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August 12, 2013 Update


I was kicked out of the Prudential Center Mall yesterday after being setup by a group of citizens. The security guards got a complaint that I elbowed someone. When a group of swarmers is about to collide with me I give myself some space by placing my elbows out to the side so they do not hit my torso. Moving out of the way doesn't do much because they alter their directions & there are often individuals & groups who approach from the sides.

These physical collisions are supported by their hockey & football themes, which seem to be intended to convey the message that citizens are slamming into me as part of a game. Or, more specifically, that those overseeing these swarms are having fun. These attacks are also supported by PsyActs where citizens in my proximity pretend to punch & kick each other. Again, intended to convey the message that I am being punched & kicked. The attacks & mocking insults are probably a considerable form of amusement for those coordinating this.

Allegedly they are not content with the results of their ongoing noise campaigns & area denial tactics at the bridge, or the thefts & vandalism of my food & personal items which I keep there. The physical barriers that keep springing up on the paths leading to & from it have also not given them satisfactory results.

I sleep on a platform constructed of 2x4s place on metal beams above the ground. It is not visible to those in passing vehicles. Also, this part of the bridge is not easily accessible by walking. You must either cross Storrow Drive or take an indirect route which most are unfamiliar with.

These attacks have been synchronized to compound their effect. Last week I noticed that my expensive cold-weather sleeping bag that I've been using to survive the winters here was stolen. I awoke at about 2AM the next morning to hear someone hitting a nearby area of the bridge with something that sounded like a metal pipe.

I described in my update last Friday that a citizen punched me in the head during a swarm near the library. Later that day another citizen "accidentally" hit me with an umbrella at the library where I published the update. Presumably this was done as a show of arrogant retaliation for my earlier report. When I arrived at the bridge in the evening I realized another bag had been stolen. Later that same evening a couple of guys showed up & shined a light in my eyes. Obviously because their traditional covert methods to kick me out of the area have continually failed they're resorting to these.

The latest setup occurred amid more synchronization. On Saturday I purchased some cold weather gear that I'll be using over the winter here. And yesterday, to remedy the ongoing vandalism & thefts that are occurring at the bridge, I scouted the area nearby. I found another part of the same bridge across the street that I might move to. Later in the morning I was kicked out of the mall. Because they are aware of my intentions, it seems they're telling me they don't want me here for another winter.

I guess I've been kicked out of that mall permanently because they used one of the same security guards during the last framing. They were unable to get me to leave using their regular concealed attacks (resource denial, noise, swarming, physical collisions) so they resorted to this. They kicked me out of the YMCA under similar circumstances. These scenarios may start to occur increasingly at the other places I use.

I was using that mall on Sundays during the summer when the library is closed & twice per week to take an enema. Over the winter the security guards kicked me out for taking too much time in the bathroom. Allegedly a citizen was concerned for my well-being & alerted them. Before that, they attempted to prevent me from using the bathroom by using a rotation of janitors & citizens who caused almost constant commotion. Now I'll have to find other places.

They have been unsuccessful at destroying me using all of the methods which I've described in previous updates. These latest attacks appear to be acts of desperation. If things start to happen rather quickly I'll provide frequent updates.

Thank You,