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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Volume II Commentary

You’ve seen that a war has been declared against groups and individuals globally who live among the civilian population. The weapons of this war include nonlethal weapons and psychological operations, which are synchronized and used in combination.

The war includes a unified action between a host nation’s NGOs, local law enforcement, federal agencies, and military, which has been called the interagency. The military uses the civilian population as surrogate forces to achieve its objectives.

The enemies now include protesters who are targeted by the military after being labeled extremists and domestic terrorists accused of using information attacks. According to government think tank and military sources, the primary enemies are those who are resisting world integration, and, are thereby interfering with the evolution of our society.

Multiple efforts are in progress to shut down free speech on internet, and initiatives have been launched to identify thought processes that are considered to be extreme and outlaw them. Law enforcement has been educated that conspiracy theorists think that their civil liberties are being removed and that a global revolution known as the New World Order is underway. They are taught that people carrying certain films and patriotic material are dangerous enemies.

Some of the activities of the civil-military force are directed from domestic war rooms known as CMOCs that have been constructed in major cities around the planet. NGOs and IGOs such the UN meet with government officials at these centers to discuss the irregular threats in the area. They are in constant contact with deployed civil-military forces.

The military and DOJ began targeting citizens during WWI and continued up into the 1960s and 1970s with the FBI’s COINTELPRO. Indefinite bogus investigations have been used as an excuse to attack the targeted group or individual. We now have an understanding of what surveillance really means.

People have been placed under 24/7 constant surveillance using advanced technology. The information gained from these investigations was not used for any legal proceeding, only to attack them. An army of informants has also used against them. Their friends, relatives, neighbors, landlords, colleagues, employers, and even the businesses they used, were all brought into the investigation. Their careers and lives are destroyed. These investigations were used to maintain the existing political order.

It has been announced that constant surveillance will be conducted on people during the new war using intrusive methods. Surveillance technology includes tiny proximate sensors that can be placed at the site or standoff sensors that can be used at a distance.

Sensors can detect various environmental stimuli, including anything a human being can sense. They can be used at any level of the battlespace to monitor the environment of the target as well as the target. Sensors are connected to a C4ISR system such as the GIG.

The GIG is a type of communications structure that links information, applications, services, surveillance systems, directed-energy weapons, EW capabilities, and people. It is used to track down an enemy anywhere on the planet. GIG nodes include aircrafts, ships, vehicles, and people, which use cognitive radios or other devices to form MANETs to synchronize their attacks.

A cognitive radio is a computer with an open architecture that can be made to resemble a radio. It has artificial intelligence and is able to learn from and act on stimuli in the environment using its sensors. It can also be programmed remotely and equipped with a GPS receiver.

Cognitive radios are used to form MANETs which foster the real-time communication and synchronization necessary to conduct battleswarms.

The DOD has mentioned that tiny, concealable, hands-free computers can be used to connect people to the GIG. In other documentation it has expressed an interest in establishing direct communication with its agents using microwave hearing technology.

Devices exist for seeing through walls. Satellites are used to track mobile targets. It has been recommended that mind-reading, which has been researched by the DOD since the 1970s, be used as an intrusive surveillance technology.

Advancements in communications allow for close synchronization of information, activities, and attacks on the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. On the tactical level it occurs between all forces in battlespace. It also happens vertically with decisionmakers, up to the strategic level. Synchronization is made possible by a C4ISR system. It is automated, frequent, and fast.

Synchronizing attacks is done to amplify their effects in order to shock the enemy. It can be done by launching multiple attacks simultaneously or a series of them in a particular sequence. Resources that can be synchronized for attacks include all instruments of national power.

We’ve seen evidence which indicates that front groups for the British Crown and Wall Street are actively pursuing plans for global domination. We now have an understanding of how they think, what they’ve done, and what their plans are. A variety of notable figures have warned us that this would occur.

We’ve observed that some of the historical disasters which have affected our society have consistently furthered their objectives. Recently, these crises have resulted in a substantial reduction of civil liberties and an expansion of enemies to include peaceful citizens. Aggressive efforts are now underway to remove existing freedoms.

As they solidify control of the planet, they have extended the battlefield into your neighborhoods. Their primary enemies are those resisting their political agenda, all of whom will be identified, isolated, and destroyed. An inclusion of the pathological factor, however, suggests that a more general class of people who are considered their natural enemies, will be attacked as well.

Now that we’ve removed their ideological mask, let’s have a closer look at the technology and tactics that they have given to the security forces to neutralize the remaining resistance.