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June 17, 2013 Update


On some nights for the last couple of months there have been traffic jams on Storrow Drive near the bridge that I'm sleeping under. I'm not sure exactly how this was arranged. Possibly some type of construction project on a nearby road that re-routes traffic to the area. When it happens the vehicles are slowed, resulting in a parade of lights & noise.

This appears to be a gambit to maximize the noise attacks. The 2-hour noise campaign includes the following: revving engines, blaring horns, sirens, loud music, & yelling. The attacks often occur when the vehicles are closest.

There is some type of biting insect at the bridge that is causing welts to appear on my arms & hands. And on multiple occasions I have returned to find my food supplies destroyed.

Construction projects have obstructed both shortcuts that I use to travel to & from the bridge. One path has been completely blocked.

Interestingly, over the winter train stations from Oak Grove to Sullivan were shut down on weekends due to construction. Because of this, I had to take a crowded shuttle bus between Malden & Sullivan. In a future update I'll explain how this was probably done to increase the swarming & noise attacks in order to disgust me from using the subway. More specifically, it seems to have been done to limit my mobility.

My clothes & other supplies have been frequently sabotaged. They continue to remove items that I regularly purchase from Wallgreens, Shaws, Trader Joe's, & other places in the area.

More than $200 was deducted from my bank account at one time during the winter. Although I was told that someone had stolen a check & used it to purchase something at a retail store, I'm certain it was another attack. They are now following up on this fraud by using the TRS collection agency to send me letters threatening legal action on behalf of the retail store if I don't pay the money. More recently they tampered with my online purchases resulting in more overdraft fees of about $70.

They have not been been able to harass me out of the library so far. I spend most of my time in two corners of a room where the attacks are minimized. Allegedly to get me out of those somewhat comfortable areas, they removed both tables. When I started using chairs to place my computer on, they temporarily blocked the areas with a variety of junk.

Now they have resorted to the frequent use of malodorants (rotting animals) & are disconnecting me from the internet. Periodically they will have citizens approach & interrupt me. Then there are the loud crashing sounds that erupt from around me every couple of minutes, as well as the sirens. Every time I get up I'm blitzed by citizens & library workers in a roving obstacle course.

They have not been successful in provoking me into a violent outburst using the citizens who are antagonizing me in public. There has been a progression in swarming attacks over the years. When I did not give in to the intimidation, they increased the number of citizens who surround me. After that didn't yield the desired results, they had them physically collide with me.

Now, the citizens who collide with me are increasingly starting confrontations. So far, this has included yelling & kicking me. A variation of this follow-up to the physical collision, is to inform security guards & police officers that I attacked them.

The citizens have been reduced to savages.

In an another report I'll describe the attacks that have taken place in more detail, as well as some of the ones that will likely occur.

I should be finished with the 2nd edition of The Hidden Evil before the end of the summer. I'm also making a list of the books & articles I'll be writing in the future.

Things are going nicely. I still have time to study dance & do leisure reading in the evening.