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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


April 27, 2013 Update


Since I've been converting the book I recently finished to ePub & kindle format to be distributed by LuLu & Amazon, they have increased their computer network operation (CNO) attacks. These ongoing attacks span the file, application, operating system, & internet levels.

On the file level, they are frequently changing text in the manuscript. After I fix something, I find that several more things have been sabotaged. They have also corrupted the file to the point where it was unusable & I had to start over from an earlier version. The damage is continuous.

They have disabled frequently used features on both the OS & application levels, so that I have to find alternate ways of getting things done. The keyboard & mouse do not respond properly; applications I'm working in close on their own; their are strange errors; the computer is slow; & sometimes the computer doesn't boot.

On the internet level there are frequent disconnects & slow connections. They are interfering with uploads & downloads. In some places they are completely blocking me from getting online. When I'm online searching for a fix for one of their attacks, they mock me with their themes in spoofed websites.

Much of my day consists of finding workarounds for the multilevel CNO attacks & undoing the damage they've done to the manuscript. It has been one problem after another.

While all of this is happening, they are attacking me with directed-energy weapons. Their CNO attacks are also synchronized with movements & phrases uttered by the citizens who surround me, presumably to bolster the message.

Recently, they blocked my attempt to use a credit card to purchase a cover for the book. Now they are using the graphic designer that I hired to delay the cover's completion.

Because it is unrealistic for me to undo all of the continual damage, my goal is to prepare the eBook so that it is accepted by Amazon & LuLu.

Thank You,