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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

Dedication & Thanks

Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Peer Review & Contributions
Peer Review

This book was not properly peer reviewed. To begin with, because some of these subjects are emerging or uncommon specialties, there were not many experts available. Furthermore, much of the available material pertaining to some subjects, such as nonlethal weapons, was produced by those with connections to the military/financial elite. Other possible reviewers could not be located. This resulted in a limited number of potential contacts.

Out of the 30 or so people that I contacted, 15 didn’t respond. About 6 responded but declined to review the material. Several more agreed to review my work, but never did. Ultimately, only 5 people reviewed some of the material, during which time there were delays and sporadic responses to my messages. The result was a peer review process that I’d consider to be incomplete. The editing process was also delayed and interfered with. This occurred with my previous book, and will probably happen with all future publications.


Peter Mooring of the Stop Eg Foundation in The Netherlands, who I have been in contact with, contributed financially and reviewed my material.

Robert and Kenneth Burns of Melrose, Massachusetts, allowed me to stay at their home for half a year, where I completed this work.

Thanks to Jamie Greiger of Palermo, Maine, who allowed me to work on his farm for four years, where most of this book was written. While he was severely inconvenienced, he provided me with food and shelter. I am honored to have met such a person.

The creation of this book was funded mostly by my mother, Claire L. Rich, of Malden, Massachusetts, who also provided me with food, money, and other resources. This book would not have been possible without her extremely generous contributions.