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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Status Update
June 1, 2012 Update


They have somehow arranged it so that gas is trapped in my lower esophagus/stomach area. It is typically a struggle to pass gas out of my esophagus. I can feel the sensation to burp but it doesn't happen. I realized this last week, when the onset seemed to be sudden. Although they are burning my esophagus, I'm not certain if the restriction is because of the burning, a biological weapon, or both. However, this is definitely another injury.

Now gas is trapped in both my stomach & colon. For about a year & a half the amount of gas I've been able to pass through my colon has decreased. Applying direct pressure to the area, then standing upside down on my hands, does not move gas out of my colon as it once did. On most days my intestine is bloated with an uncomfortable feeling.

It has also become increasingly difficult to move waste out of my colon using an enema. This is accomplished over a period of about an hour by applying pressure to my abdomen. However, I'm still able to remove most of the waste, so things are still OK in this regard. The injuries to my esophagus & colon are referenced in the environment with their products that they use to mock me.

The regular directed-energy attacks continue, in every building, outdoors, & even in the underground subway. The attacks include a typically rapid rotation of different types of pain, from my head to my feet, such as shocks, stings, sharp pulsed pain, & burning sensations. The diameter of the beam appears to be adjustable, from something wide enough to heat my core, to one that is as fine as a needle. They have increased the attacks to the top of my throat, which includes burning & something that feels like a pin being stuck in it.

At different times during the day the directed-energy attacks are fixed for at least several minutes on specific areas. This has included my ears, head, chest, throat, & back, where I experience pulsed dull & sharp pains. It also includes my stomach & lower abdomen (intestines), & it seems they are attacking these specific organs to worsen the existing injuries.

The directed-energy attacks inside buildings & outside are often synchronized with the movements of swarming citizens. For instance, the moment I'm attacked, I am crowded, a PsyOp product is displayed, or a PsyAct occurs. Although this has not happened recently, citizens performing PsyActs near me have either mentioned or pointed to the exact area of my body being attacked.

I'm still swarmed basically everywhere by citizens on foot, vehicles, & bikes. The noise attacks continue to follow me. All of the usually city, state, & commercial vehicles previously mentioned continue to attack me with noise & crowding during swarms.

As I move through stores such as Shaws & CVS to purchase the few items I regularly get, they have citizens & clerks positioned to block the exact items. While I move through the stores, these people are swarming me closely & deliberately colliding with me. The electronic gates & ticket dispensing machines at MBTA stations, & the electronic checkout counters at CVS on Boylston Street frequently malfunction.

It seems they are still increasing the prices of the necessities that I use. I usually purchase only a few of the same items in the area, often on the same days at the same places. So it is probably no coincidence when these prices are continually raised. In one instance about a week ago I noticed the price was raised on two of these products during a 24-hour period.

The janitors, security guards, & citizens are still attacking me in the Prudential Center bathroom. The noise attacks include the frequent slamming of toilet seats & doors, ongoing commotion from the hand dryer, overheard conversations, blaring walkie talkies, & barrels being dragged across the floor. Frequently, people walking by a stall that I use roughly shake the door in an attempt to open it, even though it is clearly locked & occupied.

There is almost constant noise while I'm there. The doors are slammed that are connected to a wall that I'm leaning against while I'm upside down taking an enema. They have resorted to more attacks to disgust me while I'm there. This includes having janitors intrude on me by placing brooms underneath the stall walls, into the stall I'm using. They had a citizen drop a roll of toilet paper on me while I was upside down.

They frequently interfere with my computer on the operating system, application, & network (internet) levels. Their themes are still promoted every time I go online through spoofed websites & search results. Recently they have damaged the corner of the LCD on my netbook.

They continue to attack me at the bridge with commotion from loud citizens walking by. I can hear them even though they're across the highway & I'm wearing earplugs. The nightly routine also includes a convoy of loud vehicles & horns. The police & ambulance sirens are often sounded just when they're at the bridge. Earlier this month they used the city workers again, who showed up with flashing lights while making loud noises on the bridge above me. It sounded like they were slamming a metal pipe against the rails.

I'm still doing fine. I do leisure reading & dance on most nights. Progress continues to be made with the book. In some future posts I'll include research results of particular importance.