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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Volume I Commentary

According to some experts on the subject of psychopathy, there are two subspecies of the human race. They include the normal people and the psychopaths. The psychopaths are aware of this but the normal people are not. There are 1 out of 25 people in our society that have no conscience and are obsessed with having power over people. It is their nature to attack normal people who they see as weak and naive prey. They exist on every level of society and can conceal themselves rather well.

In most situations there is no curing them. Curing implies that mental or emotional problems, as deep as they may be, are preventing a person from functioning normally, and that the instinctive substructure which the personality sits on has certain qualities. However, the substructure of these individuals does not contain the qualities which are necessary for them to function in a manner that most of us would consider normal.

Because this difference occurs on such a very deep level—literally on the level that a makes a human being human—they could realistically be categorized as a separate subspecies. A historical pattern exists which shows that these intraspecies predators are usually the ones installing dictatorships. To accomplish this, they form active networks to gain control over the society of normal people. Their pursuit of power is relentless.

Governments can be overthrown by such groups without the population realizing it because governmental functions remain intact but are brought under the control of the dictators. After the conspirators have seized the top level of government, they recruit other factions into supporting their policies. Although they may be denied legitimacy at first, they may eventually be accepted. Gradually, control is established over all developmental areas of society, as well as the mass media, economy, military, police, and local governments.

NGOs, which people use to influence the direction of society and which could be used to expose such a pathocracy, are the first organizations targeted for infiltration. Areas of the social sciences including psychology and psychiatry must also be controlled in order to provide cover for the system.

The group capitalizes on the public’s need for a better world to conceal their goal of achieving power. A set of ideas and a plan to accomplish them is presented to the public. The plan will typically include repressive legislation and the proclamation of an enemy. A crisis may be manufactured to help achieve this.

As the dictatorship is being established, internal and external enemies are created to maintain it by uniting the people against a common threat. The utopia is possible only when the enemy, who is seen as the obstacle, is removed. A new class of people is used to enforce the rule of the dictators and to attack the internal enemies.

An external war allows the pathocracy to expand and kill large numbers of normal people. In addition to the use of external wars, the psychopaths believe it is critical to their survival that systematic methods are used to physically and psychologically destroy as many normal people as possible. A manufactured crisis, such as a state-sponsored terrorist attack, may be used by the regime against its own populace to pass repressive laws in order to set up and expand the dictatorship.

When a group of psychopaths has established control over a society, they create a large-scale mask to hide the true nature of their system. At a superficial glance, such a pathocracy will have the appearance of decency. According to congressional sources, the US Government was overthrown in 1913 when the nation’s economy was seized by investors functioning through a private institution known as the Federal Reserve, which now controls America’s money supply.

A process of infiltration of the US Government can be observed over a period of decades by groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and large tax-exempt foundations, all of which promote world government. Some of these organizations officially exist for charitable purposes and to serve humanity. We find traces of the same network active in the creation of the League of Nations and the United Nations, organizations which the public is told were created to achieve world peace.

However, the same interests that that created these IGOs profited from the wars that led to their development and even built the opposing forces. Elements of the same network contributed to the construction of fascist and communist dictatorships which contained death camps.

They selected Adolph Hitler, built the Nazi War Machine, and covered up their connection to it. They financed the Bolshevik Revolution and continued to fund Communist Russia for decades. They attempted to overthrow the US Government by force in 1934. And by the 1920s they established central banks in many European countries as a way of controlling them.

The US Congress was able to glimpse the true nature of this network when it investigated factions of it in the 1950s, and learned that it was a menace to society. It suggested that any society which valued its freedom should beware.

In the early 1960s elements of this network within the US Government almost carried out terrorist attacks in major US cities to promote a war against Cuba during Operation Northwoods, which had the written approval of every single member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There are some crucial unanswered questions regarding the Oklahoma City Bombing, which resulted in the passing of antiterror legislation that targets US citizens.

Facts regarding 9/11, including the total, symmetric, nearly freefall collapse of a 47-story steel building, which was located a block away from the twin towers and was not hit by a plane, raise some serious questions that have not been properly answered. Elements of this same network have stated that the 9/11 tragedy could be used to carry out a New World Order.

Presidents, congressmen, and historical figures that have been able to detect traces of this network at various times have issued warnings that it was a threat to humanity. They told us this would happen. Any person who is unaware of the history of these groups or the takeover which occurred in the US might believe that the policies now being promoted were formed by the authentic government that was originally established to serve the people.

The idea that the US Congress is repeatedly introducing and passing legislation that is destructive to the principles on which the republic was founded, and is doing so without the complete knowledge of its enslaving effects, is implausible.

Some individuals in Congress are warning the public. However, it is clear at this point that Congress as an organization has been entirely subverted. It is serving the pathocracy. Also, because it was essential that people believed that directed-energy weapons were humane and that this global revolution was necessary to improve our society, military and civilian experts on history and warfare have been used to sell them to the public.

The pattern of infiltration, state-sponsored terrorism, repressive legislation, control of developmental areas of societies, enemy creation, and wars is characteristic of the process for dictatorship creation described in this volume. Historical evidence has shown us that multiple groups which form a single network have been vigorously establishing control of the planet. This behavior is consistent with dictatorship creation and the pathological factors therein. Observable reality suggests that a network of wealthy psychopaths is controlling this global revolution.

The expanded worldview outlined in this volume, taken from new information in the psychological sciences, has allowed us to see past their clever lies of a better world. It has allowed us to see what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and what their actual plans are. Now that we know how the people who run our society really think, now that we can see them for what they are, we have established a foundation that will allow us to realistically perceive how this technology will be used on the public.