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December 27, 2013 Update


This is a description of some of the attacks that I've recorded over the last couple of months.

Sleeping Area & Backroad

I am currently sleeping under a RT93 overpass on a seldomly-used backroad near the Bunker Hill Community College T station. I started to hear explosions of noise from above on the 2nd evening. On most nights they start at about 2AM & last until I leave in the morning, which is typically 530 or 545. They usually don't happen on Sunday mornings.

I don't know exactly how this is being arranged. However, I would not be surprised if it is done to interfere with my sleep pattern or for area denial.

When I first used this road there was hardly any activity. Now I am stalked at 545AM by citizens on foot & bikes, as well as sand trucks, cars, MBTA & state police vehicles, & 18 wheelers.

The scenario varies depending on the morning. My departure from the area has been synchronized with ambulance & police sirens. There are vehicles leaving or arriving the sand factory when I approach the driveway that block & bright me.

There is another corner that connects this road to the college driveway. When approaching it I am met by vehicles traveling in the opposite direction that bright me.

After I turn there are more vehicles facing me with their lights on. Vehicles have blocked me entering the lot, stalked me in the lot, & again when I'm leaving the lot at a connecting road.

Dunkin Donuts

There are usually vehicles arriving or leaving the Bunker Hill Mall (BHM) lot at 6AM when I arrive, that block my entrance. Citizens in this mostly empty lot have paralleled my movements at a distance. As I approach Dunkin Donuts (D&D), there is a show of lights & noise with vehicles leaving/arriving. I am crowded at the entrance, then again waiting in line.

I usually sit at the same table. My arrival there has been synchronized with delivery people slamming boxes on the floor 5 feet away. There is continual auditory & visual commotion consisting of a stream of citizens moving past the table, barrels being dragged, yelling, & door slamming. On one occasion they shook the wall that my seat was attached to by ramming something on the other side.

The PsyOp phrases that are mentioned repeatedly by multiple customers carrying out conversations with employees, are reflected online. They arranged for an argument to occur between me & an employee. There are frequent wireless internet disconnects at D&D. While all of this is happening I'm attacked with directed-energy.

One day I noticed that the bathroom was locked when not in use. I asked an employee who told me that customers had to ask to use it each time. This may be their policy, even though it was unlocked when I first started to visit this store. Prior to that, I brought my enema bag for a bowel movement. However, when I approached the bathroom there was a sign saying that it was out of order.

At about 745AM I leave D&D. On the way out I'm blocked by people waiting in line, some of whom have accidentally collided with me, then I'm blocked again at the doors. I am swarmed by people & vehicles in the lot walking over to the footbridge that leads to Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC).

Bunker Hill Community College

I am being hounded by citizens (presumably students, faculty, & staff) at BHCC. Although it is more intense at certain times, regardless of the time of day, it happens from one place to another. People walking toward me in the hall are blocking me. They are also jumping out from corners, doors, elevators, & stairwells to impede my movement. Some have deliberately crashed into me & starred at me while talking on their cell phones.

When I'm seated at a table in one area of the BHCC library, people slam bags & other items on the table. While they're seated, they shake the table by moving their arms on & off it, & make quick movements to create visual commotion. They flash PsyOp products in front of me which contribute to themes. My personal items have been shoved on the table. While this is happening, the people in back of me "accidentally" hit my chair.

A frequently used tactic includes having citizens interrupt me by asking questions. I usually have my headphones on & ignore them. Often they persist by waving their bags & hands in my face, or placing their fingers on my shoulder so that I will speak to them. This is done on a rotation. One person leaves, another arrives, & the behavior starts again. It seems to be an attempt to get me to react violently.

There is steady peripheral swarming near the table. Sometimes people move abruptly toward me as if they intend to collide with me. When I'm seated on the other side of the library in a 2-seat booth along a wall, citizens have slammed their bags on the other side. On some days this has been done frequently. Citizens parade back & forth along the narrow pathway near the booth.

In some parts of the library I have placed chairs near me to block the swarming.

BHCC library workers are complicit in the campaign. One day a maintenance crew made perpetual noise in the library for 2 hours. Workers (possibly janitors) have slammed barrels. After I sat at a table in an area that had good WiFi, a library employee told me to move because he had to clean the shelves. On some days they are dropping large objects on the floor above. There was an announcement over the loudspeakers of fire alarm tests, followed by flashing lights & noise.

The antagonistic behavior, swarming, noise, PsyOp, CNO, & DEW are all synchronized.

Public Transportation

On Tuesday & Saturday mornings I continue down the BHCC driveway toward the T on my way to Malden Center. On these occasions I've been surrounded by vehicles. In addition to brighting & swarming me in the driveway, they have blown their horns near me.

I am often crowded by citizens walking into the BHCC T, then again at the gates. At Malden Center I'm blocked walking out of the gates, then again at the door. People in vehicles & on foot attempt to crowd me at the street near the parking lot, the entrance to the lot, inside the lot, & leaving the lot. There are more crowding attempts at the corner of RT60 & Pearl Street.

On Tuesday & Saturday evenings while traveling on the subway from Malden Station, I am crowded by citizens, & attacked with PsyOP & noise. There are often delays waiting for the train & while riding it.

They shut down the trains between Malden & Sullivan once in the beginning of December. They did this on weekends for several months last year. Whether they have launched a construction project to justify this, or it is only shut down for the few moments I'm there, I can't be sure. They will do both to hinder a single enemy. At any rate, this situation was used to attack me.

Upon arriving at Sullivan via the shuttle bus, I was blocked by a wall of citizens, then more of them at the gates. The platform was crowded with citizens. After I boarded the train I was physically attacked multiple times by people who "accidentally" slammed into my backpack. While that happened, there were loudspeaker announcements, citizens making a raucous, & bells from the doors repeatedly opening & closing. The whole time I was hit with directed-energy.

I exit the BHCC T & walk down the driveway toward the less-traveled road that leads to my sleeping area. If there are people & vehicles in the driveway on these evenings, they will be swarming me. The BHCC campus police & security are working with citizens to swarm me in the parking lots & the driveway. They are positioned near areas of the campus that I pass through on these evenings, often with flashing lights.

The campus police are stalking me in the driveway, & in some cases driving back & forth. While that is happening I'm swarmed by civilian vehicles & citizens on foot. The vehicles are brighting me at each corner of the parking lot. Some are positioned in the parking lot to face the driveway with their lights on.


Helicopters are supporting ground-level swarms in Charlestown. After leaving BHCC one evening there was a helicopter hovering above Austin & Rutherford. About 15 minutes later I left Market Basket & noticed the helicopter above me on Rutherford. 10 minutes later at Paul Revere Park another helicopter (possibly the same one) hovered above. Previously helicopters have hovered above the park, the corner of Main & Austin, & other areas.

Paul Revere Park

On most evenings I have my supper & study dance at the part of Paul Revere Park along the Charles River, near the footbridge that connects to Cambridge. At these times I hear ambulance/police sirens on both sides of the river. Boats have lingered in the river near me, waiting for the bridge to open, at which time other sirens have sounded. I'm brighted by citizens on bicycles pedaling toward me every few minutes, as if on a schedule.

Helicopters are increasingly appearing in the area. These are military aircraft. On some evenings they fly directly over me multiple times. They are low enough to cause a rumbling.

A state police vehicle approached me on the evening of December 6. An officer got out, shined a light on me, & told me that I was behaving suspiciously. He asked if there were any warrants for my arrest. About a week later another state police car pulled up, an officer approached me & asked if I was OK.

The state police are also stalking me in other parts of Charlestown. It seems they are now using the Cambridge police to stalk me on mornings that I travel to the Somerville Library, then again in the evenings on my way back.

Their recent area denial attempt included youths who created visual & auditory commotion. One evening they showed up in the park, probably less than 10 feet from me. Their skateboard stunts resulted in a skateboard repeatedly slamming on the ground about 8 feet away. Each time this happened they shined a light on me.

Other Coffee Shops & Grocery Stores

The first couple of times I used Zumes there were hardly any people there at 6AM. The chairs next to me were unoccupied. Now they are crowding me in line & the seats are packed. There is a steady stream of commotion from people leaving & arriving. They created a staged confrontation one day involving a man who dropped his coffee on the floor after walking into my arm.

I have been repeatedly blocked from using the internet at Zumes. This has been accomplished using a combination of password refusals & a router issue. At first I would walk to the counter to ensure the password was correct & the router was up. Now I don't bother.

Recently there has been a connection there. It may be a reliable one. However, I do not use it. I'm only there for a couple of hours in the early morning twice per week. I use my time there more constructively.

One day a group of swarmers near me had a conversation that included a phrase pertaining to internet denial. A store employee recently approached me & asked if I was connected to their internet.


I have not visited the Starbucks on Boylston Street in Boston for months. When I arrived on Monday December 9 there was no internet. The clerk told me that the router was broken & she had no idea when it would be back online. In Starbucks I was swarmed & attacked with directed-energy.

Market Basket

While walking through the BHM parking lot on my way to Market Basket I'm blocked by moving vehicles. As I approach I'm blocked at the doors by citizens. Upon entering the store I have been blocked by citizens with other kinds of mobile barriers such as carts & carriages, & employees with brooms that appear inches from my feet.

I'm continually crowded & blocked all around the store, up until I leave, at which time I'm blocked at the doors inside & outside. The swarming continues through the lot. On one occasion my credit card was temporarily declined in CVS, then minutes later in Market Basket.


On some of the mornings that I travel to Malden, I go to Stop&Shop to pickup groceries before I visit my mother's apartment. Upon walking into the store between 615-630AM I have been immediately blocked by clerks pulling carts right in front of me. The few people who are there at that time work with the employees to crowd & block me.

While I walk around, clerks are blocking me with their carts & floor buffers that are pushed into my path. They block the exact shelves that I visit & loudly slam products on shelves while I'm there. When I purchased a type of bean to puree for the hummus I've been making, the next time I went to buy it the price was raised.

Thefts, Sabotage, Construction Projects

They are stealing & destroying my personal items.

A construction project appeared at the corner of the BHCC driveway & the backroad around November 20. One day while walking away from my sleeping area I noticed the construction crew was out there at 545AM.

Although the construction vehicles have been removed, there are still piles of gravel, which implies they will be back.

It is also about 100 feet from where I workout on Thursdays. Upon visiting the BHCC gym to exercise one day, I saw a sign saying it was closed. Because I figured they would be periodically denying me use of that facility, I decided to use this area for my Thursday workouts.

Computer Network Operations

I have been denied internet access & the connections that I am able to establish are often slow. They are frequently kicking me offline at multiple places. In addition to the coffee shops & library, this has included the connection at my mother's apartment.

At times this is done to fortify their messages. For instance, after I observe a tweet conveying the message "submit" I'm kicked offline. Right after I tweet about eugenics, I'm kicked offline.

They are preventing me from using TweetDeck, breaking the links in my tweet feeds, undoing settings, corrupting the navigation scheme, & shutting down the program.

PsyOp products consisting of phrases conveyed by citizen warfighters are bolstered by products in TweetDeck. For instance, after hearing phrases contributing to the homeless theme at D&D, I find that the first tweet is about "losing your home." Directed-energy attacks are synchronized with CNO. The moment I read a tweet about headaches at the BHCC library I experience a headache.

Swarming citizens are commenting on attacks, current situations, & even phrases that I'm typing. For instance, at Zumes one day I was taking notes while listening to a radio show, & I overheard the person next to me utter the exact word I was typing. Previously when I was refused an internet connection at Zumes, a citizen nearby said, "they don't allow us to have internet access."

Directed-Energy Weapons

Normally there are attacks to my intestines & head, along with shocks, stings, burns, heating of my entire body, & nausea. Since late November they have been focusing on my intestines at the diminishment of other attacks. The injury has worsened. Currently I am ingesting soft foods with small amounts of ground hard food.

Often the attacks to my head are mild, but enough to cause a disruption of balance & a type of bluntness resulting in an inability to concentrate. When they increase in power they cause headaches. This has been happening in some form for years, although I never recognized it. I wonder if I'm only functioning at 70 or 80% of my physical & mental abilities much of the time.

Thank You,