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Status Update
December 9, 2011 Update


In Boston I've noticed the following attacks:

While I'm walking or sitting in public (e.g., subways, stores, on streets, or in parks), vehicles & people on foot & bikes approach me very closely. This happens at times when these places are not particularly crowded & there is plenty of room. Basically, regardless of the time of day I'm attacked.


18 wheelers & large commercial delivery trucks are being used to swarm me. They pull up right next to me when I'm in the middle of a street or to the side of me if I'm walking on the street. They attack me with noise (shifting gears & revving engines) & brighting. They have used these large vehicles to stalk me in most places I've been. The size of these vehicles appears to be intended to contribute to the intimidation factor.

Joggers & bikers are commonly brushing by me from behind, obviously in an attempt to startle me. The bikers riding along the Charles River Park have bright lights. Recently even the joggers have been affixed with bright headlamps.

If there is a place where I temporarily find refuge from the swarmers, typically moments later people show up to crowd my space & make noise. There is also an increase in foot traffic in the surrounding area, consisting of people who do not invade my personal space, but who encircle the area contributing to visual & audible commotion. This appears to be a type of outer perimeter swarm.

If it is an area that people don't usually use, they have dogs & children harass me with crowding & noise. They also use children & dogs to scare away the birds & squirrels that I feed.

Physical Attacks

Everyday I am being physically assaulted by people who "accidentally" collide with me. They are using their bags, umbrellas, vehicles, & bikes to deliberately attack me.

For instance, on Monday November 21 I was attacked by a taxi on Boylston Street that pulled out from the side of the street I was on, & slightly hit my arm. Moments earlier a person on a bike hit my side.

The next day on Dartmouth Street, a silver Ford Taurus pulling out of Public Alley 424 was stopped at the corner. I went across the alley & it drove into my legs. After I stumbled backward I got the license plate & looked to see that it had continued down Dartmouth & turned onto Marlborough. I went after it but it was nowhere in sight.

These attacks have happened between 5 & 10 times a day, & sometimes more. In some cases they occur one after the other.

I have been able to minimize these attacks by walking on the sides of the streets. They still block me, however, using people in parked vehicles who open their doors the moment I'm closest, vehicles barging out from alleys, & citizens moving out in front of me to cross the street just as I approach. Taxis & civilian vehicles pull out right in front of me as I approach them. Large commercial vehicles are double parked so I have to walk toward the center of the street where there is traffic (blocking), or move to the sidewalk where I'm attacked/blocked in the regular manner.


Noise follows me basically everywhere. I often hear horns, police, ambulance, & fire sirens in the area. This happens into the evening when I'm sleeping at the bridge on Storrow Drive. In the library I've noticed that at some points during the day these sirens occur every 15 or 20 minutes.

These noises sometimes appear to be synchronized with my arrival into an area. For instance, as I turn onto Massachusetts Avenue or Boylston Street a fire engine sounds its sirens, as if announcing my arrival & preparing the civilian force for its attack against me.

Ambulances have turned on their sirens when I've been near them. Skateboards are being thrown down right near me. The swarmers who surround me are frequently coughing. Loud trucks are shifting gears near me.

Civilian & commercial vehicles, US Mail, UPS, & FedEX trucks that are parked on the sides of streets, are slamming their doors & dropping heavy objects the moment I'm closest.

Horns, fire, ambulance, & police sirens sound when I enter or leave a building. As I pass by vehicles, engines are started, doors are slammed, & objects are thrown in trunks. When I travel on the sides of streets vehicles pull up next to me or leave just as I approach.

These noise, swarming, directed-energy, & PsyOp attacks are happening in combination as I travel through the AO (down the street). They continue inside all of the facilities that I use.

Inside Stores/Restaurants

In stores & restaurants the employees are messing up my orders, creating confusion over what I'm ordering, pretending not to hear me, & ignoring me. Regardless of the time of day, there is usually steady commotion.

I am crowded & attacked with noise by citizens & workers in these places. The people around me are perpetually sickÔÇôloudly & frequently coughing. Objects are slammed on tables, chairs are dragged, tables near me are frequently cleaned, brooms & dustpans are hitting the floor, etc.

The people who sit near me harass me with newspapers, making frequent jerky movements & invading my personal space. The babbling is nearly constant. The loud overheard conversations promote their themes & include phrases pertaining to what I just did or will be doing.

Workers in Starbucks have created confusion over my orders. They work with citizens to invade my space while I'm sitting or walking around. They have placed objects directly in front of me while I was in line. They clean the tables & make other commotion in the area while I'm there. People are frequently sliding chairs around, slamming objects on tables, coughing, throwing themselves & objects on benches that I'm on, & harassing me with newspapers which they ruffle near me. PsyActs occur by people around me with phrases pertaining to what I have planned for the day. Almost every time I get up to do something citizens are invading my personal space. Basically people just walk right in front of me from various directions, one after another.

The Dunkin Donuts on Boylston street is usually not crowded when I'm in there between 5 & 6 in the morning. The workers in there have created confusion over my orders. The citizens who are in there work together to invade my personal space. Products that I started to purchase are no longer available. I would frequently visit this store before 6AM on Tuesdays & Saturdays on my way to Back Bay station. Although it may be of no significance, their hours have recently changed from 5AM to 12AM every day, to opening at 530AM on weekdays & 6AM on weekends, which interferes with my schedule on Saturday.

While waiting in line at Burger King, Wendys, & McDonalds employees are walking near me with their brooms & dustpans, inches from my feet. They make loud noises as they work with customers to block me when I move around. While waiting in line I'm typically attacked by people walking into my personal space when there is plenty of room. The people who take my orders are creating problems by repeating the wrong order or asking me multiple times what my order is. If I eat my meal in one of these places, typically a worker will show up almost immediately to start cleaning the area I'm in (i.e., noise & space invasion). They are supported by customers who show up making commotion.

If I eat in the Prudential Center or City Place malls on Boylston Street, janitors & workers show up almost immediately & loudly slide chairs around & bang them into tables. This continues intermittently the whole time I'm there. I'm attacked viciously in Shaws by citizens & employees almost the entire time. This includes nearly constant noise, employees wheeling out carts in front of me, & citizens swarming me closely. The citizens in Shaws are now bumping into me & hitting me with their carts.

Interference at Sign-up

While joining the YMCA the man at front desk repeatedly attempted to get me to argue with him. He tried to antagonize me by asking me several times, "are you sure you want to go through with this," in a negative tone. He also tried to aggravate me by repeatedly asking me what my current address was, even after I told him multiple times that it was on the license. This appears to have been intended to contribute to the DOD's homeless theme.

After I signed up, he told me he'd have to check to see if a locker was available for rent, & that he'd know in about a half a week. However, several days earlier I talked to them on the phone & they confirmed that there were lockers available for rent.

Also, I was also told over the phone that the membership fee would be $38 per month for people with low income. While I was there the antagonistic man told me that if I had no income & could not prove how I would be able to make the reduced payments, it would be the maximum fee for an individual member ($58 per month). In an accusatory tone he said, "you need to prove to us how your going to make these payments."

Allegedly, their concern is that those with no income will not be able to make the reduced payments, which are $20 less than the maximum amount. Unless I have misinterpreted their policy, because they are concerned that those with no proof of any income will be able to make the reduced payments, they charge them more.

Why would they allow someone with no proof of income to join & pay the highest individual membership fee, but prevent them from from enrolling in the low-income option because they think they won't get paid? It is possible that this is actually their policy. However, not telling me this on the phone was basically lying to me. It was also obvious to me that he was deliberately creating confusion.

The following week I returned to see if the locker was ready & it was still not ready when I arrived. The same man attempted to get me to argue with him. He said it would be a few minutes before someone could make it available, & it was.

In the lockerroom he asked me again if I wanted the locker (more attempts to aggravate me). While in the lockerroom there was something that appeared to be an attempt to belittle me by telling me to go upstairs in an authoritative tone.

Then, upstairs he said that because it was near the end of the month, two deductions would be made for the account, one at the start for the membership & another for the locker in the middle. When I asked him to have them both done at once he tried to get me to argue with him again. Then when I went to pay for the locker he didn't have change.

Walking In/Out

I am continually harassed as I travel from the front doors to the lockerroom. So far I have been blocked by people arriving & leaving at the front doors every time. In the large hallway after the front doors I'm continually crowded by people who walk very close to me when there is absolutely no reason because of the amount of room. In the narrow hallway leading to the front desk area, people & custodians with vacuum cleaners invade my personal space.

As I approach the front desk, people walking through the area invade my personal space. At the front desk I'm also attacked (crowded) by people walking in & out. Recently the door that should be unlocked after the card scan does not open, requiring me to open my wallet again & re-scan the card. As I move through the door to the workout area I'm crowded again. There is typically someone on the stairs leading down to the lockerroom.


So far the following attacks have occurred in the weightroom downstairs:

The weightroom is usually not packed. However, I've noticed the following behavior from the group that surrounds me: As I walk in one direction one or more people move right in front of me to block me. If I switch to a different direction, another person suddenly makes a move to cut me off. This continues one after another. Allegedly this is done to aggravate me & keep me confined to a small area. It is perfectly synchronized.

Then of course, there are the loud phony conversations to contribute to the DOD's themes. Traveling between the weightroom lockerroom I'm blocked. Once while I was working out they tampered with my locker so that it was partially open when I returned. An MBTA ticket was also taken from my wallet.

Showers/Sink Area

While I'm in the shower I'm splashed by people washing themselves who deliberately invade my space. At the sink there is usually someone next to me moving their arms into my personal space. People (seemingly) carelessly shaking their hands near the sink also splash me. On the other side is a barrel & paper towel dispenser which are frequently visited by people who move into my personal space to aggravate me.


The lockerroom is usually not crowded. However, the perpetual noises include: lockers being slammed, loud coughs, sexual moans, yelling, commotion from paper towel machines, objects being slammed on benches, & other types of noises.

There are also the frequent loud conversations by people near me promoting the DOD's themes. These PsyActs also support whatever trouble they've arranged for me at the YMCA. For instance, one evening while I was at the locker (about a week after the trouble they created when I joined), an overheard conversation occurred between two guys next to me about a man who had trouble with his locker. During this fake conversation, phrases were used such as, "Does he have a locker?, Did they give him a locker?," etc.

Earlier on the same evening a janitor patrolling the lockerroom walked over to me & said that the locker I had rented was reserved for other people. Obviously, this was another attempt to aggravate me. Later in the evening there was another visitation by the janitor, probably trying to intimidate me. Along with others, this janitor is now regularly stalking me in the lockerroom.

As I travel through the lockerroom, there are people popping out from around corners & lockers who make no acknowledgment that they are cutting me off. Sometimes this is nearly constant. The men standing in the middle of the halls who block me are typically loudly talking about something I just did or will be doing. They usually pretend not to notice me as I wait for them to move.

They are using maintenance people also to block me with themselves & their equipment as I move around. The deployment of these obstacles has occurred sometimes the moment before I travel through that part of the lockerroom.

Attacked with PsyOp & Prevented from Using an Enema

The bathroom in the lockerroom was out of order once & I had to use another one upstairs near the front desk. While I can't say for sure, this was possibly a type of strategic blocking intended to create feelings of embarrassment because of my circumstances.

However, on November 28 while I was in the bathroom at the YMCA, a security guard & gym employee walked in & attempted to get me to argue with them, while I was upside down taking an enema in a stall. I told them I'd talk to them later & they left & waited outside the bathroom.

I could here them talking the entire time I was there. When I walked out they were standing there. They said they walked in on me because a concerned citizen told them something was wrong. Allegedly, the gym members who are perpetually cutting me off & slamming lockers near me were worried.

While we talked, I noticed some conflicting views about whether or not an enema would be allowed. First they said I could not take them there. The security guard made references to "taking them at home," which were probably more attacks contributing to the homeless theme, intended to create negative feelings about being homeless. Then they seemed to suggest that I could occasionally take them if I asked permission each time. It was decided that I could use an enema whenever I wanted, in the other bathrooms.

Multiple times I was told by one person that I should have told them that I had a medical condition when I signed up. They said that I should go upstairs as soon as possible & let management at the front desk know that I had a medical condition.

I went upstairs & there were two people at the desk when I arrived. One was the man who has attempted to provoke me into arguments. I told the other person what had happened & eventually another man showed up, who I also told.

They told me that it all happened because they just wanted to make sure that I was OK & that I had all of the help that I needed. Based on their previous behavior & the circumstances surrounding this one, however, this is unlikely. The entire situation appears to have been created to make me feel humiliated.

First there was the act of walking in & arguing with me while I was upside down. This was probably no coincidence. In addition, the repeated references to me having a "medical condition" (i.e., handicap) appear to have been an attempt to get me to feel ashamed.

Furthermore, the circumstance of multiple people being made aware of this seems to have been deliberately created, probably in an attempt to instill feelings of shame. After the conversation downstairs, one citizen sitting on a bench right near us made a comment regarding enemas.

Then when I went to the locker, a man sitting across from me contributed to the event while loudly talking on his cell phone (PsyAct). When the person who I talked to at the desk called the other employee, he used the phrase, "this is the man with the problem."

The next day one of the people I talked to at the front desk told me that his manager told him that no enemas were allowed whatsoever. On the same day one of the PsyActs conducted by the people walking by me in the lockerroom included the phrase "medical facility."

The day after that, one of the people who stalked me into the bathroom included an employee who interrupted me on Monday while I was in the stall. The next day while walking by the front desk, one person out of a group of people walked directly into my path to stop me, while another person loudly asked an employee at the front desk, "can I use your bathroom."

One of the reasons I joined was to be able to use an enema in the bathroom. The multinational force, which created this medical condition, has now prevented me from doing so. The DOD is using citizens & employees at the YMCA to mock me for having to use an enema. Their wedding/rape/enema theme is frequently promoted there.


I am being viciously antagonized at the YMCA by management & regular citizens, almost the entire time I'm there. They made it as difficult as possible for me to join. Now it seems they are doing everything they can to disgust me into leaving. It also appears that they are trying to make me react violently to their ongoing attacks

Boston Public Library

Library employees are working with citizens to harass me in the library. Although it is often busy, it is usually not packed with people. Another consideration is that there is typically plenty of room in this spacious library. Just about every time I walk in the front doors there are people walking in or out who block me. I'm crowded by people walking past the security gates, at the Information Desk, & usually attacked until I reach my destination, where I continue to be swarmed & attacked with noise.

I'm often swarmed by employees who burst out from the side door as I approach the Delivery Desk. I am crowded by people almost every time going into this area. There is plenty of space in this area but the citizens who pass through walk very close to me.

Basically every time I get up to do something I'm cutoff by citizens & workers who suddenly appear from around corners, doorways, bookshelves, elevators, etc. An important consideration here is that the library is often not crowded with lots of people & is very spacious. However, the people who are in my area get as close as they can, even accidentally hitting me.

While I'm sitting down, library workers show up with carts to crowd me & attack me with noise. The citizens at these tables make frequent movements & noise. Some of the crowding attacks that occur while I'm seated are synchronized with phrases I'm reading or writing, & are obviously intended to emphasize them. These phrases typically contribute to their threatening themes. In addition to being harassed by citizens at these tables, there is a steady flow of people who are not invading my space but create commotion while encircling me. This is an indoor version of the outer perimeter swarm.

The attacks are minimized in certain areas of the library. However, if there is an area that I find with not much commotion, after a few moments they have people show up to crowd my space & make noise. For instance, after I sat down in the microfilm section on the 2nd floor they had people show up & continually run the copy machine, travel back & forth behind me, loudly place things on tables, & basically make steady commotion.

Another one of these areas where I've noticed a reduction in attacks is the sides near the walls. During the first week I was there I would use a chair near one of the walls for my studies. They had librarians move into this area to disrupt me while stacking books.

Eventually a security guard told me that everyone must sit at the tables. This might be one of their policies. However, whenever I've used this library before I've seen people studying near the walls. I continue to see citizens sitting in corners & along the walls.

Security guards have also been used for door slamming & what appears to be a type of SOFO to intimidate me, consisting of them quickly moving by me while talking on their walkie talkies, as if responding to a threat. They frequently use this tactic in malls & train stations. Another security guard told me that water is not allowed on the tables.


Although the volume of noise in the library is low compared to other places, it is recurrent. This nearly continuous low-volume noise includes: coughs, objects (bags, books, electronic devices, etc.) being slammed on tables, cell phones ringing, books being slammed on shelves by librarians, people babbling on cell phones, & groups of people having long conversations.

In rooms with marble floors this includes noise from shoes with hard soles, & chairs being dragged & slammed against tables. Once while sitting at a table, there was 10 minutes of commotion originating from a stairwell in the corner, that sounded like someone was hitting a railing with a metal pipe. Then there are the fire & ambulance sirens, which I notice about every 15 or 20 minutes while I'm in the Washington Room. There is almost non-stop commotion.


They are obviously spoofing the library's site so that books which promote their themes (dragons, satan, fire, devils, etc.) appear. When I pickup books I've ordered at the Books on Hold shelf I notice books that promote these themes right near them (Devils in the Details, Burned by Fire, etc.).

These books also appear on the tables that I occupy & on shelves near books that I'm looking for. The placement of books in these areas appears to be part of the psychological preparation of the AO. In addition, they're placing theme-promoting litter at various places I frequently pass through & stop at (e.g., stairs, tables, water fountain, etc.).


Their directed energy attacks continue while I'm in the library.

Resource Denial

I wonder if some of the books that are not available are the result of my spoofed connection. Once, most of the books I searched the online catalog for were unavailable. At the same time, out of the available books, I picked one on the subject of 911 being an inside job. When I went to pick it up it was missing. Multiple times books that should have been available on the shelves were not. This has happened with a list of books.

Books that are supposed to be available for in-library-use-only continually can't be found by the librarians at the Delivery Desk. Once when I left a book at the Delivery Desk & went to pick it up the next day it couldn't be found by the librarian. When I left the area the book was given to me.

The book scanning machine for checkout has malfunctioned multiple times, causing me to go to the Circulation Desk for checkout. The alarms near the doors have also gone off when I've passed through them, resulting in me being hassled by security guards.

I was told that a book that I ordered was available at the Books On Hold shelf. While looking for it I was crowded by a librarian who previously cut me off at the Delivery Desk days earlier. When I didn't find the book he said that I should check the Circulation Desk. While waiting there I was crowded by the few citizens who were in there. While they located the book, I was told to step aside to an area that had a piece of paper promoting their themes. After about 1/2 hour of waiting I left. Eventually it was placed on the Books On Hold shelf.

More Examples of Attacks

In what seems to be an attempt to annoy me, usually every few days or so they have citizens approach me with questions to promote their themes. This sometimes happens twice per day, & has happened four times in one day.

One day in mid October when I sat down at a bench to do some things on Boylston Street, they almost immediately turned on the sprinkler system. Later I went to rest at a tree in the Boston Common they encircled me with a lawnmower. They are now regularly using leaf blowers which are directed at my feet. A variation of this occurs with people sweeping the sidewalk.

One Sunday morning while I was on a bench in the Boston Common for about 1/2 hour these things happened: There were four instances of police/ambulance sirens. A park worker used leaf blower in back of me. The park wasn't crowded. However, to block the citizens who were walking close to me, I placed my backpack out near my feat. Moments later a child showed up, walked around the backpack & into my personal space. After about 10 or so minutes a crowd showed up & sat on a bench across from me. None of the other benches in the area were occupied. A police car drove by the bench. Two separate people approached me for foolish reasons to contribute to themes by asking me questions. (Earlier in the day another man approached me on Boylston Street. Then later in the evening at the Boston Common again, one more man approached me, bringing the total that day to 4.) Walking into & out of the park I was swarmed.

Directed Energy

I'm attacked with directed-energy on the streets, subways, & buildings as I'm being swarmed. For most of the first two weeks that I've been here my feet were in pain from blisters. They attacked these areas to increase the pain, which felt like pulses of burning & pins being stuck in the blisters. I think their attacks may have even contributed to the formation of the blisters themselves. The directed energy attacks have decreased slightly since I've been here. The loudness of the microwave hearing attacks has decreased also.


In mid October I experienced frequent disconnects on my cell phone. My netbook computer & cell phone were both stolen on November 20. Emails I'm expecting continue to be delayed or not received at all.

When I contacted TMobile support to suspend my account they told me that my PIN was incorrect. I was still able to login to my TMobile account online with my regular password, though. However, two days later I could no longer login. So, my login password & PIN were changed at some point. To contribute to the wedding/rape theme, while I was on hold waiting for a representative, rather than the recorded message saying "rate" it was pronounced "rape."


Before the new netbook that I obtained in late October was stolen, I noticed that menus were not working, cursors didn't respond, & sabotaged programs continually malfunctioned. There was some difficulty installing a scanner program that previously worked fine on the same laptop. They were undoing changes I made to the OS & disabling the wireless internet. Once the computer didn't boot properly.

Spoofed websites promoted their themes. They delayed me from getting on the internet at the library & disconnected me when looking for books. When I went to update my website I noticed that once again the web server did not accept the password, which required another call to tech support.

The pen scanner that I had acquired for note-taking revealed some interesting words that were allegedly misinterpreted by the program when it converted information in books to text. For instance, the common word "the" was often mistakenly translated to, "die."

Resource Denial/Theft

Although some of the items that I think they're removing from stores are not essential, I thought they should be mentioned. They often remove the vanilla powder that I use from Starbucks. The oatmeal cookies that were originally available at the Dunkin Donuts on Boylston street are no longer there. Instead, only chocolate is available when I'm there. Now that I've started purchasing a particular type of donut, it is not available either. I think they are also emptying the soap dispensers in the bathrooms of some restaurants.

On October 25 & 26 my credit card didn't work. The representative told me there was something wrong with the system. In late November I noticed that deductions of recent purchases were delayed for about a week. Although these things do happen, I think this was done intentionally to create confusion over how much was in there. ATM machines are not responding properly which delays my transactions.

I think they are removing my size & color clothing from stores such as Marshalls & Sears. They have probably removed things from my pack. They have sent me the wrong winter gear that I ordered online. They continue to break my personal items.

On the morning of Sunday November 20, while I was looking at another possible place to sleep at a bridge on Beacon Street, my backpack was stolen. There were not many people around & it was only out of my site for a few minutes. Whoever stole it moved on it just as soon as I turned away. It contained my cell phone, a couple of tools, my new netbook computer, a pen scanner, MP3 Player, & other items.

Although it could have been a regular theft, my guess is that it wasn't. It coincided with some winter gear being taken from me that same evening, when a maintenance crew showed up at the bridge where I was sleeping. This included noisy trucks & flashing police lights. I left when they started loudly slamming objects around. I took a bag with my winter blankets & went to another area. Most unfortunately, another smaller bag with my newly purchased winter gear was taken when they removed the boards that it was placed on.

SOFO/Area Denial

Security guards & police officers have been used for intimidation purposes. Security guards in City Place on Boylston Street have stared at me while I was swarmed walking in. In mid November at Downtown Crossing as I approached a group of police officers, one made a movement in my direction with a raised hand, as if to signal me to stop (arrest me). This has been used by security guards in train stations who lift their walkie talkies or raise their hands as I approach them, as if to say, "here he is." The security guards at the library are harassing me.

I have not noticed frequent helicopter & plane visitations. Most of the ones I have noticed may not be part of SOFO, because helicopters & planes normally cross over the city. I've only noticed two suspicious helicopter visitations. One hovered above Dartmouth Street near the library while I was eating lunch. The night before there was one over the Charles River Park where I sat on a bench. Although I can't say for sure if these were a SOFO, helicopters & small planes have been used to attack me (noise/intimidation) before.

Since they are preventing me from making bowel movements at the YMCA I have been using the bathroom at the Prudential Center mall. So far I have only used it a few times. Once while filling up the enema bag a security guard walked very close to crowd my space, allegedly to intimidate me. Then while in the stall I overheard a loud announcement from a walkie talkie carried by a security guard (probably a different one) who walked by. During this time (while I was upside down) a person in the next stall slammed the door which was connected to the stall that my head was leaning against. This door slamming continued on both sides for much of the time I was there. At this time also I noticed that they had destroyed yet another enema bag. This was a combination attack (destruction of personal item, noise, crowding) to interfere with my use of that bathroom. My guess is that they will eventually prevent me from using this bathroom entirely.

Area Denial at Bridge

One evening they used a security guard to stalk me in the parking lot connected to the bridge I stay at. Several nights before that they had city workers show up shining lights around the bridge & talking loudly.

The week before they had a construction crew show up at night to shine lights in my eyes & make noise. The night after that I was awoken once more by a construction worker shining lights in my eyes. Earlier that same night a board covering my belongings was removed.

One evening about a week & a half after the security guard incident, noisy trucks & flashing police lights appeared at the bridge when the maintenance crew showed up again. I left when they started loudly slamming objects around. I took a bag with my winter blankets & went to another area. Most unfortunately, another smaller bag with my newly purchased winter gear was taken when they removed the boards that it was placed on.

About two weeks later the workers showed up again at night. The commotion included flashing police lights, loud trucks, yelling, beeping, & jackhammers.


The ticket dispensers at subway stations are continually malfunctioning, delaying my purchase. The electronic gates at the stations are also frequently rejecting the tickets. When this happens the alarms go off & the words "see agent" appear on the LCD.


I typically interact with the same people throughout the day in restaurants, the library, YMCA, & cashiers at checkout counters in stores. Their personalities appear consistently unnatural & shallow. Their is a "fakeness" about them. Their ability to communicate appears to be confined to a script of certain phrases.

They are obviously being prevented from freely expressing themselves. On many of them I've detected facial expressions which tell me that they are being forced to say & do things against their will. In this way they have interfered with the normal process of friendship creation.

Use of Dogs

They are regularly using dogs to harass me. Some are on a lease, others aren't. Sometimes it is one right after the other.


I am under intense attack in every place I regularly visit, & during my travels to these places, with directed-energy, PsyOp, swarming, & noise.

It seems that they are not content with me being homeless. They are breaking & stealing my personal items. Basic needs such as food, sleeping, shelter, & bowel movements are being interfered with. They are using a combination of methods in the places that I must use to facilitate my removal.

They are using citizens in an attempt to provoke me into confrontations. Multiple times during the day I have to tell the people who are deliberately invading my personal space to keep themselves & their animals away from me. This is probably one of the most violent environments I've been in.

I have mostly adjusted to the new conditions. As it gets colder, more adjustments will need to be made. I have researched cold weather survival & have much of the gear that I'll need. Although there will be unforeseen difficulties, I should be OK.

Recently I obtained another netbook & will be continuing my research at regular capacity. I'll continue to record their attacks so that it will be obvious that the worsening conditions in my life situation were deliberately created.

Thank You,