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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Status Update
April 4, 2012 Update


They seem to have called in reinforcements. Some kind of maintenance work has started on Boylston Street right outside the library, which allows for the city workers & police to harass me with noise & crowding as I pass by. They are supported by the civilian army of people & vehicles which seems to have increased in the last month.

More maintenance sites have appeared on other parts of Boylston Street. A construction site began right next to the Starbucks on Newbury Street that I use, where I am attacked with noise & blocking at 530 or 6 in the morning. This is in addition to the civilians & vehicles that are already swarming me at that time.

Civilians continue to physically attack me.

Rather than simply walking into my space, as the citizens & library workers do, one security guard at the library tried to get me to argue with him after cutting me off, which I explained in the previous update. The last two times I sat down to write in Back Bay station they had MBTA employees harass me by interrupting me with questions.

They kicked me out of the YMCA on March 31. While I was exercising in a designated workout area, they had a security guard interrupt me & try to get me to argue with him about something trivial. When I didn't, he got an employee. They mentioned that they were concerned for my well-being because of an exercise that I was doing. I told them I was OK & would continue my workout.

However, the security guard insisted that I continue to talk with them. After I listened to them, I confirmed that there was no good reason for them interrupting me, & that it was a blatant attempt provoke me into an argument. I realized that by refusing to argue with them they would probably tell me to leave for being uncooperative.

I told them that I knew what it was really about, that I'd be continuing my workout, & if they wanted me to leave they could ask. He then told me to go. Immediately I left.

I was followed to the locker by the security guard, where another citizen crowded my space. The security guard asked for my membership card, which I gave him & he gave back to me on my way out. It is possible that he placed something in their records to suggest that I was uncooperative, which will prevent me from getting a membership at another YMCA.

It is obvious to me that they interrupted my workout for the purpose of kicking me out, either by getting me to argue with them or refusing to argue with them. The next day I canceled my membership.

The security guards there have regularly worked with janitors & citizens to attack me in the lockerroom & other areas of the gym. On that day, for example, I was physically attacked by a citizen at the entrance, blocked by a security guard at the front desk, attacked with crowding on my way through the hall & stairway, then in the lockerroom with lockers being slammed, again in the weightroom with space invasion, then noise & crowding in the workout area where they finally kicked me out.

Before that, they tried to prevent me from joining, removed a critical resource, & attacked me the entire time with their employees, security guards, & citizens. It seems they were not content with these results.

I'll continue to record their attacks as they remove the resources from the places that I use, in order to physically & strategically prevent me from using them.

In addition to removing items that I need from store shelves, I think they raised the prices of some food items that I regularly purchase at two restaurants. My personal items are still being destroyed.

They continue to relentlessly harass me in public with hordes of citizens that have been reduced to the level of obedient savages.

Much progress has been made with the book. When I first started it I thought I'd be covering a global eugenics program that extends into the public schools. However, I soon realized that what is now happening in the schools requires a book of its own.

Methods have been implemented to separate children from their families. They are being trained to be group dependent in thought & action because groups are simple to manage. Healthy moral codes which they can use to function & grow as individuals are being destroyed.

To accomplish this, actual brainwashing techniques have been placed in the course material under a variety of deceptive labels. On a massive scale, the children who resist are being targeted for fake mental illnesses & neutralized with medication. This is all part of a eugenics program that started over 100 years ago & never ended. I'll describe exactly how this is being done.

I'm still doing fine. My dance studies continue. I have made improvements in multiple styles. Soon the RichEssence site will be updated with these details. I'm also studying Linux when I have the time. I'm looking forward to the Summer here.

Thank You,