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Dollar Tree Disturbance
March 7, 2016

At about 5PM on March 4, 2016, I was attacked multiple times by a man at the Dollar Tree, on Somerville Ave, in Somerville, MA.

Dollar Tree Store

The blatant physical attacks were only a perceivable version of animalistic attacks by citizens that happen regularly.

While I was browsing a shelf on the side of the store, a woman tried to irritate me with crowding. I distanced myself from her, yet remained in the area. When she said something, I told her not to bother me.

A few minutes later, a man approached the same area, & started lingering. While I was squatted down observing items on the bottom shelf, he hit my backpack. It was not a substantial hit. Yet, it was done on purpose.

He started talking loudly & pointing his finger at me, after I told him to keep his distance.

I walked backwards down the aisle to get away from him. He followed me, motioning his arm with a pointed finger, as if he was going to strike me.

I didn't want to distance myself from the exit, so I quickly went toward & around the him. He immediately turned & started following me, again pointing his finger & talking loudly. Numerous times I told him to get away. Then he pushed me.

When I attempted to take his picture, the android device malfunctioned.

He went toward the last register, that was near the exit, & started talking to an employee. At that time I thought it was going to be another setup.

When the device finally started working, I walked to the front of the store, beyond the line of registers, to take his picture. Because he was on the other side of the line, it was a distance of at least 20 feet.

He ran toward me & started chasing me around the store. Eventually he collided with me & attempted to wrench the device from my hands. In the process, I was thrown to the ground.

Because I figured this guy was going to stalk me, even if I left the store, I dropped my backpack, & went toward the exit. While leaving the store, I yelled, "he just attacked me twice," to the employees.

Dollar Tree Attacker

I waited outside while the Somerville Police were called, presumably by an employee or customer. Then, a man walked out of the store & said that he saw the man push me to the ground, & would stay to make the police report. He also told me that the man who attacked me was on psychiatric medication.

His decency surprised me. I thought he was either going to start an argument, or say that I was the aggressor.

The Somerville Police arrived & took my report. When one officer asked if I wanted to file charges, I said no.

The citizens are used transmit themes (messages), during & after the staged events (Example A; Example B). They are connected to a C4ISR system that directs their behavior.

Because this surveillance system is run by psychopaths, the themes are typically threatening & mocking. In this case, one of the swarmers walking alongside the store wore a Boston Bruins shirt.

These & other PsyOp products are used to convey the impact sport theme. Here, the psychopaths are telling you that they are in control of the citizens, who are used as pawns to attack you, for their entertainment.


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