of the world.

Friends & family act in a similar way. Encounters with most of them are covertly hostile. When I first realized I was targeted this seemed to be intermittent, then it gradually increased to the point where now, every moment I'm around them they behave in this way. In other words, they receive instructions real-time on what to say or do when I'm around them. Similarly, I don't recall recognizing this technology out in public either at first. But over the years I've noticed that it has increased to the point where now wherever I go in public there is usually at least one person around me that is brain tapped & makes me aware of it by narrating my own thought patterns. Because the people in my life are brain tapped, I'm electronically separated, basically from almost everybody most of the time.

They repeatedly have members of my family lie to me. I've noticed this same pattern of lies with the farm host & his girlfriend. The size of the lie doesn't seem to matter, many of them are small, but they're consistent. They seem to go out of their way to ensure that I realize I'm constantly being lied to. In this manner, I'm socially separated.

The almost non-stop noise cannot be overstated. It is literally one noise-making activity after another. It usually starts between 6 & 630 AM & continues into the evening. Helicopters & small propeller planes, chainsaws, dogs barking, & fleets of loud vehicles are common. I've heard the dog barking in a completely unnatural manner, signifying it's being done electronically. I've also noticed this barking the second I open the door. Similar to the last few places I've lived, there's generally not a solid 5 minutes of silence. Construction projects have followed me to libraries & stores I visit often. They have sprung up right next to or at these locations.

I also notice propeller planes & helicopters pass over the parking lots of the stores which I visit. For instance, today (Saturday, July 05, 2008), at about 830AM, an old red propeller bi-plane flew over the Reny's parking lot as I left the vehicle & walked toward the store. I noticed what seemed to be the exact same plane fly over the lot of Shaw's (same area) under the same circumstances. Naturally this makes a considerable amount of noise. If the noise, crowding, sensitivity tactics, & DEW attacks continue out in public, chances are these aerial attacks are an extension of the ones that occur on the farm. I noticed these same aerial assaults while visiting Boston & Malden.

Degrading audio, & visual messages (in the form of motion & pictures), which are obviously meant to cause feelings of revulsion, continue to be transmitted. They include transmissions of me being raped, killed, tortured, disfigured, etc. I've also concluded that cloned emotions are being transmitted. These transmissions are frequently followed up with a shock, sting, V2K audio message, or muscle stimulation. This follow-up is sometimes done repeatedly, as if intended to amplify any trauma by making me realize it came from them. Fatal scenarios of my personal future are also repeatedly transmitted in this manner. This includes motion & image suicide scenarios & messages telling me to commit suicide. It seems that the FBI no longer needs to resort to letter writing to accomplish this. These are attacks & do not originate from within my mind. I have zero intention of resorting to this.

I'm certain at this point that the attacks continue with the transmission of destructive artificial dreams. Although I haven't researched the exact technology which accomplishes this, yet, I'm definitely being attacked in my dreams. Prior to learning that I was targeted, I remember concluding that some foreign being was attacking me, & seemed to know details about my personal life which were used during these attacks. I became certain that the dreams were not originating from my own mind. Thinking I was being attacked, I purchased a book entitled, Psychic Self Defense. But now I've realized that I receive the same attacks during the day, & they originate from the same source. I've noticed that cloned emotions can be transmitted with these implanted dreams as well.

The negative dreams that I experience are referenced the next morning during breakfast by the farm host or his girlfriend. For instance, I once had a negative dream involving a family member & the next morning the host mentioned the exact category of family that this relative belonged to when he referenced my family. I made no mention of family to spark this conversation. This is also significant because this topic may have only been discussed one other time since I've been here.

I've also noticed that there is what seems to be mind reading taking place. This is a subject which I've frequently encountered on TI message boards, but haven't studied much yet. It's a tactic that I'll be able to explain better when I study the more advanced technology. But for now, put simply, from what I understand it's basically a remote computer that can somewhat accurately detect thought patterns. And just as the object/color of the day is repeatedly flashed during our frequent encounters, the farm host will also make comments, gestures, or being holding items which directly pertain to something I was just thinking about.

The mind reading is combined with brain tapping of friends & family. This is another subject that I've not researched much yet, but from what I understand it's basically a remote biofeedback computer which reads thought patterns & objects in a target's field of vision (FOV) & pipes them into a database (based on their personal profile). This database runs an algorithm then spits out an appropriate phrase (trigger word). The trigger word pertains directly to the thought pattern or object that a target was looking at when the biofeedback picked it up. The phrase is then sent wirelessly to their agents/informants that have been outfitted with this technology & are stalking the target. This all happens in a couple of seconds or less, which means that the computers they're using (probably the NSA's technology at Fort Meade) are decades ahead of what's currently available.

I've also noticed in the mornings when I first enter the house that objects left in the display areas may themselves pertain to thoughts I was having the night before or even that morning. I've noticed this thought reading technology is used in stores by having clerks announce something loudly as I walk by which matched my thought pattern. This too happens so often it's definitely not a coincidence. I have multiple specific examples of this which I'll eventually post in my tactics log. It is apparently done to create a feeling of hopelessness by reminding me that my thoughts are not private & they're aware of things I'm planning. I get the feeling that this is one of the primary tactics which they rely on to cause a nervous breakdown in their targets.

All of my daily routines are sabotaged, including: hobbies, showering, making meals, sleeping, farm projects, online, etc. They've obviously studied these routines & attempted to interfere with just about everything. For instance, even a simple routine such as note taking is interfered with by the repeated breaking of pens. Every pen I've recently used has failed, even brand new ones & ones that have been sent from a family member. In addition to being attacked by non-lethals while resting, there has been repeated tampering with the support systems of the beds in my cabin & room which causes the beds to collapse. Tacks, bugs & other objects have been placed into beds.

Almost all projects which I'm given (or ones they know I'll do on my own) are sabotaged. This too is the norm. It is accomplished by withholding necessary information & items, psychical destruction of projects, & blocking pathways to items & hiding items. Items which I frequently use are also hidden, & set with traps causing other items to fall as I remove the item. Upon realizing that I've reach a point in the project where information or tools have been deliberately withheld & take the next logical step (workaround), that too is blocked. Furthermore, the blocking tactics themselves are done using items which I've been sensitized to, (such as objects/colors left in the display area). Finally, when I remove the blockage or move around it, I usually experience V2K, shocks, &/or the sudden appearance of the farm host, as if to "rub it in." This is essentially a chain of mental attacks.

At this point I have no way of knowing if the information I produced is what is actually appearing on the site because the methods of conducting a check can be easily tampered with. I haven't looked into ways of verifying that the information is correct, & don't know if the currently available technology will allow me to accurately do so. It's possible that no site at all is up, or that one is but it has been tampered with (spoofed).

I As I stated before, search engine results reflect something I just did or I'm about to do. Web pages contain information which consistently pertains to my personal life. Much of this seems to be possible with current technology. With spoofing, a virtual WWW is created between your PC & ISP by the attackers. They have apparently placed their copy of the internet in between the real internet, causing me to be attacked almost constantly while online. This too will be covered when I explore more of the advanced technology.

Most emails I receive are from informants portraying themselves as TIs. They make it obvious to me that they are by mentioning these themes which are projected into my life. There are multiple possibilities regarding how this is accomplished. It's possible that these individuals are informants, or the messages are being filtered & changed. There are several other possibilities too. Either way, I've also concluded that if my site is up at all (in the form that it's intended to be) email from genuine targets & others interested in this subject is blocked. If they've blocked many other things, then logic would suggest that this too is blocked. This blocking & altering of email is a tactic of electronic isolation.

For much of the last two years I've been at this place, several of the rooms in the house, plus the cabin I stay in during the summer, have been overrun with bugs. So far the farm manager has been oblivious to this. They're basically everywhere, on the ceilings, walls, beds, & especially the windows. They include mostly ladybugs, some ants, & the occasional hornet. Currently (Friday, June 27, 2008) there is yet another stench from what is obviously a dead animal somewhere in the walls of the room I'm in.

All of the MP3 relaxation music & hypnosis files that I've downloaded have been tampered with. For instance, a self-hypnosis MP3 which I purchased had to be re-downloaded because in the middle of the session there was the distinct sound of a telephone ringing. The vendor gave me no explanation for this, but offered another download. Other MP3 white noise files have the following noises: bells, whistles, loud cracks, telephones ringing, people talking, etc. Some of these sounds are imbedded in the files & are produced at the exact same time whenever the file is played.

Others are not part of the files & are being somehow transmitted through the speakers. They include comments regarding the activities I'm engaged in or thoughts I' having. For instance, right now, Sunday, June 29, 2008, 645PM, I have white noise playing on the PC & just heard the words, "not yet," spoken the moment after I had a doubt about whether or not I should include this part. I've noticed the imbedded file noises & the real-time comments occur on three separate platforms, including a portable MP3 player, a portable radio, & the PC.

In addition to the files being tampered with & the transmission of real-time comments, The PC & portable stereo emit a barely audible, but distinct sound of constant racket which sounds as if it was deliberately chosen due to its irritating quality. I can only describe it as a disturbing noise that would cause most people to feel uncomfortable. They've basically interfered with all methods I use to block the outside noise.

The insertion of earplugs is followed almost immediately by constant popping sounds in each ear. This is a tactic which I've only noticed here. When I lived in Malden this didn't occur. It also didn't occur at the previous farm, where I used two sets of earplugs, an inner foam set, surrounded by a clay pair. These were used in tandem in order to drown out the almost constant noise from construction projects, loud vehicles & aircraft. This noise of course has followed me here to Waldo County.

The arrival of letters I receive from family members & in general are synchronized with ongoing harassment themes. Some information in these envelopes may include references to the objects that were left in the display area which have been part of an ongoing harassment theme on the farm for that day/week. The letters also contain trigger words or symbols/graphics, which directly pertain to these themes. Flyers which also pertain to these themes will normally appear at the top of the pile in the mailbox. It's obvious to me, that one of the nearby houses (perhaps the one across the outer road where the mailbox is) is probably a base of operation (BOS) equipped with a postage machine, & a functional print shop.

The vehicular stalking continues. I'm constantly stalked on the road, & frequently tailgated by vehicles, most of which cut me off after tailing me. On Saturday, April 26, one of multiple incidents included a blue mini van which rushed ahead of me on a single lane portion of a highway (Rt 3 this road alternates between two & three lanes). After the van cut me off, a truck with a trailer hitch did the exact same thing, cutting very close in front of me. While this was happening another vehicle was approaching in the opposite direction, creating an opportunity for a collision.

Apparently the logic used by these vehicles which cut in front of me so closely & abruptly was that they had to move quickly to avoid the oncoming vehicle. A normal, rational idea however, would have been to simply wait for the oncoming vehicle to pass, then safely make the move around. Interestingly the blue minivan had a license plate which had only three characters, 66, then a space followed by another 6. The trailer which followed it had what appeared to be a fireman's sticker on its rear windshield. This tailgating & cut-off tactic is used over & over again while I'm on the road.

Over the past several years I've noticed some radio talk shows make references to specific movements that I made or objects in my field of vision. These are pacing techniques used in hypnosis. The shows are pre-recorded in MP3 format. I remember at first this didn't happen at all, then it gradually increased over a few years. I've run tests outdoors where, for instance, I'd change my activity, & sure enough the host would intermittently make references to this new activity; often referencing an exact move or gesture. I've also noticed that some new shows that I've listened to recently did not exhibit these characteristics, but as I continued to listen to them, they gradually did. There are multiple possibilities that could explain this. This will require more thought & research on my part.

I'm also noticing a pattern of text in books containing insults that are apparently directed toward me, references to my personal life, & phrases (trigger words) that have been established as being part of this. I've noticed this with library books & ones I've purchased from Amazon. There are usually multiple trigger words within the same area (perhaps a couple of paragraphs). The odds of these phrases appearing in such a confined area is probably minimal. The clustering of these words seems to be a covert message to let me know that they can & will attack me here as well. I haven't recorded specific instances of this possible tactic or given much thought into how they're accomplishing it. But when you think about it, after you electronically & physically isolate someone & regulate all of their interactions, it's not that difficult.

Possible future prospects have been catalogued & these people are planning well in advance the harassment which will unfold in the future. For instance, within a two-week period, two sisters in separate parts of the country sold their homes. There was a surface reason given to me for these acts, but they have my family lie to me frequently. These two siblings aren't that close & it's unlikely that this was a coincidence. My mother also sold her home about a year earlier. One sister rented an apartment near a school. The other moved to an apartment in different state near an Air Force base. Although I don't know exactly what this means, based on their careful planning of other attacks, I can only conclude that making my family move offers them some type of a tactical advantage. This is just a few examples of some of the attacks I receive. There are others that I experience which are too subtle to explain. I would describe the environment here as an extremely violent 36-acre laboratory.

The host's priority is definitely not to conduct farm work, but to help them carry out their constant attacks against me. It seems that this person works for the FBI, NSA & his real job is simply to help them break me. At this point I'm almost certain that his other job, which he leaves for every other week, is a front. When he leaves the farm every other week for his job, in all likelihood he is resting at a different location. It has been communicated to me that this process of endless noise, crowding & other tactics, as well as frequently being ordered around by them is tiresome. No doubt, if he were prompted he'd be able to produce all the necessary credentials which would be backed up by the actual establishment that he works for. I noticed this too with the interns at a farm I worked at two years ago, where they'd rotate through, presumably to keep them fresh. I noticed that working on the farm was obviously their second priority & harassing me was their first.

With that said, I'm very grateful to be here. Although I don't know for sure exactly what the farm host's situation is, he's helping me by allowing me to stay. I like to think that he has a choice between letting me stay, or not, & that he chooses to. Because I'm here, he's forced to carry out their attacks, which also takes a toll on him. He, like others, is forced to attack me against his will. Things would be much easier for him in this regard if there were a different person here. He's basically enduring pain by allowing me to stay. He has an unusual amount of patience & it seems that I've been lucky because he's also a very nice person. Despite some parts of my life situation, I've been very fortunate to have found this place. Things could be much worse.

Other than that I'm doing well. I continue studying, dance, gardening, rustic furniture making, & subjects pertaining to the New World Order. The book should soon be published it in paperback.

Thank You,