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October 26, 2013 Update


The new spot on the side of the Mass Pike that I planned on moving to, which would have given me considerable privacy, is no longer an option. While taking notes on the items I'd be needing to make my stay comfortable, I was approached by two police officers who informed me that I could not use the area. They told me that a concerned citizen alerted them to some suspicious activity. This must have happened quickly because less than a minute after I arrived the police cars showed up.

I was stopped by police officers twice for suspicious activity on July 3 of this year. First at Charles River Park, then again near the parking lot next to the bridge I've been resting under. Both times they asked for identification & behaved in a manner intended to intimidate me. On the evening of September 25 a police officer approached me while I was sitting on the bench at Charles River Park & asked for some identification.

This recent area denial tactic occurred less than an hour after I updated my site regarding how I would be moving my belongings into the new area, which would have been long-term. A different area denial tactic was used to kick me out from under the other bridge near the Mass General Hospital earlier this month. This was necessary because their use of noise, construction projects, thefts, & sabotage was unsuccessful.

The new spot that I mentioned yesterday was ideal. It was secluded & safe. There would have been no reason for any swarmers to visit that place. I would have basically had the area to myself. Now I'll need to find another place which will be difficult because it must have these qualities: safe, secluded, near public transportation, a library, coffee shops, & bathroom use for 1/2 hour because of my medical condition.

I was swarmed by citizens & vehicles yesterday when looking for another place. While considering possibilities, I was stared at by some swarmers who were obviously being used to let me know that the areas were off limits. A helicopter followed me for a while on Commonwealth Avenue.

Later in the day I found that the 2nd floor of the BPL was completely blocked because of a construction project. Walking around the 1st floor to find a place to use my netbook, I was blocked by citizens, construction workers, & librarians, some of whom stared at me. I was temporarily prevented from getting online & when I did the connection was slow.

In my status reports I've described their use of security guards, public transportation officials, police, & citizens to continually harass & frame you for physical offenses. I've outlined their use of thefts, sabotage, noise, & construction projects for area denial. You've read about their swarming attacks consisting of citizens & vehicles such as construction, business, postal, city, civilian, ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, & taxis. You've seen how they use covert weapons & tactics before finally kicking you out of certain places.

If the swarmers do not sufficiently terrorize you, they will have citizens "accidentally" physically collide with you, in an attempt to beat you into submission.

This winter I can expect the typical attacks. In addition to medical conditions & directed-energy this will include denying or interfering with the services & places I use. In particular they will be using methods to kick me out of coffee shops, the library, grocery stores, & my sleeping area. My attempts to use public transportation will be blocked & delayed. The new enemy who lives among the civilian population will be denied sanctuary everywhere.

I'm currently staying under a bridge on Mass Avenue near Commonwealth Avenue. This area is unsafe for long-term use. I'll be looking for a more permanent place in Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown, & Somerville. I'll consider other cities in the area if they have the resources I need.

Thank You,