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November 7, 2014 Update

The Department of Defense arranged a collision during a swarm on November 6 at about 220PM. While riding my bike I collided with a black Nissan near the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard & 17th Street.

The collision happened just after I passed Santa Monica BLVD, while traveling on 17th Street. The car quickly turned into a parking lot to block me. Because I did not have enough time to avoid it, I crashed into the side of it.

I'm OK. It was not a severe collision. It happened about 5 minutes after I updated my website with a status report.

This was not an isolated event. Multiple times during the day there are near-collisions with citizens on foot, bikes, & vehicles during swarms in Santa Monica.

My attempt to send a tweet immediately after the incident was unsuccessful. When recording the event at the Starbucks on Colorado Ave near Cloverfield BLVD, some of the students around me uttered loud phrases pertaining to the accident during PsyActs. These appear to have been designed to confirm that the event was staged.

Later that day, when traveling on Ocean Ave, I noticed that the bus in front of me had a banner on its back, reading "accidente." This was a possible PsyOp product intended to reference the staged accident, &/or convey a threat.

The accident theme would be used again by the DOD the next day at the Santa Monica YMCA. When filling out a membership application at the front desk, a woman approached the employee that was signing me up. At that time a PsyAct occurred that consisted of a conversation about someone breaking their leg.

Minutes later, another woman contributed to the accident/threat theme, by telling the same employee that someone hurt themselves in a workout room. These individuals also used words symbolizing departure. These references to the accident were probably made to deter me from obtaining a membership, &/or tell me to leave the area. There was nearly constant commotion (crowding & noise) by citizens & YMCA employees. My membership was almost denied & I was prevented from renting a locker.