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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Electronic Tyranny

When people consider how directed-energy weapons will be used on them, most probably think of an area denial scenario, where they’re at a protest and the police/military bring out a visible vehicle-mounted or man-portable weapon. They also probably think that once they leave the site, they’ll never be attacked again. But that is only one use for this technology. There are a few considerations regarding this, including the following:

Furthermore, the DOD would not limit itself to using only man-portable or vehicle-mounted platforms against a confirmed enemy. All that the Anglo-American Establishment needed to do was to get the public to accept that high-powered microwaves and lasers are nonlethal. Now, as far as specific uses or the locations of platforms, the potential is limitless.

Based on the declaration that these weapons will be used in secrecy against an enemy that lives among the civilian population, we must consider the very real possibility that autonomous stationary systems have been installed in some cities.1

A multi-level, overlapping approach has probably been adopted, consisting of space-based, stationary land-based, mobile, vehicle-mounted, and man-portable weapons. Smaller stationary systems can be installed in the cities themselves, supported by mobile and man-portable systems.

Larger units with strike capabilities of tens of miles can be placed in restricted areas outside of cities. Finally, space-based weapons can provide global coverage. Officially, space-based high-powered directed-energy weapons do not yet exist. These weapons can be linked through computers and sensors to the same C4ISR system previously mentioned, essentially making them a single weapon. A more detailed hypothetical example follows.

Populated Areas

With a distance of at least 1 km, the ADS is said to have many possible domestic uses. The Silent Guardian, which is a fraction of the size of the original ADS, has an automated tracking and targeting feature that can simultaneously and continuously attack multiple targets, in a 360 degree radius, with a distance of at least 250 meters.

A distance of 250 meters may not seem like much, but if many of these small systems were placed inside public transportation systems, or other public places, they could provide primary or backup coverage for larger systems.

There are at least a couple of potential laser systems that could be used in urban settings. One is the High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS), which is a mobile, pulsed, solid-state laser that is small enough to be mounted to a vehicle or a range of other platforms.

The Laser Area Defense System (LADS) is another highly mobile solid-state laser, capable of the fast, continuous, simultaneous engagement of multiple targets in a 360 degree zone at extended ranges. The LADs was originally intended to shoot down missiles.

Using the available specifications of the systems that are known to exist, we can conclude that these weapons are connected to a computer with a network of sensors that is capable of automated, rapid, continuous targeting of multiple targets simultaneously. They have a 360 degree strike zone, with a range of miles in some cases, and are capable of instantaneous damage assessment and rapid retargeting.

If a network of these smaller ADS and solid-state laser platforms were placed strategically throughout a city, they could provide intersecting coverage. Wired into the electrical grid, they would have an unlimited magazine capacity.

These systems could be placed on the tops of buildings disguised as generators, HVAC equipment, etc. Or, multiple units could be placed in the buildings themselves in a manner which would allow coverage of the entire structure. Also, because microwaves pass through most unshielded structures easily, a weapon concealed inside a building could target people outside of it.

Vehicle-mounted and man portable weapons with autotracking features could be used to attack TIs during swarms. But this is probably not the preferred method of the security forces to continually attack a TI. It is simply more efficient to accomplish these attacks using automated systems that are configured to cover certain areas. However, using them for this purpose could serve as a backup.

Another consideration is that a single platform can support multiple weapons. For instance, the Full Spectrum Effects Platform (FSEP) is a sensor-quipped, autonomous, vehicle-mounted, compound directed-energy weapon, consisting of the ADS, a low-powered laser, and the LRAD. Based on this principle, a similar weapon could include the ADS, a high-powered laser, microwave hearing technology, and an infrasonic generator which shoots acoustic projectiles and transmits negative emotions.

Or, another possibility is a single weapon with a tunable wavelength, such as the Free Electron Laser (FEL), which is a solid-state pulsed laser that can shoot a beam of energy at any microwave or laser frequency, thereby acting as a high-powered microwave and laser.

There would be little grassroots opposition to the installation of these automated platforms in most cities because their setup and use would be secret. Obviously, some of the leaders in certain areas would need to know. In most cases bribery would suffice. If that didn’t work the establishment could use all of its other methods of persuasion.

Furthermore, there will probably never be a public declaration that these weapons have been permanently mounted in populated areas, because they have already inferred that this would happen by announcing that our cities are battlezones, and that the weapons will be used on an enemy lives among us.

Perimeter Installations

To provide overlapping coverage, larger stationary, land-based weapons with even greater reaches can be placed just outside of populated areas on hilltops or towers in restricted zones. These platforms can be disguised as generators or communications systems.

As we’ve seen, the military has been able to successfully conceal a death ray sitting on 40 acres of land in Alaska as a research facility. Some possibilities for this layer include a compact, portable, high-powered chemical laser known as SkyGuard, which was originally designed to protect civilian areas from missile attacks. It provides a 360 degree dome of protection, with a reach of about 7 miles.

The Vigilant Eagle, a fixed-position, ground-based, high-powered microwave weapon with a distributed sensor network, has a 360 degree coverage area with a beam distance of about 60 miles. It was originally intended to be used in airfields to destroy missiles. This is only some of the unclassified technology. The classified technology is no doubt decades ahead of what has been publicly announced.


SBL research has been underway since at least the early 1980s. The purpose of these space-based directed-energy weapons is to be able to rapidly attack any target in space or on the planet at any time. We are led to believe that these weapons are not yet operational.

The US Air Force mentioned that space-based high-powered microwaves attached to LEOs were under development and would be functional by the year 2025. The Associated Press reported in May of 2001 that the US Air Force planned to have high-powered lasers affixed to satellites by 2010, through its Space-Based Laser Integrated Flight Experiment (SBL-IFX) program.

They also expressed an interest in a global area strike system (GLASS), which includes a ground-based high-powered laser that shoots a beam of energy at space-based mirrors attached to satellites, which redirect it for the precision attack of any target on the planet. By 1991 the Air Force had already demonstrated that a laser from the ground could be reflected off a mirror attached to a LEO and sent to a target on the surface of the earth.

My research and experience leads me to conclude that these space-based weapons are entirely functional. The public, however, is only informed on technology that is decades old, and misinformed on the status of initiatives. In June of 2005 the Ottawa Citizen reported that the Canadian Military warned that the public was being misled regarding the scope and progress of the SBL program.

These space-based and land-based weapons are probably linked to the same C4ISR system, essentially making them a single weapon with a distributed platform. A global, remote and proximate, multimodal sensor network tracks and targets the TI.


Because official sources have confirmed that our cities are warzones, if the beams of these weapons existed within the realm of visible light, we would probably quickly conclude that many citizens are under vicious attack. Individuals involved in any type of movement to expose this global revolution must consider the likelihood that this technology will be used against them.

Anyone who was not aware of the technology would probably never realize that they were under attack. Remember, their goal is neo-feudalism. What better way for tyrants to rule an empire than to have weapons that allow them to murder people in complete secrecy?

1. The documentation for the weapons mentioned in this chapter that are known to exist, as well as the proclamations that they will be secretly used on citizens during protracted wars in populated areas, has been presented in Volumes II and III.