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November 14, 2014 Update

At about 915AM on November 10 the Department of Defense staged another accident at the intersection of Lincoln BLVD & Montana Ave. I was traveling down the bike lane on Montana Ave toward Ocean Ave. As I approached the Lincoln juncture, I saw a man in his early 60s standing on the side of the road near the curb. He looked as though he was going to cross Montana Ave.

I passed Lincoln BLVD, intending to go in front of the man standing in the bike lane. Without looking, he stepped directly into the path I was traveling. Although I braked, the bike still drove into him. While both of us were on the ground I told him, "you did that on purpose." He immediately denied it.

Even though I used a bike lane for bikes going in the opposite direction, this was definitely a setup. The DOD had just staged an accident during a swarm only 4 days earlier.

There were abrasions on my left hip & elbow. The handle bars on the bike were misaligned, & the chain fell off the gear.

A woman approached me to say that the man was hurt & would require an ambulance. The woman, supposedly an untainted citizen who witnessed the event, spoke to me in an accusatory way.

The fire engines were the first to arrive, then the police showed up. While the police were communicating with the pedestrian & witness, citizens passing me on the sidewalk were used to transmit the DOD's threat theme by speaking phrases pertaining to an accident during PsyActs.

At the same time, I noticed blatant & hostile stares from citizens on other sides of the intersection. A man walked by with a picture of a human skull on his shirt. The skull, seemingly intended to bolster a death/threat theme, would be used by the DOD later that day on Beverly BLVD.

After the police were finished hearing the version of the story provided by the citizens who staged the event, an officer approached me to say that I would probably be sued for damages.

The Santa Monica Police acted professionally the entire time.

I think the DOD referenced this staged accident with PsyOp products later that day. While traveling on Ocean Ave, I saw that the bus in front of me had a large banner reading "bankruptcy." This occurred minutes after I tweeted about the event. This product may have been shown to create worry over an impending lawsuit. It is possible that this felonious lawsuit will be added to existing leverages (medical condition, homelessness, unemployment, physical torture) in an attempt to beat me into submission.

Later in the morning on Beverly BLVD during a swarm, I observed the following synchronization of activities, which seems to have been intended to reference the accident &/or convey a threat: First, I noticed a truck parked on the side with the banner "accidente" on the back, that was probably a PsyOp product. About the same time, a horn blared & a vehicle quickly pulled out of a parking lot to block me. While that happened, a citizen on foot suddenly appeared to crowd me. All of this happened within several seconds. I was swarmed by pedestrians & vehicles before & after this incident.

I also noticed a police car turning off the BLVD onto a street before me. A man in front of me with a human skull on the back of his shirt approached the police car & spoke to the officer. This appears to have been a continuation of the death/threat theme, that was used earlier that day during the staged accident, where the police were also present.