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April 4, 2014 Update


This is a description of some recent attacks.


The swarming citizens are using their dogs in an attempt to aggravate me at the parks in Cambridge & Charlestown. Some of them are not on leashes. The run toward & annoy me. They have appeared right next to me suddenly while I'm seated.

They are still using the transit & state police to stalk me in Charlestown. This has occurred on the streets, BHCC station, road near the sleeping area, & the park.

Stop&Shop in Malden

At about 6AM I arrive at Malden Center on Tuesdays, Saturdays, & often Thursdays. While I walk toward the Commercial Street exit there is a blitzkrieg of citizens arriving at the exact same time from the opposite direction. They swarm me until I reach the door. After leaving the station, I may be cut-off or rushed by buses.

Approaching the entrance to Stop&Shop there are people lingering nearby. I'm often crowded by individuals walking in at the exact same time. After passing through the entrance my path is blocked by carriages & display carts. While I walk around the store I'm blocked with mobile barriers, such as carriages, wheeling carts, brooms, & floor buffers.

The few citizens & the employees in this large store use these mobile barriers to block & agitate me. I am stalked up & down the aisles by janitors with floor buffers & brooms. These people make abrupt movements with brooms the moment I'm closest, implying they are going to strike me. One citizen "accidentally" crashed a cart into mine. Another deliberately shoved me after a cart collision occurred. One time I put my arms out to block a faint attack & was yelled at.

Then there are the fixed barriers of display carts & streamers that are arranged to partially or completely block my path. In many cases these are placed directly in front of the products that I buy (some of which they are removing).

When I first started to use the store I'd use a bench near the exit to put items in my backpack. I'd place my cart nearby to block the citizens at the doorway from crowding me. Recently they adjusted that area. A display cart has been placed there, which is used to justify the crowding attacks of citizens who squeeze past me in that confined space.

On multiple occasions they have disabled the electronic doors on both sides of the store. I have had to pry them open to get in & out.

Computer Network Operations

They continue to sabotage my data files. Information is missing or changed. This is happening while I have the files open & is synchronized with directed-energy attacks. My computers are locking up, & programs are shutting down on their own. Some programs that I regularly use have not worked at all. Menus that I did not initiate are appearing. They are intermittently shutting off basic features of the operating system.

One computer is so slow that it is sometimes nearly unusable. On both PCs the peripherals do not respond correctly almost every time I use them. The display of characters on the screen as I type is laggard. Characters other than the ones I type are appearing. The mouse does not properly respond to movements or clicks. While this is happening, I'm shocked & stung while the auditory phrase "so tired" is repeatedly sent.

There are slow internet connections at most of the places I use. At some places they have periodically or completely shut off the wireless internet. My email communications are still tampered with. There are no responses to some of my messages & they are delayed to be synchronized with themes.

Somerville Public Library

Walking toward the entrance to the Somerville Public Library there are often delivery trucks right near the doorway. There is usually someone walking in when I arrive. I have been blocked at this door by citizens, delivery people, & library workers. If the bathroom is in use I might be waiting for an extended period, during which time I am blocked by people near the door.

At the front desk area of the library, citizens, library workers, & janitors, work in unison to block me, one after the other. Similar to the scenario at Stop&Shop, they use a variety of objects which naturally occur in that environment as barriers. These have included: vacuums, delivery wheelers, book carts, etc. Some of them make abrupt movements the moment I'm near them, which are obviously faint physical strikes intended to startle me. These people have also "accidentally" bumped me.

There is one small space on the 2nd floor of the library that I regularly use. When I first started to use it, there was hardly anyone there. Suddenly, library workers & citizens began appearing. The area to the left of this space is now regularly occupied by noisy workers.

Often I have my headphones on & don't see the objects used for the noise attacks. Some are obvious, while others aren't. However, it appears that librarians & citizens are frequently dropping large books in back of me & off to the sides. They are slamming books on tables & shelves. They are also stomping their feet near me. Then there is something that sounds like a metal cart falling apart. During this ongoing commotion I'm attacked with computer network operations & directed-energy weapons.

Library workers are deliberately crowding my personal space when they noisily stock shelves in an obvious attempt to aggravate me. Crowding & noise are synchronized with other attacks. For instance, just when I realize that a word in a data file has been altered, there is a loud crash, as if to emphasize the word in order to convey a threat. One day I noticed the word "crowding" was misspelled. When I went to correct it, a librarian immediately moved into my personal space to stock the shelf.

The Department of Defense is allegedly not content with my reaction to their efforts to antagonize me at the library. Now they are using librarians to disturb me for foolish reasons. One tapped me on the shoulder in an attempt to lure me into an argument about moving my backpack. Another worker "accidentally" dropped a book on the back of my chair while stocking the shelf.

The wireless internet connections at the library have been slow. I have been frequently kicked offline & prevented from using the internet. On March 17 they shut off the electricity for a few minutes. Moments later there was a crowding attack by a librarian. Since March 24 the wireless internet has been completely shut down at the Somerville Public Library. A librarian told me it would be down indefinitely.

Around late January I noticed the bathroom key was missing at the front desk on most days. At first I would wait outside the bathroom for it to be available, at which time I would be crowded during a long wait. Currently the key is not available on most days, & sometimes multiple times on the same day. Basically, they are preventing me from using the bathroom at the library. For about the last month I've been urinating outside in a nearby parking lot.


The frequently late trains are sometimes stopped enroute while I'm boarded. They are also shutting down the trains again from Oak Grove to Sullivan Station on some weekends. This situation is used to amplify their crowding & noise attacks. On these occasions I must use a congested shuttle bus.

The Department of Defense is using a rotation of citizens at these stations to "accidentally" collide with me. Almost every time I use the MBTA I am physically assaulted by citizens. This is happening when there is hardly anyone around.

Citizens appearing from around corners, from the sides, & in front of me, are continually walking into me. Most of these are minor hits. They occur regardless of what direction I take to avoid them. To protect my torso from these inevitable clashes, I place my elbows out to my sides.

They have recently resorted to more blatant attacks. At Malden Center on March 14 a man threw a plastic bottle at me after colliding with me. Fortunately it did not hit me. Less than 10 minutes later a women shoved me after walking into me at BHCC station.

On the evening of March 29 a man approached me on the train to Charlestown & threatened me with bodily harm. A few minutes later on the uncrowded platform at BHCC station a man "accidentally" collided with me.


Things are going fine. The geoengineering article, although disturbing, is developing nicely. My mental & physical exercises all continue. I study dance on most days when I have the time.

Thank You,