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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Hidden Evil Status Report
July 20, 2011


I'll give a more detailed description of my situation in a future update. The environment here has been psychologically prepared to attack me. The tasks I'm given are timed to be synchronized with other events to contribute to their themes, which are often done to portray me as incompetent or threaten me. My finances are carefully regulated, I usually have just enough for food & to survive.

Because of my financial situation, I usually have no money to purchase certain things, & must wait for others to provide them. As part of controlling the environment, the items given to me are usually products that contribute to their themes. And as part of the principle of synchronization, they are given to me at particular times. They go out of their way to let me know that they are doing this, allegedly to antagonize me.

The DOD has been increasingly using dogs to harass me. They continue to attack me with directed-energy, including pulsed negative emotions, particularly anger.

My personal belongings are still being destroyed. They are removing products that I need from store shelves & letting me know they have done so with their swarming citizens, probably in an attempt to frustrate me.

As part of what appears to be a tactic intended to diminish my independence, they have created a situation where I do not have access to a vehicle. They do not want me mobile. There is a bike for me to use. The circumstance of having to use a bike for transportation is frequently referenced in PsyOp products, (including PsyActs by citizens), as part of a theme intended to mock me.

It appears they are done blocking the editing process, during which responses to my messages were frequently delayed. Sometimes up to a week or more has gone by without a response. The responses were timed (synchronized) to contribute to themes & to be as inconvenient for me as possible. The content of messages also contained keywords to contribute to themes. Vague responses to my questions were given so as to cause confusion.

While reading these delayed theme-based messages from the editor, the DOD used its method of communication (combinations of pulsed anger, shocks & stings, flickering lights, microwave hearing) to let me know they were sabotaging the process. It seems that they also intended to disgust me so that I would not use this person's editing service in the future. This would have happened with any editing service. It is similar to the behavior that I've often experienced when dealing with vendors & store clerks.

The document was finally returned on a day picked by them to promote one of their themes. It is now corrupted. I've created a new file that I'm currently reformatting which should take less than a month to complete. Because I'll be directly formatting some text (clicking & highlighting), there is a very real possibility of the document being mistakenly altered. They will probably also take the opportunity that this situation provides to sabotage the document again.

More than likely, after I'm done there will more grammatical & spelling mistakes. However, rather than sending it back to the editor for more delays & aggravation I'll just be publishing it as is. My guess is there will be more delays during the publishing phase when they'll be frequently letting me know that they're doing so with their themes in an attempt to aggravate me. It might be October or November before this is available in hardcopy form.

I've temporarily stopped researching subjects for my next book so that I can take care of other things. I'm enjoying myself often enough.

Thank You,