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Hidden Evil
2006, Exact Date Unknown

Testimony of Mark M. Rich

Note: This was written in 2006 based on the information I had at that time.

Due to the events that I have witnessed & read about, I have concluded that it would be in my best interest to make as many people aware of my situation as possible. To that end, I have created this document so that if I (or a member of my family) am killed, framed, setup, institutionalized, incarcerated, disappear, appear to have committed suicide, driven to homelessness, have an "accident", or otherwise neutralized, this document will provide testimony to what really happened.

I originally noticed this organized harassment when it began as Mobbing at Mellon bank. This was a large international bank that I worked at for over five years (99-2004). While in their employ, I spoke with several lawyers but they were not much help. After I began to realize that I was the targeted of a state-sponsored organized harassment campaign, I learned that some lawyers have bee complicit in aiding the perpetrators. Later, I began to defend myself using the same subtle harassment techniques they were using on me. My resistance to their bullying did keep me sane. Some of the people that participated told me "in between the lines" that they didn't like what they were doing, but had to participate. So, I tried to reserve my use of defensive tactics for people who enjoyed participating.

However, playing their game was not my best option. I believe the people that instigated this Mobbing (HR, upper-level management) actually enjoyed it as a form of sick entertainment. During that time I did seek employment elsewhere but was unsuccessful. I suspected that some recruiters were also taking part in the harassment, but I dismissed this suspicion because at the time I was unaware that harassment extended out into the community, or that it even had a name (Mobbing). It is likely that some recruiters I had been in touch with, not only were in touch with my employer, but also participated in this harassment. It seems they were pushing me out the door as well as preventing me from leaving. Although I have no proof, I believe that they were trashing job opportunities as well.

After I left the organization I came across the book, Mobbing. I have confirmed that not only do recruiters participate, but prospective employers do as well. While I don't remember exactly when this Mobbing & community-based harassment began, I originally believed that it was in response to a disagreement I had with the company, two to be exact. However, since I have been researching this phenomenon, I believe that the company may have actually provoked these events to set the Mobbing into motion. Recently I discovered that this Mobbing has been going on longer than I previously believed. It is also possible that the Mobbing I experienced at Mellon followed me from Cisco Systems.

I experience noise campaigns such as horns, fire truck & ambulance sirens, & alarms going off the instant I walk out of my house/down my street. Typically there are convoys of vehicles driving down my street (a side street) playing loud music, yelling & revving their engines as they pass my house day & night. Also, there has been ongoing construction on the houses surrounding mine. Within a six-week period 5 houses in my immediate area underwent construction. This is significant because these houses surround mine. These houses were: 52 Wentworth Street, 55 Wentworth Street, 54 Wentworth Street, 1 Harris Street, 31 Talbot Street. This amounted to a six-week noise campaign of cutting & hammering. Since then there has been more construction going on at 52 Wentworth. Also there is more construction going on at 49 Wentworth (next door). This is most probably statistically impossible. Most days consist of a steady concert of varying types of noise. Then more construction going on, on both sides of me & across the street. Also, as of Wednesday, September 21, 2005, two other houses have had construction work. The people next door at 55 Wentworth Street seem to have opened up their own auto shop in their garage, complete with power drills, banging, hammering, etc. It is not an exaggeration to say that there has been some type of commotion every day since I moved here. They have obviously given these people free home repair in order to facilitate their noise campaign. Neighbors & family members seem to be oblivious to the constant commotion.

I receive harassment through email. I suspect my character is being smeared, I have been Mobbed out of the workplace, & I most surely have been Blacklisted. I have worked in the IT industry as a desktop support technician for about ten years. I am currently unemployed. I have excellent troubleshooting & customer services skills under normal conditions. One very common characteristic that targets across North America share is that most are unemployed. Part of the “package” is that the organizers are paid to make sure we receive zero income. My credit cards have been tampered with. Mail I send out has reached its destination containing false information.

My cat has been beaten on four separate occasions. Three times with puncture wounds, then another time I noticed he was having trouble walking. This, & other retaliatory acts are the result of me taking steps to expose them. Given my situation & the pattern of occurrences, this was not an accident or something done by a larger animal. This animal torture is classic ritual abuse. Other forms of harassment I've noticed include sensitivity operations. These operations are a very big part of the harassment campaigns as reported by hundreds of targets across the nation. They are designed to capture the target's attention, & let them know they're being harassed/followed.

I experience collision & cut-off campaigns involving multiple people in stores & on the street who deliberately cut me off. This happens consistently in places where there are no crowds & much too often to be a coincidence. I verified this by slowing down & speeding up on occasions that I suspected a perpetrator would deliberately cut me off. They adjusted their timing & mirrored my movements so that a cut-off would occur. This was blatantly obvious. Cut-offs are done to startle the target & create tension. I am surrounded by a bubble of harassers (provocateurs/informants) whenever I go out in public.

The above happens constantly in stores that are not crowded, & out in public. These groups will have their members follow me into restaurants. They'll usually sit next to me & mention things about my personal life. This is done both to harass me & to try to evoke a sense of helplessness by not being believed if I were to tell someone about the harassment. This type of harassment is concealed to anyone else in the establishment. Some of the other patrons may recognize that something is not right with that group of people. This is probably because the tone, rhythm & volume of their conversations are not natural, they're rehearsed & artificial. It's almost like bad acting. These people also made their presence known while I was vacationing in Florida. This happened on both flights, as well as in several restaurants. The cult has met me in any state I’ve visited so far.

I have never been an activist, but I began researching this phenomenon with the goal of raising public awareness. I handed out flyers in the neighborhood & gave some to people who have been participating in the harassment next door at 55 Wentworth (first & second floor). This was done on Friday July 22, 2005. I did this so that they would know what they are a part of. Then Saturday morning at 1:15AM there were two fire trucks & a keyspan truck in front of my house & theirs. All three trucks had their lights flashing. Apparently there must have been some trouble with their furnace.”

Later that same Saturday at 10:00AM, I noticed that both for-sale signs on my lawn were ripped in half. This also happened on two other occasions. It was probably in response to me handing out more flyers in the Back Bay area. This was no coincidence. I also hear fire ambulance sirens the moment I walk outside. This happens far too often to be a coincidence & may serve as an alert for the group members who are “on patrol.” Other people that are targeted across North America say the same thing, which is that fire engines & city vehicles participate in Cause Stalking. I am stalked by postal vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, & city vehicles out in public. They basically follow me around while on foot, run their sirens & seem to be at the destination I arrive at as well. This happens much to often to be a coincidence. It is my belief that this is part of a community crime-watch program such as TIPS or a similar program. Most other targeted people report that these organizations take part in their community-based harassment.

I have sent a letter to the Boston FBI explaining my experience. I have also contacted business owners with information regarding community-based harassment, & have posted information on various message boards. Since I have taken these measures, the harassment has intensified. At this time I am being heavily harassed in almost every area of my life.

The terrorists are “handling” my family & friends & have recruited them into this harassment campaign. Shortly after I discovered I was being systematically harassed by the state I read case studies of victims claiming that friends & family have been recruited into the harassment campaign. But I never thought this would happen. Presumably this has been done using a bogus investigation. The participation of friends & families in these harassment campaigns is echoed by many of the thousands of people currently targeted across North America. But most targeted individuals have chosen not to publicly admit that their families have been co-opted, out of fear of being labeled mentally ill. I have chosen not to take that route. It is my belief that this strategy was employed to remove my support structure & discredit me if I were to complain. At this time I don’t know what specific lies or intimidation tactics these agencies have used to gain cooperation, & my friends/family have apparently been given a gag order.

While looking for employment I have either experienced Mobbing/Harassment, had opportunities trashed, or somehow interfered with by these perpetrators. I was able to land a job as a store clerk at Marshalls in Boston but left after four days because I decided it wasn’t worth the intense Mobbing which included hostile stares, cut-offs/collisions, generally rude treatment by multiple people, property damage, theft & other subtle harassment tactics. I gave the store manager a letter of resignation & sited Mobbing as the reason. The state-sponsored terrorists in charge of covertly destroying opportunities in my life are adept at making sure that I don’t work, & co-opting people into the harassment campaign, so that I am Mobbed during interviews or employment. The current harassment is consistent with the type I received while working at Mellon Bank, only on a much larger scale. Specifically, people that were previously friendly (in my personal life) have been turned against me & have been participating in a ritualistic, systematic & repeated subtle harassment. The scenario is also the same in the sense that I’m being pushed out, but prevented from finding employment. I can prove none of this of course.

I decided that it would be best to learn self-sustaining homesteading skills so that I can take care of myself during what will probably be an unstable financial future. Some of the people I’ve been in touch with at farms have taken part in this harassment. This is usually very subtle, just enough to let me know they’ve been in touch with the farm hosts. The federal terrorists carrying out this campaign have probably told these hosts that I’m under investigation for something horrible to smear my character. Presumably some of these people are being told that they it would be in their best interest to harass me in these subtle ways so that I become disinterested in working on their farms.

One farm I visited for several days took part in a covert harassment campaign. I believe that the host at this farm concluded that I was not the person that these terrorists made me out to be. And during a conversation with this host I was told in-between-the-lines that they had been there. This farm was also prepped for my arrival with sensitivity tactics including borderline-subliminal & symbolic attacks used by Satanic cults & the intelligence community. See Techniques used to silence critics, by FBI SAC Ted L. Gunderson. While at the farm I experienced the standard harassment tactics used by these state-sanctioned groups. See the tactics section of this site.

After missing my bus home (probably a staged event) I was relocated to Lee, MA to catch another bus where another staged event took place. I waited outside city hall for approximately one hour. During this time I witnessed convoys of vehicles participating in Gang Stalking. They also participated in the same sensitivity tactics that I experienced at the farm. Specifically, they used the color red as a theme for their harassment. It is not an exaggeration to say that almost all of the people I saw while waiting for the bus had on red, & most of the vehicles were red. I’m not an expert in statistics, but this is probably statistically very unlikely. My experience on the actual farm with this color was the same. These subliminal attacks with themes using colors & symbols are a trademark of ritual abuse & satanic stalking cults. See Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde’s report, Microwave mind control: Modern torture and control mechanisms eliminating human rights and privacy.

The group probably used this theme because they believed I was previously sensitized to this color when they used acquaintances to harass me. This happened at two-day vacation in NH with a childhood friend & other acquaintances. This childhood friend’s sister had a lodge in NH & invited us to come up. On the drive up I noticed there was a red truck hovering around us for a while; it would be in front, then in back. At one point I saw a fireman’s sticker on its rear window. Eventually this truck ended up cutting us off.

When we arrived & entered the lodge I immediately noticed it had lots of red. Red books on tables, red appliances, kitchenware, red in the bathroom, etc. Around that time I also noticed that most of the acquaintances I was with were also wearing red/pink. Later we went to the 99 restaurant where the red theme continued. As we waited I looked around to see an unusual amount of patrons wearing red. Most of the patrons leaving had red coats, hats, gloves, etc. After we sat down red phrases were also used in conversation such as “reading [pronounced Redding] Massachusetts,” “redwood street,” etc.

A couple met us at our table, one girl had a red sweater, & her boyfriend had a Red Sox shirt. She mentioned she did some shopping & as she put her foot up on top of the table & said, “Look at my new sneakers,” I noticed her sneaker was white with red dressing. After we went back to the lodge some other very strange events unfolded that I will not attempt to explain in detail for simplicity sake. Implied negative phrases & accusations were directed toward me by these people. Using events unfolding in my personal life that were apparently fed to them by their federal handlers, they tried to project upon me negative emotions such as fear, shame & hopelessness. Basically these people participated in the harassment. The major theme, red, was apparently the intended trigger that these negative emotions were to be anchored to. The stay at this ski lodge was a staged event prepped for my arrival.

The next morning we ate breakfast at a diner. While waiting for a table in an enclosed porch outside the diner, one acquaintance (my childhood friend's wife) started fishing through her pocket book & pulled out a business card with red lettering, smirked, then put it back. As I looked outside the porch window I noticed most people walking by & entering were wearing red. Red coats, hats, gloves, pants, boots, scarves, etc. Some were “red groups,” & “red families.” The only other time I’ve witnessed so much of one color worn by a group of people is in a sporting event.

As these people were dropping me off after the “vacation” there was a red truck parked in the middle of the street directly in front of us. The man who got out (Mike next door at 55) had a cell phone to his ear & gave me a quick glance. The cult has previously used its members to harass me (& countless other targeted people) with sensitivity tactics using cell phones. See the tactics section of this site for a description of how this is done. Basically the message that the leaders of this state-sanctioned cult wanted to convey was, “You can take the negative emotions associated with the cell phone & go ahead & link it to the color red now.” This is chaining. See Introducing NLP, Joseph O’Connor & John Seymour. Since then there have been attempts to get me sensitized to the color blue.

Coincidently the girl who hosted the event at the lodge sent others & me an email several days before the trip. I’ve known this girl & her brother for years. The subject of the message was “Red Box.” The message contained a link to an Internet game where the object of the game was for you to try to move a red box out of an enclosure. Knowing that friends & family are now being “handled” my interpretation of that message is “we’re going to surround you with red & you won’t be able to get away from it.” The federal terrorists basically used these acquaintances to try to sensitize me to the color red. This was done of course using the traditional format such as custom-tailored lies, bribery, implied or overt threats, implied promise of success, & blackmail. The carrot & the stick.

The next day, Monday there was a storm & lots of snow on the ground. I walked to a pet shop to get some birdseeds. I experienced the usual stalking tactics used by these community cults. On my way back I was cut off by a bright red pickup truck, twice. Once it completely blocked my path. Since then I have been in parks where “red families” walk by me. It seems the red theme has replaced the cell phone attacks. My guess is that the cult leaders have changed their tactics because they did not yield the results they were looking for.

A couple days after this event, my childhood friend left a message on my answering machine saying that his sister had run into another childhood friend of mine & that “if I want to run into him” I should hang out at his house. Here’s what I believe the terrorists conveyed to me through my childhood friend: Mark, you know how your childhood friend’s sister hosted the event where we used your former acquaintances to tried to kill your spirit & induce a nervous breakdown? Well, you can transfer the pain associated with her & the rest of the group to another old friend of yours who will also take part in the harassment when you see him again. There have been other times recently where this childhood friend would relay information about my personal life. For instance, I once got a call from him where he said he had little money, he then mentioned a dollar amount, which was the exact amount of money I had in my wallet.

This childhood friend offered me a job at a funeral parlor & another location. A couple other acquaintances have offered me jobs as well. The people who offered me these jobs are taking part in the harassment. I know that their offers were not genuine. It’s not that they would not have followed through & that I would not have gotten the job. But I know these people have been compromised. Right now my family & some friends are being “handled” by the government agency carrying out this campaign. I did not take them up on their offer because I no longer trust them. I know that at the very least I would have been Mobbed anyway. I believe that this is also another ploy used to discredit targeted people at a later date if necessary. After all, even your “buddies” offered you a job, so why are you unemployed? Everything is made to look simple on the surface. I have also noticed this with Mobbing, where they outwardly appear to be accommodating you, but they’re not.

I’ve received calls from other acquaintances where they reverberated something I’m doing or just finished doing. For instance, I arrive at home after getting a hair cut & I receive a call from an acquaintance telling me he’s about to go get a haircut. Or, as I’m practicing a dance known as Strobing (it looks as though your in a room with a strobe light), I get a call from an acquaintance telling me he’s about to go to his cousin’s to install a “strobe light.” These are just a couple of examples but this is recurrent.

It is likely that prior to the harassment campaign, these perpetrators used citizens (informants) to help frame me in situations I was not aware of (pictures, testimony, complaints, etc) in an attempt to represent me in a very negative manner. I believe this because they're currently generating pressure on me via acquaintances, & family, so these lies or intimidation must be potent. I think a combination of lies & intimidation is at the heart of recruitment strategy. This is exactly how the Stasi recruited informants, including friends & family of targeted individuals. It is my belief that many of the people in my personal life are cooperating out of fear & have been given a gag order during the “investigation.” Some of these agencies have a documented history of including friends, family, & places of business in these in harassment programs. See The War at Home, Brian Glick. This is basically a legal, mafia-style criminal network that operates outside of the law & has little accountability.

Because this investigation is completely bogus & people have apparently been given gag orders, I have no way of refuting these accusations. I visited the field office of the Boston FBI & spoke with one of their agents. He would not take my package or give me his name but he acknowledged that this phenomenon existed. He told me that the procedure was for me to mail my information in. I sent an information package describing this phenomenon & my experience with it to the FBI Boston office & got a signature receipt on January 17, 2006. In my letter I also gave them a description of the structure of this evil system, particularly that is state-sponsored. I have not yet heard back from them. I have also made calls & sent letters to the ACLU & Amnesty International, which they have either not responded to, or not responded favorably to. Most other targeted people have had the same experience when contacting these organizations.

I am now harassed everywhere in public by vehicles, postal vehicles (UPS, US postal) city vehicles (landscaping, plows, taxis, Keyspan, Comcast), fire trucks & ambulances, which cut me off, follow me, or happen to be at the destinations I arrive at. This happens far to often to be a coincidence. The participation of these vehicles in harassment campaigns is documented in the book Terrorist Stalking in America as well as by thousands of other targeted people across North America. I am surrounded by a presumably state-sponsored harassment group everywhere in public.

According to recent mainstream news & documentation by FBI SAC, Ted L. Gunderson (ret), 1 out of 10 (or 24) citizens is being called on to spy on (harass?) their neighbors. I believe that the bulk of these people are from citizens informants groups such as Tips, Weed & Seed, & other community crime-watch groups, which are elements of Homeland Security. I have recently concluded that I am also being hit with Directed Energy Weapons. This is a severely imbalanced & corrupt system that is being used for bogus ends.

The experience at the bank seems to have been an extension of an existing harassment-monitoring campaign. In 1999 I did some contract work at Cisco Systems. The harassment could have stemmed from this company as I remember being Mobbed there as well, although at the time I didn’t see it for what it was. At this point I do not know exactly when or why this group with military-industrial connections originally became interested in stalking me. But I believe at least as far back as 1998/1999, possibly earlier. I do not know why this cult has become obsessed with my life or exactly how long I have been host to this parasite. I think there have also been attempts to set me up, possibly to get me imprisoned or to aid with recruitment of more people into the campaign. I’m beginning to remember a pattern of incidents that are identical to the ones that I’m now experiencing. I have an audio diary that I’ve kept & I will post information as I review it.

Due to the information I’ve been exposed to, the testimony of other people, & the undisputed documented history of covert action/experimentation on unwitting civilians, I have concluded that this is a state-sponsored cult with ties to Satanism (on the higher levels, group members at the bottom are convinced they’re community servants). It is my belief that their goal is to get me to kill myself, repeatedly harass me to the point of a nervous breakdown, keep me Blacklisted/Mobbed out of employment to produce homelessness, or set me up to have me incarcerated.

My family & friends are unquestionably participating in the harassment. This includes very subtle but repeated verbal barbs that relate to things in my personal life. This is almost exactly the same situation I experienced at Mellon Bank & Marshalls. Particularly I am being covertly pushed out the door (home/multiple communities). Only now this happens with my family, acquaintances & other people in the community. Family & acquaintances are also participating in sensitivity programs using items & colors that the cult has tried to sensitize me to. I believe my family & friends have been severely intimidated & blackmailed by the cult-of-cowards that have been instigating this covert neutralization campaign against me. It is necessary for them to discredit it me (have me institutionalized or imprisoned). I believe they have turned up the heat because I am making progress in identifying & explaining their cowardly tactics.

They are probably coercing my family (severe threats of death or ruination) into institutionalizing me, for my “own safety.” I know that family/acquaintances would deny that they are taking part in this if I approached them. I know they would deny it & tell me that I need to seek help from a mental health counselor. I believe they have been given a gag order & threatened by this federal mafia. I know that they have.

In addition to the sensitivity tactics & verbal barbs that family & acquaintances have been using at the direction of the federal agency trying to destroy me, the relative that I’m living with now is creating a subliminally uncomfortable environment. This is not coming from her, she is being coached, “handled.” Although the techniques are different, these are the same type of borderline-subliminal attacks that I have received at other locations that I’ve been employed at, have tried to find employment at, or have visited. These are Gaslighting tactics & subliminal harassment used by the intelligence community & Satanic cults. They are as follows:

In general family & some acquaintances have been participation in the reinforcement of sensitivity programs & the creation of triggers, at the direction of the FBI/CIA or other agency. In addition, some family & acquaintances have reflected back to me information about my personal life that was apparently given to them by their “handlers” to aid in the harassment. The have also participated with the projection of themes (satanic, witches), presumably in an attempt to get me to believe/identify with these projections. This may be the use of another angle to destabilize me in an effort to break me down.

The political cult is generating pressure on me via friends & family in order to:

There is some very hi-tech surveillance being used on me. This surveillance is used when friends & family members are in my presence to aid in harassment. In the future I will explain what they’re doing & how I believe they’re doing it. I am not homicidal or suicidal. If I am forced into an institution by my “concerned” (blackmailed) family at the direction of this federal mafia, I will continue to do what I can to shed light on this matter if/when I’m released. If I am imprisoned I will continue my work to the best of my ability. If either of these things happens to me, I accept them. I very much hope that these things do not happen. And I am somewhat scared. But if these things happen then I will add them to my case file & eventually (hopefully) my book. They will simply confirm everything I’ve said.

My future is uncertain at this point & I may be homeless soon. They have removed every visible support structure from me that they can see. In-between-the-lines this federal cult has told me that all I need to do is “bow down” & “submit.” Using the same subtle medium they have also mocked me for having “no one left.” This is a mafia-type regime carrying out covert terrorist acts & experimentation in our neighborhoods & ripping families apart across North America. They operate unchecked. They thrive on your fear & your inability to recognize them for what they are. They are the embodiment of evil. I accept that this life will be wretched. I accept that I may be thought of by most people, as a loser, mentally ill, bum, etc. But I know the opposite is true. I will continue through, knowing that there is more at work than the Satanists & their magic arts.

I have put together a well-documented PDF report, which includes some of their tactics. I have been sending this report to news agencies, chapters of the ACLU & posting it on message boards on the Internet. I don’t actually expect these organizations to assist or print this material for the public, I know they’re too scared &/or have been given stand-down orders, for reasons of national security. I send them this information because I want them to know that this is what they should be doing. See also my tactics log & status updates.

Thank you,