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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Hidden Evil Status Report
August 21, 2011


They have increased their CNO attacks during the final editing phase. They are continually sabotaging the document. This includes formatting changes, missing or inserted characters, edits being undone, etc. The words that are changed are synchronized with directed-energy attacks to promote their themes. This is occurring as I have the document open & I'm working on it. Also, the program's menu system is frequently failing, & automated features which would make things go much quicker are not acting the way they should.

To give you an idea of how often this is occurring, usually about every minute something will malfunction. The sabotage occurs less often. It has been one thing after the next. For about a half a week or so they increased their transmissions of disgust & anger, which were also synchronized with other DEW attacks. Now, it seems these negative emotions are sent at their regular intervals.

At some point I'll provide a more detailed description of their attacks here. Other than that, it's all the regular stuff.

I'm looking forward to getting this book finished. It might be ready before the end of September. Much progress has been made with the new website. The book chapters have been converted into HTML already. Now I'm just working on the site's introduction page. It should be up before the end of September.

After these tasks are done I'll be able to continue researching the very interesting topics for the next book. I'm practicing multiple styles of popping.

Thank You,