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November 6, 2014 Update

In a future report of attacks in LA I'll describe in more detail how they've been attempting to prevent me from using the bathrooms at the Santa Monica Public Library & other public places.

The stalls are fixed with PsyOp products to disgust me from using them. They are missing toilet paper & seat liners. Soap dispensers are frequently empty. There are often loud noises. Cleaning crews & citizens are blocking me from using the bathrooms & bothering me while I'm in the stalls.

Early this morning was my most recent attempt to unclog my large intestine at a public bathroom on the Pacific Coast Highway. While I was trying to push the liquid waste out of my digestive tract, a cleaning crew arrived & started banging on the door. After I told them I'd be a while, they continued to antagonize me.

The bathroom stall had a PsyOp product. Leaving the bathroom I noticed the sprinkler system was setup around area my bike. My pants were drenched as I got it. To bolster the attack, a citizen walked by loudly speaking a phrase on a cell phone.

Once again I've been temporarily, & sometimes permanently, prevented from using the internet at the library & multiple coffee shops. This includes posting these updates. Checking web forums for solutions to the errors I receive, I find products contributing to the rape theme. The citizens that surround me comment on these failed internet connections while they happen.

I am still ingesting only liquids.

While purchasing juice at a grocery store today I was swarmed by citizens. Visual & audio products in the environment were arranged to transmit the DOD's rape theme. While that was happening my intestines were being burned.

The waste that is accumulating in my colon is interfering with my breathing & making me nauseous.