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Hidden Evil Event
April 2-9, 2009

Visiting Family

Thursday April 2
Belfast Maine, 7:30AM

Purchasing the ticket at the Big Apple gas station in Belfast there was almost constant noise, caused by what seemed to be a vendor stalking shelves. Bags & boxes were repeatedly dropped on the ground & a variety of other general noise ensued. While waiting for the bus, there was lots of activity in the area in front of this convenient store, which lasted about 10 minutes or so, then tapered off.

A long delay at the cash register at Dunkin Donuts occurred while I was being served, apparently there was some trouble with the register that required a manager. At this time a white male, mid 50s about 5,10'' stood to my left rather than in line in back of me, probably in order to crowd my space. On my way out I noticed what seemed to be a swarm pulse. A variety of vehicles showed up as I approached the car. They contained people who chose to not go through the drive-through, but instead go inside. This probable swarm included multiple loud door slams. While outside Dunkin Donuts I mentioned phrases to the passerbys, such as, "911 was an inside job, the murderers are using the civil defense network in your city to stalk & harass people as they setup a dictatorship."

On the bus to Boston there didn't seem to be as much commotion for some reason as there usually is. There was, however, plenty of compartment slamming & on two occasions someone, presumably the man in back of me, kicked my seat. I turned around & commented about this but he denied it. This was timed with the arrival of a couple of seniors who both gave me strange looks while I confronted this man, as if to imply I was imagining it or over reacting; classic street theatre (PsyActs).

One noteworthy occurrence regarding the use of NLP, synchronization & uniforms included the use of a particular color which was synchronized with a song I was listening to. I've noticed this type of synchronization with music & words often while being stalked in public. This time the song I had been listening to mentioned the word "black" multiple times. Less than 5 minutes later as we pulled up to the next stop I noticed that most of the people (5 or so) waiting in the area had on black.

One man, early 60s white male, who was seeing someone off, was zippering up a black sweater. He was standing near a dark (possibly black) blazer. It appeared as though he just put it on in time for the arrival of the bus. Only 3 people got on the bus (not including the man in his 60s standing near the blazer). All 3 were wearing black. One had a black sweater, another had a black jacket & another had black pants & a black hat. I think a couple had black shoes too. At the very next stop a single person got on, a white woman in her late 20s dressed in black.

At south station the usual crowding occurred. As I entered the doors to the main area an older man standing off to the left smirked as he saw one of my signs, "911 was an Inside Job" which was posted on the front of one of my bags. I also got multiple stares from others who were seated & standing. People moved from the sides in front of me cutting me off as I approached the escalator. While approaching the escalator to go downstairs, two children jumped in front of the entranced & simply moved around. They occupied this space blocking me for probably at least 30 seconds while their mother took her time corralling them. She appeared to be oblivious to the fact that someone holding bags was waiting a few feet away to get by.

In addition to the standard crowding attacks, I noticed that the DoD wanted to draw my attention to the Daily Metro. On two occasions I was blocked from moving at the exact spot of a Metro daily newspaper. Then when I arrived at downtown crossing I noticed I was being stared at by a man with a cell phone to his ear standing near a metro dispenser. In all probability, there was some headline which they intended to use as a PsyOp attack.

At Downtown Crossing while waiting for the train to Oak Grove I made a statement such as, "911 was an inside job, the informant network that stalks & harasses people is helping the murders setup a fascist dictatorship." This was done after several people in the area made it known they were there to watch/stalk me. This occurred after the man standing near the Metro dispenser gave me a long blatant stare while holding the cell phone. These statements sometimes cause an effect which includes their informants/agents turning away or changing their facial expressions to one of fear, anger, or shame.

I created some new signs for such journeys. They're made out of a durable type of cordura & are big enough to be read from 50 or so yards away. Two which are on the back of the backpack read, "911 was an Inside Job," & below that "A nation of stalkers." The stalker one has my website & the 911 one has Then there are 3 more signs. Two are 911 signs which read the same as the previous one, only slightly smaller. They're mounted on the front & sides of the other bag. Then another is a larger 911 sign, about 2 x 1 feet, which I created for wearing on my backpack during long walks which may not include lots of swarming.

In some of the DoD's PsyOp material they describe how they'd even use billboards & graffiti to communicate messages to their TAs. On multiple occasions I've noticed graffiti on the walls of buildings while passing by them on the train to Oak Grove. I have observed what I've concluded to be insults & threats directed specifically at me during these times. In addition to this, there are usually people in parking lots or on streets wearing colors or holding objects that they've sensitized me to. Also, during these rides I'm usually surrounded by their braintapped informants who are commenting on my thought process or objects in my visual field during fake conversations (street theatre or PsyActs).

Exiting the train area of Malden station I was cutoff by multiple people. Prior to this, a black woman, mid 30s jumped back with her hands in the air next to me, apparently to imply that I invaded her space while I was slightly off balance for a moment when walking down the stairs. I recognized her exaggerated act as typical of their informant stalkers, who seem to use any excuse to start an argument or altercation. Then, leaving the station itself I was blocked by a man approaching the same door from the opposite side.

Walking out of the station, the same woman who threw her hands in the air a few moments earlier, was standing outside the station. At this time there were only a few people around & there was plenty of space for walking. As I walked toward the street she turned around & abruptly walked toward me, passing less than a foot next to me. Her body language, combined with a hostile expression on her face, & the abrupt/quick movement, plus the crowding of my space, was apparently intended to intimidate me.

Walking from the station to my mother's apartment I was encompassed by the usual fleet of loud vehicles. I noticed that these loud vehicles are used strategically at corners. Large vehicles are also used in this manner. Large trucks passing closely at intersections are apparently intended to intimidate using their size. I've noticed this with fire trucks which have stalked me very closely in Malden Square, as well as 18-wheelers that have also pulled up next to me.

At the corner of Charles & Pearl Street, a restaurant was receiving some type of shipment. This is a corner I usually take to travel onto Charles to my mother's apartment. Several people were going back & forth from a truck next to the sidewalk near the restaurant. This is basically a stage for crowding & noise attacks, which they create that I sometimes have to pass through. As I approached, a man in his late 60s who seemed to be not participating in this "delivery" stared at me while entering his car which was parked near the delivery vehicle. These stares happen even when I don't have signs. As I approached the area he slammed his door. I turned the corner onto Charles & anticipated many loud vehicles traveling on this street which typically happens. It did this time.

Not only was there what seemed to be an increase in the amount of vehicles that I think would normally be there, but many, if not most of them were loud. For instance a loud construction tractor turned from Highland Ave onto Charles & traveled passed me. As I approached the corner of Highland & Charles an oriental man in his 70s with a cell phone to his head exited the house I passed by to my left & brushed passed me (synchronization, sensitivity, & crowding). I stopped at the corner of Highland & Charles to remove the signs because I agreed with my mother that I wouldn't have them on as I entered the building. During this time, most of the vehicles that used this corner had loud or very loud exhaust systems. This single use of noise alone is a vicious attack.

I looked across the street, & directly across from the apartment building I noticed some city vehicles. I immediately recognized this as another setup/excuse to produce noise as I passed by. Sure enough, after I crossed the street & approached the building, explosions of noise ensued. It occurred just when I was as close as possible. Interestingly too, during a staged conversations that the DoD had my braintapped family engage in, a question was asked whether I drove a tractor on the farm, or if I liked to drive the tractor.

The black theme continued out in public up until I arrived at my mother's apartment, where it even continued then. There were references to a particular nephew of mine, who is half black. Of course this occurred with references to other nephews. But in addition to this, my sister, whose daughter (my niece) is half black & whose child she was referring to, changed her top & came out of the bathroom with a black shirt. She then asked my mother what she thought of her "black shirt." My mother replied that it looked nice & that it would look better if she wore "her grandmother's black earrings" with it. After that another sister arrived. She had on black pants. My mother also had on black pants.

A reference was also made to the pistachio nuts last week, which were linked to poison, having been in a "black" bag. So this basically linked the poison theme to the black theme. There were multiple other subtle references to this black theme as well. So far, as usual, our conversations, including their replies to my questions, as well as their questions & the topics of conversations that they raise, are being electronically directed by the DoD in real-time.

Friday April 3
In mother's apartment, 7:00AM

Last evening I received the following attacks: sharp pains to the top of my head, throbbing pains in my ears & a type of dull but potent pain in my mid-back. Note too, my sister's reference to her back hurting her prior to the onset of the attack. Now I'm being attacked with V2K hissing. The counterspace of this apartment is cluttered with various debris which prevents one from using it. Basically all of the trays, counterspace in the living area, kitchen & bathroom are cluttered with items which prevents them from being used. So, this is another type of crowding or blocking that they use, which leaves the targeted person looking around for an available space to place an item. The DoD obviously has this apartment prepped in order to further restrict my movements.

Also, I noticed that the last time I was here the shower was only slightly warm. This occurred, presumably as a retaliation for me holding up 911 truth signs in Harvard Square. Other new attacks that they've arranged to make this environment more painful, includes preventing the central fan or air conditioner from working. This too is a new tactic that just happened last time I was here. The excuse for this is that my mother says it's not necessary in the winter, so she's had it disabled.

Yet each time I've been here in the winter, the apartment is too hot, if anything. They knew my habit after arriving was to put on the AC to both cover the noise & cool off. So to remove this comfort & create a more painful environment, they disabled it. They've basically removed the air circulation. The other options are to use a small fan, or open the windows which results in being more susceptible to the frequent explosions of noise.

Yesterday, when I again acknowledged this issue after walking to the controls, a referenced was made such as, "why do you need it, are you too hot?" This phrase has been used before when they first disabled this cooling system, & the word "hot" is usually emphasized. And the phrase is spoken when I go to the controls, which is usually after I've experienced vicious attacks on the street by the civilian defense network. Note: just as I wrote the word "warm" I heard my mother a few feet away in an obviously fake conversation (PsyAct), say the phrase "hot number."

In addition to the shower now being borderline cold & the counterspace in the bathroom being almost entirely occupied with junk which makes it difficult to perform my activities, I've also noticed another new tactic. It includes the removal of the shelving unit in the shower, which leaves me with very little room for my showering items. There are only a couple of tiny spaces on the sides, which are basically useless. Also the bath towels are covered with lint & hairs which rub off onto me as I'm drying myself. To avoid this I use a smaller towel which is not designed to dry a person's body. Notice the multitude & pervasiveness of "non-lethal" tactics that are used; how they're tailored to your habits. They amount to a bombardment of subtle but powerful attacks.

The only window in the livingroom has multiple statues on it, which interferes with the shade from being used. Basically this is another type of blocking or trap which results in the items being knocked over if the shade is used. The basic idea of these types of blocking, crowding, & trap attacks are applied to the entire apartment. From counterspace to floorspace blocking/crowding is used. For instance, around the doorways & corners plants, baskets & other items are placed, which restricts the free passage of a person through that area.

The small kitchen has objects on the floor such as bags & dustpans leaning up against cabinets, restricting passage as well as a mop leaning up against an area right near the handle for the refrigerator, which would easily cause it to fall by opening the door. This produces more of a crowding/blocking effect in an apartment that is already small. The entire apartment has been prepped to produce a blocking, crowding, claustrophobic effect by the placement of items on floors, counters & other areas. This also occurs at my current place of residence, it occurred at the previous place, as well as the one prior to that.

Another theme which the DoD has been projecting is the elephant theme. This will be explained in future writings. But for now, among the many themes which are projected, is this one. The last time I was here my mother asked me if I liked her new elephant statues. Either during that visit or the prior one, there was a TV production on elephants which I saw as she was clicking through the cable TV. This so far doesn't indicate a pattern, but for now it should be mentioned, as it will at a later date when I explain this theme in more detail, as well as how cable TV & radio are being used to convey PsyOp messages to domestic TAs (target audiences).

Print material & other objects have been placed around the apartment to convey PsyOp messages & themes. For instance a Roy Orbison DVD entitled "Black & White Night" was placed on one of the desks, apparently contributing to the black theme. These are military PsyOp attacks.


Another example of synchronization includes the DoD having brain tapped family members reference my ongoing activities, including references to reading material. For instance while reading a book called Soviet Psychoprisons, my mother walked over to the window & said, "it's cloudy." A moment later I glanced down, & on the exact page I was reading saw a sentence stating that soviet dissidents were sometimes accused of having their perception, "clouded," & were diagnosed with schizophrenia. Although I didn't record specific events of this last night, it happened then too, while my mother & sister were being directed by the DoD to make references to other words I encountered while reading this book. This occurred during fake conversations (PsyActs).


For about the last half hour there has been steady banging on one of the walls outside the apartment. It sounds like hammering. Yesterday into the evening, the building was encircled by a fleet of loud vehicles driving around Charles & Highland Ave. At times it sounded as if some of the same vehicles were encircling the building. This morning too, I heard a fire siren. Now the banging has become louder.


While reading a book called Institute of Fools about Soviet Psychiatric abuse, I finished a sentence regarding how some patients contemplated suicide & was about to make a notation. My hand, voluntarily moved the pen to the notepaper, but then involuntarily moved across to the left, 4 or 5 inches away, & scribbled on my left thumb. Although the initial movement to make the notation was voluntary, this lateral movement which resulted in being marked was involuntary. This is a frequent attack, which sometimes results in slight or even major injury, such as when reaching for something & having my arm involuntarily, rapidly increase in speed to push my hand into an object such as a counter or cabinet.

This type of involuntary movement has also resulted in injury of my hand while holding a sharp object during which my hand involuntarily drives the object into a body part. A variation of this is when I'm holding an object & my hand involuntarily opens up for a split second, resulting in the fragile object falling & breaking on the floor. A possible added implication here is the suicide theme. After I was about to make a notation about a contemplated suicide, the pen is sent crashing into my thumb, as if to imply the action. I just noticed the screen on this laptop alter in a manner which caused the font to change.

Another synchronization tactic includes the dimming of all of the lamps. This occurs when specific words are spoken by me or other family members, who are brain tapped. It is apparently done to emphasize the theme or trigger word, which is used to convey threats or insults. It also occurs during thought patterns, which may be sent through Silent Sound. In addition to these, a follow-up often happens. The follow-up occurs directly after the insult/threat, as if to bolster the message.

Other follow-ups which I've noted include shocks, stings, V2K, pain attacks, & sonic projectiles which hit areas close by. For instance, I just picked up the book again & the second I read the phrase, that "medicine should be used to cure & not injure" the lights dimmed, as if to bolster the theme of "injury." This was synchronized with the arrival of my mother through the apartment door, again, as if to bolster the theme. Now she's saying "um hmm," to herself, or "yes," to what I'm writing. So the DoD is saying through her as a proxy, "yes these are attacks from us."

Saturday April 4
In Boston, 8:00AM to 12:00PM

From about 8AM to about 12PM I was at corner of Dartmouth & Boylston in Boston holding the sign below.

Side A

was an
Inside Job
The murderers are using the civil defense network
in your city to stalk & harass dissent
as they setup a dictatorship

Side B

A Nation
Corporations control your streets
with state-sponsored
Gang Stalking

Fire trucks with their sirens blaring drove down Boylston & turned onto the apposite corner of Dartmouth that I was on. This happened on two occasions about 1.5 hours apart. Then an ambulance with its sirens blaring did the same thing. During the entire stay, my guess is that the number of people wearing black varied at different times from about 50 to 90% of the people at the intersection I was able to observe. They had black pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, bags, shoes, shirts, hats, etc. A number of people were dressed completely in black. This was obviously an extension of the black theme.

Later in the morning, they arranged for a group of people in their early 20s to hand out flyers pertaining to some sort of benefit for children. This group appeared not only at the exact intersection, but the exact corner. They basically blocked my signs. This has been used the last couple of times I've done this at Harvard Square too. In this case, their engagement of the public periodically produced a crowd, which resulted in more of a visual blocking effect.

There were no staged verbal confrontations by the DoD this time. I anticipated this would occur as they've used this twice at Harvard Square. Instead, they seemed to want to overwhelm me with noise & with a command presence of their stalkers. At one point two black men, both mid 30s engaged me in conversation. One touched my left hand twice, first as he passed to get my attention to let me know he agreed with me, then again as he was speaking. This was seemingly done to get my attention &/or promote his point, & could normally be considered an expression of normal conversation.

I didn't suspect anything until they left & immediately a bee flew onto the exact same part of my hand that he touched. It stayed there for less than a second until I swept it off. I think it was about to sting me. My first experience in Harvard Square resulted not only in being hit with a DEW which caused pain to my lower back, but also a bee came out of nowhere & stung my hand. I don't recall this ever happening before.

Another man walked by & engaged me in conversation. He mentioned repeatedly that I should invest in a bulletproof vest. Then a woman walking by stopped to ask me what I thought it was that drove people to public violence. She asked if violent video games, where multiple people are killed, contributes to it. Although I don't remember for sure, the word "shoot" may have even been used. But she did make several references to phrases such as, "what do you think drives them to the point where they literally just don't care anymore," & "they get to the point where they don't care & just start killing people."

Then another man engaged me in conversation. He seemed to be aware of what was going on & said he was interested in learning more. I gave him informational DVDs. He then mentioned that he had just gotten out of prison. We shook hands & he left. Out of the 7 people who stopped to talk, 4 of them were related to the events I just described. I noticed that they often used multiple informants (agents of action) to communicate different aspects of a single PsyOp message to a TA. If this was the case, one possible combined interpretation of these events would be that if I keep doing this, they'll reach a point where they just don't care & have me killed or imprisoned. Note: As I was writing the phrase "they'll reach the point where they just don't care," I got a V2K saying "Yup," as if to confirm the statement.

As I began to pack up at about noon I noticed an increase in loudness of the vehicles that approached the corner. In addition to the increase in noise, I also heard another fire truck siren. A group of seemingly homeless people in back of me sitting near the library, were referencing words pertaining to my thought pattern & movements as I packed up. This was done during a loud conversation. A variation of this occurred on this day with people walking by & loudly referencing the same, while they spoke on their cell phones or with each other, during what sometimes appeared to be, blatantly fake conversations.

While walking to the Back Bay station I was cutoff & crowded by people dressed in black. While walking past a hotel on Dartmouth Street, loud whistles & horns erupted as soon as I was closest to their origin. As I approached the station, a group of people wearing black exited. I was also crowded & cutoff inside the station. While waiting for the train, a black woman in her late 20s walked around me while having a loud conversation on a cell phone. The station wasn't crowded, there was plenty of room, yet she walked a few feet away from me in a circle. This crowding & yelling tactic was also apparently done to intimidate me.

On the train I was pushed from behind as people boarded & left. The point of contact for these concealed assaults was the location of the signs on my backpack. The last couple times I had different types of signs there, the DoD would have their stalkers brush up against them to knock them off, which they were successful in doing. These ones are made of fabric & are more difficult for them to unsettle.

While walking through Malden station I was cutoff by an oriental boy who squeezed by me from the right & then cut me off. As I exited the station, a group of people wearing black stood to my left. I crossed the street on my way into the parking lot, & as I approached the lot, a vehicle waiting for someone had its door slammed at the exact moment I was closest to it. Then a moment later as I entered the lot, an oriental man appeared & his movement was timed perfectly to crowed me near a vehicle, which produced a confined area where we both had to pass. As I exited the lot a few moments later, as anticipated, a group of men in their early 20s appeared from the building to my right & began to walk down the narrow pathway which leads up to the sidewalk of Rt 60, which was the same trail I was about to take. This also produced a blocking/crowding effect.

I crossed the street & anticipated more crowding/blocking at the corner of Rt 60 & Pearl Street, which they usually arrange. They did on this occasion too. After I turned the corner I was crowded by two men, one in a military fatigue. Walking down Pearl I was intercepted by vehicles at two corners before I turned onto Charles Street. Both vehicles shot out onto the area of the street I was about to cross, basically blocking me. The first was a black car, then another one turning onto Hubbard Street, was a white one. I turned onto Charles & headed toward Highland Ave. I experienced not nearly as much noise as I anticipated. When I got to the corner of Highland & Charles & began to remove the signs, there was a police car to my right on Charles Street.

I approached the apartment building & a woman, I think wearing black, entered as I went in. My mother opened the door to the apartment & was wearing a black top with black pants. A few movements after I arrived, she said she wanted to keep the windows open. A few moments after that, fire sirens rang out. This evening my mother also mentioned she didn't like to have the window closed because it made her feel "claustrophobic." An obvious reference to the same word I used a couple days earlier.

Sunday April 5
Traveling to South Station, 10:30AM

Today my mother once again had on black pants as well as a black & white top. I was crowded by pedestrians on the way to & at the train station. While waiting at Malden Station, an announcement came over the loudspeakers, which said something like this: "We need your eyes & ears, so if you see something, anything at all, say something." This occurred as a man was walking passed me. After he passed, he stopped, turned back & looked at me for a second or so, then continued. At this time I had multiple 911 Truth & Gang Stalking signs on my bags. On the train I was encompassed by people dressed in black.

At the South Station I passed through the main restaurant area with little difficulty. Usually, they have an army of informants who block me, cut me off, & swarm me on my way through. What I've done lately is to walk very slowly, so they can all see my "911 was an Inside Job," & "A Nation of Stalkers," signs.

After passing through the restaurant area I exited out onto the train platforms on my way to the bus terminals. While I passed under one speaker an announcement blurted the second I was under it pertaining to destinations in Connecticut. This was yet another explosion of noise which occurred just when I'm closest to its origin. It's used with loudspeakers in stores, outside of stores, in subways, etc. The second your closest to the speaker they blurt out an announcement.

Continuing at the station, I walked around the area where the buses are boarded, which has the destinations & routes listed on digital signs at each terminal. I didn't find one that resembled my destination, which was the Maine Coastal Route, until I reached the last terminals & noticed one that had some stops which are included in this route, & also had the same departure time. Suspecting this was not the correct one because it didn't say coastal, along with the suspicion that they may have tampered with these & other types of signs in the past, I wasn't content to think this was it.

Normally I walk up & back a couple times anyway, & it's a good thing I did this time, because when I walked back, I noticed that one of the signs I'd passed now had the coastal/concord word on it. I read each of the signs during the first pass & didn't see this. I think this was changed after I'd passed it. After stopping & acknowledging it, I thought to myself, "they tampered with the sign, I could have missed my bus." About a second later I overheard the phrase, "next time" spoken louder than the other conversational words from a woman who walked by me speaking with another woman. The station is usually filled with informants who cut me off, crowd me, stare at me, & are usually wearing whatever color they've decided to use for their uniform at that time. This was the case today.

I notice the looks on some of their faces when contact is made. They convey a message such as, "I know, I don't want to do it or be here but I have to," as well as a type of disgust, as if they're disgusted with their behavior there. One man in his mid 50s kept staring at me, & at one time moved his hand across his neck while doing so, as if to convey the message, "you're throat will be cut," or "we'll/they'll cut your throat."

When it came time to board the bus, I noticed that the driver paused longer while reading my ticket than he seemed to have when taking the other tickets. After this long pause, he asked where I was going. My mind went blank. Finally, after a couple seconds I was able to remember. They may have had him pause me at that exact location so they could aim a type of DEW to erase some of my short-term memory. This is an established effect of a high-powered microwave. I think this has happened before at places where I've been stationary for a while, then prompted with a simple question I couldn't answer.

The bus was crowded of course. The man in front of me made repeated movements with his right hand across his neck, in the same way the first man did in the station. The cover for this was that he was fixing his headphones. But I noticed his hand, on a couple occasions, went from one side to the other of his neck. During the ride there was frequent coughing from multiple people. I didn't record specific instances of this, but these coughs were often synchronized with thoughts, usually negative ones, which I think were transmitted through a type of Silent Sound technology.

Surrounding me with people who frequently cough is a standard tactic which has occurred in multiple states, even during the spring & summer. [Note: Another fly just dropped in front of me. I've seen them fall out of the air right in front of me. This may be done to demonstrate the accuracy of the Directed Energy Weapons they have. Now I'm getting V2K.]

The couple in back of me babbled almost the entire journey. Their fake conversations were veils for the familiar pacing techniques which are frequently used. In this case some of the words in their conversation pertained to words in my thought process (a portion of which itself may have been sent through Silent Sound), or to thought-pictures. They babbled constantly. I noticed some V2K, involuntary muscle movements & attacks to my ears. Not as much as has happened in the past, but some.

I arrived in Belfast about 5PM. I opened the door to the car & a couple things happened. First a fire siren blared, then I noticed a stench inside the car of what seemed to be a dead animal. On the ride home I was tailgated by a few vehicles & cutoff by two. I noticed what seemed to be a convoy of vehicles heading in the opposite direction on Rt 3, which consisted of about 8-10 vehicles all spaced approximately the same distance apart, moving at the same speed, & all with their lights on. The clock on my mother's computer was 1 hour ahead. I set it to the correct time, then it set itself to 1 hour ahead again. I just noticed the clock on the computer is also 1 hour ahead.

Thank You,