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Status Update
October 20, 2011 Update


Just over a week ago I left a place in Pittston, Maine that I had stayed at for about a half a year where I did some gardening work. I'd describe the property as being similar to a large laboratory, which was psychologically prepared to attack me. The meaning of the themes mentioned in this update will be explained in the near future.

In addition to the property being prepared when I arrived, it seems that the manager/host & the guests which she frequently had were used to adjust the environment to attack me. Some of their tasks appear to have included: product distribution, the rapid deployment of barriers, the application of malodorants & embrittlements, & sabotage. The modification of the environment was steady & frequent, presumably happening quickly moments before I traveled to a specific part of the AO.

Physical Blocking

The products/barriers that they used for blocking were typically things that promoted their daily themes. They included: wheelbarrows, buckets, pots, baskets, dead rodents, dead insects, tools, rocks, sticks, clumps of dirt, cat/dog vomit, & animal excrement. The dogs were used as mobile barriers, for instance by appearing directly in front of the gate, entrances to toolsheds, & the house. These & other products/barriers were consistently placed near doorways & directly onto paths that I commonly used.

The tools that were necessary for me to perform a planned task were blocked with junk that they sensitized me to. Upon removing this junk there was often a trap where a product that they wanted to emphasize fell out.

At most of the places I've stayed, the doors have been either completely unusable, partially blocked, or difficult to open. This has included the insides of these places, where entrances to other rooms were blocked with a variety of household objects. Faucets & doorknobs have been blocked with trinkets to restrict my movement in that area & interfere with the functionality of these mechanisms.

In Pittston they carefully blocked the entrances to the house & garage I occupied in a variety of ways. The sliding doors to the house, which were difficult to move, were blocked with hanging plants & plant stands, as well as other products/barriers that were placed there throughout the day. The outside door of the garage I stayed in got stuck at the doorknob so that it only opened if turned in a particular direction. However, the side that it had to be turned to in order to open changed every few days or so, typically after I got used to it. The inside door would also frequently get stuck at the bottom.

The preparation of the bathroom was accomplished in these ways: by blocking the area near the toilet with a hanging plant & other objects which took up space just above it; dirt & hairs were placed on the counter that I used to wash dishes; the shelves in the shower were cluttered with little room to place things; various theme-promoting products were placed in the sink; the toilet would frequently not flush; the toilet seat was broken; the window screen had holes in it, allowing for their use of insects; the bathroom door was difficult to open & close. Contributing to this included the noise campaigns facilitated by heavy objects that were repeatedly dropped on the floor above & the frequent use of the vacuum cleaner.

The area denial methods used in the small kitchen in the basement where I kept things included: a messy floor; blocking the countertops with cat food dishes, cat hairs, dried food, & cat food bags; empty cat food cans placed in the sink preventing me from using it. The area was further contaminated by the stench of rotten cat food, as well as the insects which it attracted. This multi-level area denial approach basically made the place unusable for anything except getting things I had in the refrigerator.

The blocking of the bathroom & small kitchen in the downstairs area of the house that I used, was further accomplished by a construction project that started before I left, where pieces of equipment appeared on the inside & outside of the door to restrict my movement.

Strategic Blocking

The items that they knew I'd be using for the day, such as a wheelbarrow, buckets, etc. were missing from the area. I would be blocked multiple times during the same task at different points by the supplies being withheld. Then, I'd be given the item, only to be blocked again by something else, which resulted in more delays.

Food & other items were either not available or discontinued at the Rite Aid & IGA that I visited. They were also moved (hidden), & blocked by signs, swarming citizens, carriages, & store clerks. This also happened frequently at the Wallgreens & Grocery Outlet in Sacramento, where items that I started to purchase were eventually no longer available. This included types of granola, nuts, produce, & cookies.

They also placed products that I'm allergic to right near ones that I start to purchase, probably in an attempt to disgust me. A variation of this is removing all types of a product except ones that I'm allergic to, as they did at the Grocery Outlet, where, after purchasing ice cream, only chocolate & peanut butter flavors were available for a period of time. This same situation has been used with other types of food. If there is a particular item that they destroyed which I have to purchase, it will probably not be available.

They spoofed my internet connection resulting in me purchasing the wrong headphones. About a week earlier it was somehow arranged that the wrong product was purchased at a retail store, which they possibly either switched at the register or arranged in some other manner. An enema that I ordered because they destroyed the one I had, arrived with a leak in it, making it unusable. When I ordered it again they delivered the wrong one.

Sabotaged Projects

They arranged for projects to be sabotaged by removing & withholding tools, not replacing broken tools, & providing irregular tools that could have be used but normally would not be used for a particular task. Things necessary to complete a task were withheld & given at certain times so as to be synchronized to promote themes.

Project details were switched at the last moment. Just as I finished preparing for the start of one, I was told that something slightly different would happen instead, during which time the information that would allow me to properly coordinate it was withheld. Basically, at multiple points during a project I was strategically & tactically blocked.

As an example, the construction of an arbor was delayed for weeks. First, with confusion over the proper materials, then waiting for bolts which took several days. Sometimes I brought tools into the area were it was being built, only to realize there was another delay, because, for instance, the drill would be missing. The withholding of the supplies to complete this was synchronized with things finally being available on a day that it rained, just as I started to work in it.

While carrying the wooden poles to the project area I was physically blocked by the manager with a wheelbarrow at the gate, who also made loud noises by throwing the shovel into the wheelbarrow. During this time the dog also blocked me by laying down directly in front of the gate. After that there was a deceptive effort regarding the correct ratchets in a toolbox I was given.

Later the same day, after finding out that the electrical outlet in one toolshed didn't work, I tried one at the other side of the garden which also didn't work. There was one that was working in another toolshed which was stuffed with junk to block me that they had sensitized me to.

The bolts which should have been purchased weren't, & I was given screws which were too long & resulted in the pieces not joining correctly. The location of the project itself occurred in an area with shrubs & other plants, further blocking me. The old drill with no reverse that I used for the project kept loosening around the drill bit. The only ladder that I found which was suitable for this was an old wobbly one that was falling apart, etc, etc.

These projects were custom-designed to fail. They were very carefully physically & strategically blocked by withholding information, changing plans, delays, wrong tools, insufficient supplies, & other types of sabotage. In addition to trying to aggravate me, this appears to have been done to get the me to associate feelings of revulsion with tasks that would normally foster feelings of independence & a sense of accomplishment, if they were to occur in a natural manner. I've concluded that arranging these tasks to fail is also done for the entertainment of the people who have me under surveillance.

In addition to withholding information for the other sabotaged projects, the manager/host was consistently used to lie to me. She said that a painting project would begin one week, but was delayed. Then when it started, not all of the supplies were there, resulting in another delay. I was told that people would be working in the house on a particular day, but they arrived several days later instead. The tools that I was told would be purchased at a certain time, weren't. She told me that a neighbor of hers wanted a rustic chair made, which I constructed & put out front to be purchased. However, it was there when I left which was several weeks later.

Other Types of Sabotage

Many of the basic gardening tools were not actually broken but had defects that prevented them from being used properly. The host had mentioned that money was an issue, so there was an implication that when the tools broke they wouldn't be replaced or wouldn't be replaced quickly. This happened with basic gardening tools.

I think some plants in the garden were sabotaged. Litter frequently appeared in the garden area & other parts of the property. Removing it resulted in more appearing there the next day. It usually promoted their themes. Newspaper mulch in the garden continually surfaced showing text which also promoted their themes.

The sabotage of some of these items was also a type of strategic blocking. For instance, the dryer which was permanently broken, led to other types of blocking when the two clothlines were taken up & I had to find a place to put my clothes. The toilet frequently didn't flush, as if remotely controlled to fail. Plastic buckets & containers broke. Both lawnmowers continually broke. One of the tillers was difficult to start.

As an example of a combination of strategic & tactical blocking, when I first went to use the drivemower it it wouldn't start. Then I was told that it was fixed but it still didn't start. One day after it had been fixed again, I drove it out of the driveway & was stopped (blocked) by the manager for something minuscule. Then, moments later it started making a noise indicating that it was broken once again, during which time a neighbor who also heard it walked over to interrupt/block me.

It might have been a week or so after it was fixed again, after which it was physically blocked with objects in the garage. Gasoline was an issue once. Then another time it was physically blocked by a vehicle. On the same day after the vehicle that was blocking it was removed, I went to use the pushmower & it wouldn't start because the spark plug was disconnected. Minutes later the wheel on it broke, etc. etc.

Another time, I noticed that the RPMs on drivemower malfunctioned. The pressure required to stop it that was applied to brake/clutch pedal varied while it was in use, so that it was unknown exactly how much to use. This resulted in it stopping abruptly or not at all, & jolting when it moved forward & backward.

Some activities that I enjoyed doing were also interfered with. For example, the task of collecting grass clippings after the lawn was mowed & adding them to the compost pile, was blocked when the mechanism on the mower that changed its distance from the ground broke. I mentioned this to the host & there was allegedly not enough money to fix it. This basically resulted in there not being enough clippings to bother raking up. When turning the compost pile I'd find large pieces of glass, plastic, & metal.

Once a week I liked to clean areas of the downstairs that I used. I started to notice that each week something would occur to prevent this. First, objects were placed directly in front of the door at the top of the stairs on the floor that it was kept. Then there was the effort to find whatever room it had been hidden in. They would also physically block it by placing their products on it. Then the retractable cord broke. Once, after locating it & bringing it back to the garage that I stayed in, I noticed that the collection compartment wasn't there. Finally, by the time I left the vacuum was completely broken.

They destroyed my personal items, appliances, cloths, & shoes. Stitches were undone, holes appeared, & pieces of plastic kept breaking. Pebbles & splinters frequently appeared in my shoes & boots.

Use of Animals

The DOD has been increasingly using dogs harass me. I started to notice this type of attack when visiting my sister, where a dog that my niece had recently obtained would jump all over me. At first, I noticed no real attempt to stop its behavior by my sister or niece. Eventually I had to tell them to keep the animal in another room while I was there. The use of dogs to attack/harass me occurred in Sacramento where it was frequently used, & was used very often in Pittston.

The dog in Pittston was used to aggravate me by running toward me & encircling me. It would startle me by suddenly appearing from behind. It's owner showed little interest in preventing this when I would repeatedly tell it to get away. They also somehow arranged for this dog to block me by quickly placing itself directly in front of paths I was using, the gate, & entrances to the house & toolshed, seemingly on command.

There was another dog there for about a month which jumped on me whenever it saw me. Its owner & the manager who often witnessed this seemed not too interested in preventing it. This dog would sneak up from behind & hit me with its nose, then encircle me. It would also block me at the house entrance by running toward me & jumping on me. Sometimes after this happened it would immediately leave the area, as if responding to a signal. I was eventually able to somewhat reduce these attacks by loudly yelling at it & placing my knee up to block it from charging into me.

Other dogs appeared on the property to harass me. While walking out on the road dogs frequently barked as I passed by houses. Some ran out into the road & encircled me. If they're on a leash, their owners move close enough so they have enough distance to annoy me. Their owners make no genuine attempt to prevent this. They might lightly issue them commands which are not obeyed, but make no real effort to control their animals.

These dogs do not respond to verbal commands such as "no" or "stop," or physical gestures telling them to back away. They run toward you & encircle you. Walking away results in them following you. It is as if they have been specifically trained to harass people.

The garage I stayed in was infested with insects at one time & there was rodent excrement on a shelf. The flies in the small kitchen were allegedly there because of the stinking cat food. Dead insects were frequently placed near items that I used. Hornet nests appeared in areas where a project occurred. Large holes in the window screen in the bathroom allowed for their use of flys & other insects.

Another method of blocking included the nearly invisible thick webs that frequently appeared at head-level at doorways (allegedly by spiders) that stuck in my face as I moved through that area. I removed them, & several days or sometimes hours later they'd be back. This insect & rodent infestation also happened in Capay, the place in Buxton where I stayed for a short period of time, Palermo, & other places.

Directed Energy

The human-computer intelligence network (HCIN), which is a compound directed-energy weapons platform linked to the intelligence cycle, functions the entire time I'm awake. Some of its attack capabilities include: stings, shocks, burning sensations to my eyes, feelings of nausea, headaches, pulses of pain to various parts of my body, microwave hearing attacks, involuntary muscle stimulation, painful muscle spasms, pulsed negative emotions, lights being dimmed, & sonic projectiles. These attacks occur in combination, one after the other. Sometimes there is up to a minute of rest, but that is uncommon.

I've noticed that many of these attacks temporarily stop if I make quick movements. One exception is the microwave hearing attacks, which seem to be the most frequent, suggesting a secure connection to a tracking/targeting system. I've also noticed two constant noises in my ears. One is a high-pitched tone & the other is something that resembles static. I wonder if these noises are the result of a tracking sensor which wirelessly connects me to this C4ISR/HCIN, allowing for the precise tracking & targeting of directed energy attacks.

Pulses of negative emotions (usually disgust, anger, & fear) are sent repeatedly. Anger is transmitted more often. They last only a couple of seconds & are preceded by a slight sensation on the top of my head near the front. I've noticed that when these transmissions increase I experience pain rather than the typical sensation in the area of impact.

The negative emotions are sometimes preceded by what seems to be the transmission of thoughts, which are typically pictures representing a scenario or thing. So the basic order of this particular attack is the transmission of a thought/picture, followed by a pulsed sensation at the top of my head, then a fraction of a second later a short-lived negative emotion. It appears that the objective of this attack combination is to get me to associate pain with a particular scenario or thing.

As an example, for days pictures that are symbolic of a scenario that they have recently caused in my life situation are sent. These have included: them preventing me from earning money, destroying my personal items, preventing me from purchasing something, interrupting my communications, waiting for tools or information to be provided to complete a task, etc. These thoughts/emotions are not mine. They are attacks. In addition to giving them the enjoyment of aggravating me, these attacks seem to be to intended to support whatever physical attacks & themes they have arranged in the external environment.

Utility Interruption

Hot water was not available multiple times. There were only several electrical outages during my 6 month stay in Pittston. One in the beginning of May that lasted an hour, another for a few minutes in mid May, & one more at the end of August that lasted about an hour. Then there were the frequent light dimmings synchronized with other electronic attacks. The place I just left, the previous one, the one before it, & even the one before that, all had their electrical systems wired into this C4ISR system.

Noise & Swarming

They ran vacuum cleaners, slammed doors, & dropped heavy objects on the floor above me when I was downstairs inside the house. Before I left Pittston, a construction project started in the basement of the house, facilitating more noise. The workers cut me off, blocked me, & crowded me basically every time I visited this area. As an example of theme promotion, after cutting me off, one worker mentioned to the other that he had just joined the YMCA. Earlier that morning I had a conversation with my mother about doing the same thing.

On the outer perimeter of the immediate AO there were ongoing noise attacks consisting of barking dogs, lawn mowers, chainsaws, yelling, frequent vehicular door slamming, etc. In the wooded area beyond the yard there were gunshots. A fleet of loud vehicles patrolled the road outside.

Noises were often synchronized with me leaving the garage. For instance, a very loud motorcycle would drive by just as I opened the door. I was swarmed by these civilian & commercial vehicles (many of them loud) while walking or on bike. They cut me off at intersections, driveways, & in parking lots. As I walked by houses or vehicles dogs started barking.


Examples of tactical synchronization that I noticed included people walking out of their houses or appearing from driveways as I approached. Noise, such as barking dogs, would occur as I passed a house. Loud vehicles passing on the road were synchronized with me leaving the garage.

On the morning that I planned on giving the host my notice to leave, she approached me while I was finishing up a piece of rustic furniture & asked me if could make some for her house. Although she mentioned rustic furniture at the start of the summer a couple of times, she never talked about it much. Only a few minutes earlier, one of the drill bits necessary to construct the furniture broke. Also, this was the last one I could make anyway because the type of nails required were almost gone. Just after she left another drill bit broke. This seems to have been another attempt to aggravate me with a request for a task where the proper tools had been made unavailable, this time moments earlier.

Operational/strategic examples of this included projects that were delayed to occur during themes, seemingly to disgust me. Replies from family & friends were delayed for days or weeks to be synchronized with themes. My mother would sometimes provide me with nearly the same amount of money that it costed to replace something that had just been destroyed. And on multiple occasions, she mentioned the exact item that broke during the same conversation where she told me she'd be sending me money.

Multiple times during their poison theme they poisoned the food that I regularly ate (which I know I'm not allergic to) with something that caused me to breakout. On a day that this happened I was exchanging emails with a handled friend about some food allergies I had, during a time when there was a breakout. On the same day, I visited the small freezer that I kept a few things in, & noticed there was a large bag of tomatoes blocking my food.

The enema that they destroyed was synchronized with their rape/wedding/enema theme while they electronically attacked the end of my rectum during the week of a wedding. To get me to connect feelings of revulsion with the wedding, they promoted this theme through multiple channels, one of which included conversations with a relative who overused the word "wedding" each time I talked to her, while emphasizing other words such as "come" & "coming."


All person-to-person, email, letters, & phone communications with the friends & relatives that I'm in regular contact with continue to be interfered with. All of these people are handled through the DOD's HCIN/GIG. The entire time I'm around them they're contributing to themes. They have frequently lied to me. Unfortunately, they can't be relied on for genuine information.

My email is controlled, & what I'm able to observe are mostly messages with phrases in the subject, name, & text areas which contribute to themes. These messages could be entirely or partially spoofed. I've also thought about the possibility of messages being filtered so that I do not see them at all. In addition, the exact information I've placed on my sites may not be seen by the general public. There are other scenarios, such as my sites being unavailable on the actual web, or being partially concealed.

Computer Network Operations

There were frequent disconnects with the slow internet connection in the garage, which often occurred when accessing certain sites or reading particular phrases, allegedly to promote themes. Variations of this are the programs that crash while I'm editing a certain phrase. These inconvenient disconnects have also happened when transferring HTML text files to my sites, & at the publisher's site where I was temporarily blocked from purchasing a distribution package.

The file for the book was frequently sabotaged, & when uploading it there were delays & strange errors telling me that the upload had been rejected. These attacks are almost always followed by microwave hearing attacks such as "tired, tired," (aren't you tired?), "let's play," "you earned it," "gotcha," & others.

The tech support for my web server made frequent use of certain phrases to contribute to themes, & created confusion when I called them after being unable to login. They told me that my password had been changed days earlier. Two text files for my HiddenEvil site are corrupted & won't open.

Their pedophile/masonic/satanic themes are still thoroughly promoted. They have prevented me from joining a message forum & have let me know through other forms of online communication that they have done so. They continue to mention things that I just did on their spoofed websites.


Preventing me from earning money allows them to control the environment more because I live with others who are tasked with psychologically preparing it to attack me. Fortunately, I'm given just enough by my mother to purchase food & other essential items.

All of my tools are at the previous places that I was harassed from. The managers on the farm in Buxton Maine told me they'd be sending me the tools & other items which I packed-up to be shipped before I left. That was in June of 2010 & I still haven't received them. Most of my rustic tools are still at the ranch in Capay California, because the manager has not returned my email or phone calls. Preventing me from having my own tools also appears to further their efforts to diminish my independence & prevent me from using my talents.

Since leaving the farm in Palermo Maine (where I had access to the use of a vehicle) I have in one way or another been denied the use of a vehicle by friends, relatives, & acquaintances. Renting a car to visit a handled job prospect in Vermont resulted in an extra $200 added to the bill after I was told that the vehicle had been damaged. There were frequent complaints after I used the vehicle at the place I worked in Capay. The host at the place in Pittston where I stayed mentioned that although I could use the vehicle once in a while, she would pick things up for me. Basically, this was another situation where I didn't have access to a car.

In Pittston this circumstance gave them better control over both my livingspace & the larger AO (the area of the city which I visited). Because I was confined to a small area, they had reduced the stores & roads which they needed to modify with their products & actors to only the ones that I visited & traveled. This also allowed them easier control over my livingspace because the psychological preparation of these stores, (such as the removal or placement of items), had been reduced to a limited number of of them. It seems more economical for them If I'm confined to a small area. They do not want me mobile.

When I went to renew my license in late August of 2011 the process was blocked because of a 250 dollar ticket from the year 2000 that I think I paid. So my license is now expired which means I can't drive. This contributes to their obvious efforts to limit my mobility.

This entire arrangement appears to be intended to create feelings of worthlessness as a result of being dependent on others. The situation of me having to be driven around by others or use a bike is often transmitted by the DOD through citizen swarmers, who mock me during swarms with PsyActs, as part of what I call the child theme. The basic message of this theme is that they would like me to think that I'm a child because I have no money, no vehicle, no place of my own, & must use a bike. They eventually started sabotaging the bike that I used for transportation in Pittston by letting air out of the tires & messing with gears.


The pattern so far consists of me being harassed out of one place then going to another, where it takes weeks or in some cases months to re-establish myself. Sometimes I've been isolated from the resources I need to write & survive. All of the managers/hosts at these places, as well as the prospects I visited in New England & talked to on the phone in other states, had only the best of intentions. Much time & money was spent contacting & visiting these handled people. They appear to have been the only possibilities that I was able to contact as a result of my communications being interfered with.

In each new place the immediate environment & the wider AO (areas of the city) were psychologically prepared. I've noticed that it is primarily the initial impact of moving through the AO & realizing that it has been adjusted to attack you, that is most potent. So far, it seems as if after their PsyOp advertising campaigns lose their initial impact, they want me out of the area. Then, I go to another area (that was pre-determined because they had destroyed all other opportunities), & it starts again. A possible contributing factor here is that it is a burden on their local resources to effectively attack me in a sustained manner in one place.

They are obviously making adjustments with each new place as my profile is continually updated because of persistent surveillance. They know about my likes, dislikes, beliefs, allergies, routines, etc. Each new place I go to contains less & less of the things that I normally use. Part of their fun appears to be watching my reaction to the products in the environment that they prepared while using their technology to laugh at me. It also appears that they derive considerable enjoyment in watching me improvise while re-establishing myself in an environment that has been custom-designed to block my routines.

Another common feature here is what seems to be a deliberate attempt to create perpetual feelings of uncertainty & fear toward the end of my stay in one area, regarding whether or not I'll find a place to work/stay. They like to extend this scenario for as long as possible, which they do as a result of handling all prospects, family members, & friends, & using them to withhold information & tell me outright lies.

Basically, when I'm about to leave a place, I have no idea during the last several weeks or days where I'll be going. In some cases they have extended this until literally the last hour. For instance, I listened to my voicemail about an hour before I was to leave for a ranch in Fresno California, to learn that because the manager had experienced some issues on his end he could not host me.

During this transitional phase when I'm looking for another place to work/stay, they continually mock my attempts with their themes that are conveyed using relatives, friends, prospects, & particularly online with insults that are disguised within email replies to my job postings. This appears to be done for their amusement.

Current Situation

Through the spring into the summer the manager/host at the place in Pittston basically said that I'd be able to stay over the winter & that a heating unit would be available for the garage. Various times she said she'd pick it up, but never did. Then at the end of September I was informed that the heating unit would not be available & I'd have to find some other way to heat the garage.

Then a couple days later the situation changed again when she mentioned that it would be available & had arranged for it to be hooked up on a particular day. I waited for this to happen & the person never showed up. The next day, when I went to tell her I was leaving, I noticed it in the other garage near the house. After that I connected it. A couple of days later I was told that it was left there because they didn't want to disturb me on the evening that it was to be connected.

Although the place would have been heated, the roads in Maine during the winter are often not suitable for bike travel. I have no license or vehicle. The total distance to & from the library was about 6 miles, which might not have been bad at certain times. However, it would just have been another inconvenience to lug books back to the garage under these conditions. The grocery store, which was closer, would still have been troublesome under these conditions, probably limiting the number of trips I could make, which would have been further restricted by the amount of items I could carry.

Then there was the fuel for the heating unit that would had to have been filled by containers each week with trips to the gas station. The host probably would have said OK if I had asked for rides to these places. However, I would have been primarily relying on a person that was repeatedly used to deceive & block me. It would have been literally one aggravating delay after the next. Despite everything you've just read about the conditions of the place that I just left & the behavior of the host, she is a very nice person.

Eventually they succeeded in disgusting me into leaving Pittston. However, less than a week after giving her a two-week notice, I was told to leave in two days. When combined with all other factors, this has resulted in another situation where I did not have a permanent place to go. During the entire spring & summer I could have been making other arrangements.

I am now once again homeless in Boston. Currently I'm sleeping in an enclosed area under a bridge on Storrow Drive, near the Mass General Hospital train station. Although it is more physically uncomfortable this way, there is more freedom & independence. Most necessities are within walking distance. The winters are harsh, so with the time I have I'm researching outdoor winter survival methods.

Your donations at this point are especially welcome. I'd rather not use the soup kitchens for meals. Any small amount you donate gives me study time in coffee shops each morning. It allows me to purchase the bulk food that I regularly eat & possibly a nice meal once or twice a week. I'm also able to purchase other items I need to survive as well as things that make my work easier. It might take another month or so before I'm established, when I'll continue the research for my next book.

I'll continue describing this situation as I understand it, writing my books & articles, & raising awareness by frequently alerting the people who swarm me. Within the next couple of weeks I'll provide more information on the adjustments that the military has made to this AO. I'll also mention some of the themes they're using in more detail.

Thank You,