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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

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June 16, 2014 Update

This is a description of some recent attacks by the Department of Defense (DOD).

Multiple navigation & menu features for the graphics program that I used to create the book cover were disabled during computer network operations (CNO) at the Somerville Public Library last Thursday.

When typing in the description for the book on the publisher's website, I was attacked with directed-energy & kicked offline at each page. The internet was unavailable at the library the day before when I went to upload the cover to the publisher's server.

Usage of my netbook & laptop computers is disrupted on a very basic level. Typing, mouse clicks, & cursor movements are ignored. The peripherals act on their own.

Programs are not launching or installing. Graphics & text files are frequently altered. A simple procedure such as copying a file can be troublesome.

Yesterday the ethernet adapter failed when I went to install software on the netbook that I use when I'm outside. Multiple reboots & testing on a different version of Linux revealed that it was a hardware issue.

Although the netbook is not useless, a broken ethernet port will make my work more difficult. I relied on a physical internet connection twice per week to make changes to the system that can't be made when I'm out in public, because the wireless is too slow or unavailable.

Before that, it was continual disconnects & complete denials when attempting to use the wireless internet at coffee shops & libraries.

Currently, the production of the kindle version of the book is being thwarted. The programs that I use are not working & attempts to use alternate methods have so far been blocked.

These recurrent CNO attacks, that span the hardware to the internet level, are obviously intended to shut down my computer usage without resorting to the obvious methods of physically removing or completely destroying the computers.

For about the last 2 weeks the directed-energy attacks have been particularly gruesome. Recently they have been burning my testicles.

Basically every waking hour I experience a rotation of attacks to my limbs, head, teeth, eyes, & torso. They include: headaches, nausea, quick increases in body temperature, pain, stings, & burns.

In my lower torso there is a steady dull pain, & an occasional sharp burning pain that feels like a hot knife being stuck in my gut. None of these attacks leave any visible injury.

I am enclosed in a sphere of commotion out in public that consists of antagonistic people & almost constant noise.