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Hidden Evil Status Report
March 1, 2010


The V2K torment, transmission of negative pictures & transmission of emotions such as anger & depression continue during almost the entire time I'm awake. The V2K begins the second I wake up. In addition to the electronic attacks that cause physical pain, they usually create some type of physical injury by electronic or other means. I am mocked with V2K from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep.

I'm usually awoken in the middle of the night & attacked with directed energy weapons that are synchronized with V2K messages intended to anger & antagonize me. During these times they usually preempt their attacks with a V2K transmission such as "get ready," "watch this," "let's play." These messages are usually followed up by painful physical attacks, or the transmission of disgusting pictures which are electronically transmitted into my visual cortex.

For the last couple of months my colon has been filled with gas & liquid waste. In addition to this, there has been an increasing pain in my lower abdomen. Although both of these have not been a severe pain, they have caused a constant uncomfortable feeling that has been with me most of the time.

The doctors & staff I have seen so far have not only lied to me about this condition that was definitely caused by the DoD, they have been used to attack me with PsyOp themes. These organizations are taken over by the military when irregular military targets enter that area of the battelspace during civil-military operations (CMO).

As I'll describe in my new book, the battlefield has extended to your cities & towns, & is now referred to as the battlespace. The staff & doctors of these organizations are being handled by the military & the feds.

The themes I'm referring to are a standard part of PsyOp. Themes are the primary way that the military uses to communicate with its target audience (TA). Simplified, themes are communication. The military has used them in the past to destroy their foreign enemies. However, the new enemy is in your neighborhoods. The messages the military & feds convey to their TA are intended to anger & irritate them.

These themes are distributed across the entire battlespace, which includes the internet & your cities & towns. These attacks are synchronized with electronic warfare (EW) which includes directed energy weapons attacks, as well as computer network operations (CNO) which includes spoofing, & hardware/software destruction of computers. Although PsyOp has been used in various military campaigns for thousands of years, it & NLW form the nucleus of this new type of warfare.

They have placed an electronic dome around me. Every channel of communication that I use to obtain information, including people, communications systems, computers, etc., is interfered with. They substitute the information & replace it with PsyOp themes intended to mock me. Every family member & friend is being handled by them. The military has described that this is exactly what it will do in this new type of warfare.

Regarding this medical condition, by spoofing my internet & intercepting my phone calls, the DoD has so far controlled: what organizations I've been able to contact, what doctors I've been able to talk to, whether or not an appointment was made, when the appointment was, the time the appointment was made for, the location, the information the doctors have given me, the tests that they were allowed to conduct, & the behavior of the doctors & staff during the tests.

During these tests the DoD has used these people to mock me & basically laugh at me. These messages are conveyed through PsyOp themes, where they let me know they're handling the doctors & will not allow me to receive adequate treatment. The military has also mentioned that in addition to isolating people, they will deny them critical services. They new enemy will be denied sanctuary in every place they visit.

The current doctor I'm working with, is the one they've chosen by eliminating all other realistic possibilities. As I'll describe in another writing, their choice of this doctor was probably due to his name being used to promote a theme. They accomplished this while blatantly blocking & controlling all methods of communication & letting me know they were doing so by substituting the information I'd normally receive with messages intended to antagonize me.

They have made the phone conversations I've had with medical staff (which they are handling) as painful as possible, by using them to convey PsyOp themes to irritate & anger me. They have used these people to antagonize me & block me. Even the announcements that are made when I'm placed on hold are attacks that contribute to these themes. Again, it is communication that lets me know that they caused the condition, are preventing me from receiving adequate treatment, & are basically having fun while doing so.

Without physically blocking me, they have made my experience with these medical facilities as difficult as possible. This is accomplished by spoofing the information on the internet, removing road signs in that area of the battlespace, using the civilian defense network & hospital staff to crowd me & attack me with PsyOp themes, etc. I have been attacked by the civil defense network in & out of these facilities.

Using spoofed communications with friends, family, acquaintances, hospital staff, email, mail, web sites, phones, etc. they have made this condition that they have caused as painful as possible, physically & emotionally. These attacks are synchronized & used in combination, presumably, to make the experience as painful as possible. All of my correspondence, email, phone, mail, is interfered with & used to convey these attacks. They delay my mail & calls & synchronize them to promote these painful messages.

For instance, as I'm being attacked by a person handled by them on the phone regarding the medical condition, I'll also be attacked on the internet with spoofed search engine results pertaining to the condition, & hit with V2K. All of these channels of communication are used by the DoD to mock me & laugh at me. All of this is done in real-time, & as I'll provide evidence for, is connected to the global information grid (GIG).

So, there is now the constant pain & bloating in my abdomen, & a rotation of injuries to various body parts which lasts several days usually. In addition to these semi-permanent pains, there are electronic attacks that cause physical pain such as shocks, stings, & sharp pains, as well as the electronic transmission of vile pictures & negative emotions intended to attack me mentally & emotionally.

Plus, there are the PsyOp themes that transmit painful emotional triggers which permeate all of my communications. Encompassing all of this is the frequent V2K torment, basically used to laugh at me while all of these other attacks are occurring. I am mocked & paced with V2K from the moment I awake until I go to sleep.

I would describe the combination of these attacks as brutal. They leave no visible physical injury. Many, many times I've been told (in a laughing way) that they will continue to torture me & there is nothing I can do. The arrogance displayed by the DoD is almost unbelievable.

Despite these attacks, things continue to go OK. The book is making progress. I look forward to it being made available in June. As hopeless as the situation may seem, it is anything but. For the most part it has been used in a positive way. I look forward to writing many books & doing other activities.

A new long-term goal, which will soon be added to the projects portion of the site, includes the creation of a safe haven for people being targeted by The Hidden Evil (Third Wave War). The place envisioned is one where people can live with at least somewhat of a reduction in attacks. And those who are able, & choose to, can participate in a constructive program. I'd like to have this established in about 10 years.

Probably, this place will create at least one type of product, or specialize in a particular service for its income. I haven't given the operational procedures of such a place much thought yet. Also, I currently do not own any land or have the finances to purchase any.

Part of the constructive program will include a type of self-development module that uses generic methods taken from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), personal development theories created by Kazimierz Dabrowski, & others.

The goal will be for the person to be completely self-sufficient developmentally speaking. Not to say they will be completely developed, but they will have simple tools which they can use to help themselves through phases of development. This program will be based on no ideology whatsoever. Although, those who participate can adhere to one if the choose to, the program itself will be generic & contain none.

Things are going well. I continue to enjoy myself as much as possible. Although I haven't created much rustic furniture or studied dance for the last several months due to concentrating on getting the book finished, I still pursue these interests in some form. I also continue to study nonviolent direct action. I should have a preliminary strategic assessment published sometime in June of this year.

Thank You,