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January 29, 2014 Update

They kicked me out of Bunker Hill Community College this morning at about 8AM. I was sitting on the stairs near the door to the library, waiting for it to open. During that time there were a couple of other people in the area.

A woman in her late 40s (presumably staff/faculty) walked out of the library & repeatedly asked me if I was OK in a somewhat harsh tone. There was no reason for this. I was not exhibiting any behavior to suggest that something was wrong. Instead, I was getting my belongings ready to walk into the library. Because I knew she was trying to start an argument, I ignored her.

No more than 5 seconds later, two police officers arrived & asked me what I was doing. They said they had received a call that someone was ill on the stairs. They asked if I was a student & I told them I wasn't. Then they said that I was trespassing.

I told them that I had asked the library director if the facilities were open to the public & she replied that they were because it was an open campus. At that moment they told me she was mistaken.

When we arrived at the police department in the college they corrected themselves. They said that the library is open to the public for occasional use. They behaved professionally at all times. I signed a form stating that I am forbidden to use the campus property.

If I am to believe their story, then the entire encounter that resulted in me being kicked off the campus, started because of a concern for my well-being. Also, within about 5 seconds, the police were called & arrived.

This is unlikely. And here are some questions: What guidelines are they using to distinguish occasional use of the library from trespassing?

If this rule exists, how often can a citizen use the open campus library without being considered a trespasser?

It seems the circumstance surrounding the discovery that I was not a student was a staged event. Also, the reason for kicking me off the campus appears to be flawed.

There is no way that was a natural occurrence. The entire event was planned to remove me from the facilities. In a previous update I wrote that the BHCC campus police, students, & staff were stalking & harassing me all over the campus. They kicked me out of Dunkin Donuts in Charlestown about 2 weeks ago after starting a confrontation with an employee.