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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Status Update
March 19, 2012 Update


They have increased the directed-energy attacks, which are happening basically everywhere. They are consistently able to attack me in subways, train stations, & all buildings. These attacks usually include a rotation of different frequencies of directed-energy, focused briefly at various body parts, one after the other.

The attacks do not appear to be exactly simultaneous. I've noticed that as soon as pain is experienced in one area, it usually stops where it was previously. This leads me to wonder if the same weapon is directing a single beam of varying frequencies at different areas.

Although this is not specific order, here is an example: First my head is attacked causing pain or a headache; then there will be a pain in my lower back; then my foot; then a single tooth pulses in pain; then my vision is blurred for a half a minute or so; after that I'll be nauseous for a while; then there is a burning sensation in my eyes; then pains in my lower abdomen; then it will be shocks & stings; painful cramps in my legs will occur; then pulses of sharp pains to one of my years; then dizziness.

They are attacking my throat in two ways. This includes something that feels like a pin being stuck in it. Also, they are regularly burning my throat which prevents me from speaking properly. They are causing chronic pain in lower back, hip, neck, & knees.

The attacks are synchronized with external attacks, such as an individual crowding me, swarming, or noise. They are also referenced almost continually by microwave hearing which is used to mock me.

Because these consistent microwave hearing attacks are used as instant followups to other directed-energy attacks, I wonder if there is a beam of microwave energy used for the single purpose of transmitting verbal attacks. If this is correct, then there might be at least two attack beams.

I am still swarmed almost everywhere by large numbers of obedient citizens. They are antagonizing me on the streets & in buildings. They are "accidentally" physically attacking me on a daily basis. Civilian vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, police cars, commercial trucks, US Postal vehicles, FedEX trucks, etc, are still swarming & attacking me with noise.

The noise attacks follow me nearly everywhere. Despite the amount & type of people who are part of this, it functions as a single mind. In a future update I'll describe more of it.

Security guards & janitors continue to work with citizens to harass me in buildings. However, they are allegedly not pleased with the tactic of surrounding me with antagonistic citizens to harass me out of these facilities. So they have resorted to other methods which include the creation of confrontations & kicking me out of stores.

They recently used an employee to kick me out McDonalds on Washington Street, based on a time-limit policy. The employee's shameful facial expression led me to conclude that she was being forced to do so. After I clarified what she said, a nearby citizen supported her by telling me that I should leave because I had taken too long with my coffee. Before this helpful citizen arrived, two other men tried unsuccessfully to harass me out of the store after they sat on the bench I was on & started slamming objects, repeatedly getting up & walking back & forth to invade my space, & babbling almost nonstop. As this was happening the man on the other side of me flailed his arms fumbling with his phone, while members of the noisy horde across the central walkway caused nonstop commotion.

The day before I was told by an employee at the MBTA Back Bay station that electrical outlets could not be used by citizens. Moments earlier some people showed up & invaded my space while using the same one. It seems these policies are being selectively enforced. This is similar to my experience with the security guards at the library, who are still harassing me with regular citizens & librarians.

They continue to destroy & steal my necessities. In early February they removed the boards that I was sleeping on from under the bridge. Fortunately, they left my sleeping bag. After that I placed some lumber across the beams for an elevated surface to sleep on, up inside the bridge. Before that, one night they used a city worker to slam a solid object under the boards to disturb me. Eventually they stole my sleeping mat.

Shortly after I replace something they damage or steal, they steal or brake something else. Arranging it so that multiple necessities are somehow removed at the same allows them to see what necessity I value most, based on what I first purchase when I have the money. Furthermore, in what appears to be an attempt to aggravate me, it is communicated to me that watching me improvise my daily routines without these necessities, & making them unavailable when I am able to purchase them, is all part of the "fun."

They synchronize their attacks to compound their effects. For instance, they increase directed energy, break or steal items, increase their swarming, & deny me other necessities in a single day. It seems they are not content with the amount of comfort I've been able to achieve sleeping at the bridge, which leads me to conclude they'll be pulling more area denial stunts.

I am still isolated from my relatives & the civilian population in this area. Through constant surveillance they have placed an electronic barrier between me & those I regularly interact with, who are restricted to speaking only certain phrases while they're around me.

In another report I'll describe the circumstances they've created with my relatives to disgust me in an attempt to get me to stop visiting them.

Thank You,