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November 17, 2014 Update

On November 11 at about 9AM the Department of Defense staged the 3rd accident in 1 week. It occurred about 24 hours after the 2nd. The two other staged accidents occurred in Santa Monica on November 6 & November 10.

While riding my bike on a sidewalk along the Pacific Coast Highway, I noticed a pedestrian approaching from the opposite direction. I positioned myself near the curb to pass him before we were aligned. When I was about to pass him, he literally shoved me off the sidewalk, into moving traffic. The incident occurred across from lot #270.

During my trajectory onto the pavement, I fell off the bike. Fortunately, I was not on the bike when a car hit it. My chin & hand that hit the pavement sustained mild injuries. My right elbow was slightly injured. The bike was too damaged to use.

The pedestrian who pushed me was a white male in his early 30s, about 5'8", 240 lbs, carrying a large bag. After asking me if I was OK, he said that I caused the accident.

The driver of a maroon pickup truck, a Hispanic male, was talking with the people in the silver car that crashed into the bike. Allegedly, he was simply a concerned citizen who witnessed the event from behind the silver car.

When I asked him some questions, however, he quickly became defensive & refused to answer. Instead, he responded by shaking his head & telling me, "this is your fault, you hit him (the pedestrian)," etc. This man, who was obviously nervous, told me in a threatening tone that he was calling the police.

Eventually he would exhibit facial expressions & other body language which conveyed to me that he was disgusted with his own behavior. Specifically, he appeared to be opposed to lying. When I insisted on getting his version of what occurred, he attempted to move into my personal space several times. I repeatedly told him to remain at talking distance. Around this time, the pedestrian that pushed me left the scene.

Before the police arrived, the Hispanic man changed his story radically. He told me multiple times that he saw the pedestrian push me. At one point while communicating this to me, he emphasized with his arms in a pushing motion, that the pedestrian who left the scene definitely shoved me off the sidewalk, into vehicular traffic.

The police arrived & asked me if I was OK. They also spoke to the Hispanic man briefly, although I don't know what he told them before he left.

When an officer approached me, I told him what happened, but worded it so that it did not appear that the pedestrian who caused the accident intended to do so. I wonder if the Hispanic man told them what really happened, because the officer asked if I wanted to file a criminal complaint against the man who left the scene. I said no. I told them it was a coincidence that he moved into the path that I was traveling at the exact moment I was near him.

Another officer, who was talking to the people in the silver vehicle, asked me if they were OK to go, (i.e., should they be held because I intended to take some legal action against them). I told him that they were OK to leave. The officer confirmed what I said, & told the people in the silver car they could go.

The police handled the situation adeptly. They were courteous throughout the event.

Multiple themes were conveyed by the DOD during this staged accident. First, the "play" or the "toy" theme. This theme is regularly used to tell me that they are having fun, or playing with me. Although a variety of PsyOp products are used to support this line of communication, a common one is the Toyota. It was probably no coincidence that both the silver car & the maroon pickup truck were Toyotas.

Then there is the "chase" or the "we have you on the run" theme. They use Chase Bank products for this. When I attempted to speak to the lady in the silver car, she avoided my questions while flashing a Chase Bank pamphlet.

Finally, there is the "you are under attack" theme, which is supported by a multitude of PsyOp products. In the past this has included bags from the Target department store. The litter on the side of the road at the scene of the staged accident included one such bag.

Interestingly, at about 745 that morning at Starbucks on 7th Street & Montana Ave, I heard a citizen speak the phrase "auto accident" during a PsyAct.

These visual & audiovisual PsyOp products, which have been used in the past to support the DOD's themes, were displayed to let me know that the incident was planned.

When the police officer asked me if I wanted to file a criminal complaint against the pedestrian, he gestured with his arm down the highway, inferring that he knew what man I was talking about.

It would have done no good to file a criminal complaint. To claim that the people in the silver car were also part of it would not have been beneficial either. Both would have been a waste of time.

There is no true legal remedy for this. Besides some abrasions, I was OK.

This setup was not an isolated event. It was a continuation of other near & actual collisions within swarms. I describe in The Los Angeles Report that these swarms included what you might consider to be the community at large. In other words, the city itself was arranged against me.