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Hidden Evil Event
November 1-3, 2008

Visiting Family

November 1
Belfast Maine, 7:30AM

At the Big Apple in Belfast I was the only one in the store for a few minutes. Then a woman, early 50s, came in & stood behind me in the checkout line. As I purchased my ticket to South Station I told the cashier about the global stalking network & handed her a card which described it with my website on it. As I turned around I noticed the woman in back of me looked frightened.

At Dunkin Donuts in Belfast I handed the cashier a card & described the global stalking network in service to the corporations, & a man with a beard about 45 years old steps to my left side, parallel to me, & stares at me. He was about 2 feet away. As I'm explaining to her what this is about the staff to her right began talking loudly, & about this time they began laughing loudly & continuously. I've noticed this before in supermarkets & other stores. It's seemingly done to prevent anyone in the area from overhearing my statement.

As I was getting napkins I asked a woman sitting in a chair near the barrel if she'd like a 911 fact card. I opened the door & saw a staff member in the small hallway tending to metal baskets in some type of a container. The second I passed this container he loudly slammed the metal basket against the metal container, apparently deliberately so.

I walked toward the car & noticed a white van pull in & park to the left of the car just as I was approaching it. It parked on an angle which seemed to somewhat obstruct the car's exit. I approached the car & two men got out. (Note: it's about 740 AM & these guys could have parked anywhere else in the empty lot). Both were in their mid 40s & had a smile on their face as they engaged in conversation. I gave them both 911 fact cards.

Back at the Big Apple gas station I waited out front for the bus. Several vehicles pulled up in front of me to get gas within a few minutes. First, was a middle-aged man with a beard who slammed his door loudly as he exited, he then slammed his hood after checking something in the engine. About a minute later, a second car arrived to the left of the first. It was a dark-skinned man (looked Indian), who engaged in conversation with the first man. The seemed to know each other. A minute or so later, another vehicle pulled up to the left of the second.

All of these people loudly slammed their doors. I said something like, "911 was an inside job. A nation of stalkers is serving the murderers." They looked at me but said nothing. Then a few minutes later a vehicle pulled up to the front of the store where I was waiting with music blaring, about 8 or 10 feet to my left. A man in his early 20s got out & as he walked passed me I handed him a card.

On Bus

On the bus there was the usual slamming of overhead compartments & multiple trips to bathroom, seemingly in a rotational manner. There was the frequent adjustment of chairs which produced clicking noises, loud obnoxious (sometimes blatantly fake) coughs from multiple people. These coughs were sometimes synchronized with thought patterns. Some of the thought patterns, I concluded, were attacks artificially transmitted, & some of the coughs were synchronized with these attacks. Also, the coughs would occur at just the moment I was starting to relax. I also noticed V2K, pulsing pains in my ears, & involuntary muscle stimulation. All of these DEW attacks occurred when the bus was moving.

There was visual harassment in the form of flailing arms & hands, frequent movements, fidgeting. This frequent commotion is obviously another manner intended to induce stress. On both trips the people in front of me & to the sides never seemed to settle in. Instead, they kept scratching their heads, moving their hands above their heads for one reason or another, looking into their bags. A few moments would go by with no visual activity, then more hands/arms started flailing, & they'd be moving in their seats, tending to their bags, etc. They were basically restless. At one point on the way there I made left a message while making a pretend cell phone call, which stated, "Yup, 911 was an inside job. A nation of stalkers serves the murderers." I made sure they heard me.

On the way back I overheard a loud cell phone conversation (even though I had earplugs) by a man who looked about 25 years old sitting across from me. The volume & "bad acting" tone of his voice led me to conclude it was a staged conversation. He was talking to his mother which was evident by his use of the word "mom" a couple of times. He also used the phrase "travel money." This was obviously a reference to my mother's repeated use of the same phrase when I was leaving for this trip.

South Station, 1:20PM

In the subway system, especially at South Station, I'm bombarded by squads of people who crowd me & cut me off. This was no different. I usually take my time at this point in the trip so they get to read my signs. I have two on my backpack. One reads, "Gang Stalked by Pawns of Corporations," with my site The other says, "911 was an Inside Job." On my black bag which I strap over my shoulder & carry on my left side, I usually keep three signs.

The one on the front is another, "Gang Stalked by Pawns of Corporations," sign. Then their are two other 911 signs, one in back, & one on the side. At this time I walked very slowly so they could get a glimpse. I stopped inside the station just before the escalator to the subway & pretended to be reading something. I looked around & saw a certain expression (fear/embarrassment) on several people's faces, which revealed to me that they knew I knew what they were up to.

I then continued to the subway where I was crowded & blocked until I left Malden Station. I left the station, & as I walked through the parking lot fire truck sirens rang out. This often happens just when I arrive in a city. In this case, the fire station is right next to the lot. I exit the lot & arrive on the sidewalk where I hear a vehicle with a very loud exhaust system turning the corner I'm across from onto Rt 60. This corner, Rt 60 & Pearl Street was often used in crowding tactics when I lived in Malden. I cross Rt 60 & notice several people wearing dark cloths approach the corner from the opposite side, one oriental man is coming out from Chester Street.

There is some type of band rehearsal at the stadium to my left on Pearl Street, & I hear frequent announcements & corrections over a loudspeaker from a man who is supposedly critiquing the rehearsal. Interestingly, at one point I tripped & a correction came over the loudspeaker to the effect of, "You're out of step." A few moments later, coincidently, someone dressed completely in black says "hi" to me from across the street. It turns out to be my niece & we had a conversation, then I continued. Usually when I'm walking these back streets to my mother's apartment, I'm met at corners with vehicles that are arriving or turning at the exact moment I approach. These types of crowding/commotion attacks would frequently occur when I lived in this area.

Mother's Apartment

During a conversation about a relative, my mother mentioned the phrase (which was used slightly out of context), "where there's smoke there's fire." Less than a second later I heard fire truck sirens. I noticed that the rustic table I gave her last time I visited was now lopsided. Obviously about 2 inches were removed from one of the legs. When I brought this to her attention she said that someone had been there to clean the rug & probably knocked it over. But there was no explanation how that incident could have removed several inches from one of the legs. Later in the evening I heard what sounded like fire truck sirens again.

Sunday November 2
Harvard Square, 7:30-10:30AM

For about 3 hours I held up a sign in front of the main subway entrance. It's a sign made with PVC piping. It has statements regarding 911, & how we've become a nation of stalkers.

At Sisters House for Lunch, 12:30-5:30PM

During a conversation with my niece, she repeatedly referenced the word 6 when explaining her school situation to me. Phrases such as "Graduation in 6 months," "a six week course," etc. were used. Later, in the kitchen my brother repeatedly used & emphasized the word 3. This was obviously a message from his handlers, which I interpreted as a reference to freemasonry due to the ongoing freemasonic, skull & bones, & satanic themes. These are projected into my life, by the manipulation of electronic devices, situations, & using family & friends as a proxies to convey these messages. Note: His son, who is about 4 years old has also been used to convey freemasonic symbolism, & is exhibiting behavior which leads me to suspect he is also braintapped.

In this case the repeated references to the number 3 were combined with an explanation of how someone he had just met had dropped dead for no apparent reason. A few moments later my sister asked me if I remembered a friend of my niece who had died. Then my niece (the one who's friend had died) approached the area I was in to open a cabinet or drawer & said something like, "it could happen to anybody." The apparent message here was that the satanic/freemasonic faction of this system will have me killed without a trace.

During another conversation in the kitchen, some family members were seemingly used to convey insults to me. The insults were disguised as the critique of a friend of the family who exhibited negative behavior. There were various flags in this conversation which their handlers wanted me to notice so I'd identify myself as the subject & receive the associated insults. Insults & threats conveyed in this manner are very common.


Walking back to my mother's apartment I experienced stalking & brighting by vehicles that seemed to be turning off of or onto West Street, which I was on. I noticed that they were turning onto/off of the street at intersections I had just passed or was approaching. They were basically encircling me. At one intersection an oriental woman in her 60s with a cart crowded me. Other than a man getting into his car as I passed his house, she was the only pedestrian I encountered.

I was also stalked by vehicles on my way to my sister's house for lunch. And at one point when I was approaching it, a man talking loudly on a cell phone walked parallel to me (mirroring) on the opposite side of the street for a short while. During this time he mentioned a number which they had sensitized me to earlier in the day (20).

Thank You,