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September 24, 2013 Update


Yesterday I noticed that the corner in a room at the library that I have been using to study was completely blocked with a large table. Prior to that, they moved a table closer, which allowed more citizens to crowd me. They have also tried malodorants & removed the small table that I had been using. The evening before I noticed that more of my gear had been stolen from the bridge. My tarp & multiple blankets were missing. More synchronization of attacks.

For a day during the first week in September there was a construction project blocking me on the corner of Newbury & Dartmouth. Walking toward it I was physically attacked by a white man in his 50s who collided with me. A moment later a police officer at the construction site quickly walked toward me, as if to imply he was approaching me for colliding with the man.

Another setup occurred on Sunday, September 15 at about 9PM at Park Street Station, that included an MBTA worker & multiple citizens. After being crowded & bumped by a group of citizens on the train I placed my elbows out to the side. An African American MBTA worker stopped the train & yelled for an official. After he arrived she told him that I attacked a citizen. I walked off the train & told the official that I was being hounded & physically attacked by many citizens. He told me to wait for the next train. Two days later at Backbay Station I was approached by another MBTA worker after telling the hordes of swarmers that they had been reduced to savages.

I have reason to believe that the financial elite have established considerable control over the independent media. Within about 6 months I'll explain why I think the leaders of the patriot/truth movement have been actively concealing this part of the system, while myself & others are tortured & persecuted.

Other than that, it is all of the usual. I continue to do well.

Thank You,